Discourtesy – Jenny Andrews, Lauren Astbury and Lynda Donaldson

Dear jenny.andrews@rotherham.gov.uk, lauren.astbury@rotherham.gov.uk, lynda.donaldson@rotherham.gov.uk

I note with profound concern, but no surprise whatsoever, that I have had neither the courtesy of –

(a) an acknowledgement or,

(b) a reply or,

(c) a response

from any of you in relation to my e-mail of concern dated Monday, 2 July, 2012, 20:29, and which I am again forwarding on to you for your perusal.

Your early attention to the above would be of help in restoring what little confidence I have in RMBC Elected Members and Officers.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

Don tries to enlist support over Wickersley Library

5 thoughts on “Discourtesy – Jenny Andrews, Lauren Astbury and Lynda Donaldson

  1. Keep up the good work Mr Buxton.

    It is clear to anyone with any understanding of the culture of RMBC what will happen to library opening times, the allocation of funding has been rigged in favour of Aston, even though the user data suggests otherwise.

    The decision will be based on the fear of retribution from a very loud mouthed Cllr, whose preferred method of dealing with opposition is to take them out and shoot them.

    The three ward councillors do not have the backbone to stand up to him, the three are also included in the cadre of councillors who support and continue to maintain a media blackout on the issue of gang grooming of vulnerable children here in Rotherham.

    I have no doubt that they would be very vocal if their expense claim did not arrive on time.


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