Everyone but Beck!

When Rotherham Politics published the story, Dominic Beck – files new Interests Declaration, we assumed there would be little interest in this beyond a mere handful.

How wrong we were, this post has been well read and commented upon, 373  400 424 and 44 respectively, at the latest count.

The biggest surprise to us was Ex-Borough Councillor Darren Hughes, who entered the fray with a number of attempts at self justification and a defence of his ex-employee, Dominic Beck who was the subject in question. Why?

It is interesting to note that we have had no contribution from Dominic Beck himself up to now. His silence speaks volumes!

All we would wish for would be a little explanation, especially as to whether and how he derives a personal benefit from the Council contracts he is involved with? For example.

Dominic Beck’s latest Declaration dated 4th July 2012.

29 thoughts on “Everyone but Beck!

  1. Oh my ghoosh, this is so intriguing. The fact that Beck used to work for Hughes!!!!! What other dark and nefarious deeds are waiting to be exposed by our investigative journalists ? Lol


  2. Well said Casstrickland, Elected Members need to remember that the days when the likes of Garvin Read held court at RMBC are long over, the empowered constituent with access to social media can shine the brightest of spotlights into the darkest of corners.

    If I was an RMBC Elected Member I would be more than diligent in submitting claims, accepting gifts and hospitality and especially recommending mates for jobs.

    Who is Jahangir?.


  3. Thank you Rothpol.

    Could be worth investing some of my time into submitting a few Freedom of Information Requests, as he says , what other deeds are waiting to be exposed, Lol!


  4. I hope the onslaught on Rotherham’s youngest councillor doesn’t deter other young people from coming forward to play an active part in local politics. At least the young man has shown courage to put himself forward and successfully won a seat with a mandate from the residents in his area.

    Personally I think it’s great that we are getting a younger breed of Councillors to compliment the more seasoned politicians.

    Of course we should always seek to hold to account our elected representatives but surely we limit that ability with silly and childish accusations which are not based on actual facts.


  5. Adam I have absolutely nothing against younger people on any council, but what isn’t needed is somw 20 year old know all who’ll set the cause back 20 years. I don’t know this lad at all but reports from all sides are not good, which is a pity. He is not typical of the young people of Rotherham, and he appears to have had an easy ride so far.


  6. I have never met nor come across Cllr. Beck, but I have heard some decent stuff that is contrary to some other posts on here. However I say again, I have never met him so maybe others are more qualified to have an opinion. Nevertheless I think we should give younger politicians the benefit of doubt, but always take them to task whenever necessary. I am new to posting on here but I have watched with keen interest. Keep it up!


  7. Adam I wholeheartedly support younger people becoming involved with local and national politics, for far too long the old un’s in Rotherham have kept a tight grip on the reigns. However, ANYONE wishing to become involved in politics should avail themselves of the rudiments of the system. Dominic fails to listen and learn. He thinks he knows best. Every organisation has procedures and he would do well to learn em. As for him having a mandate for Wales and area, sad though it is the local labour party has become nearly defunct and could not supply a candidate. I’m not too sure he could call his election a mandate from the area. He certainly needs to learn some humility and lose the arrogance, otherwise he may not be so lucky next time. Wales ward is apt to toss candidates they don’t like (of whichever party) out.


  8. Casstrickland

    From what I can gather there are a handful of people from Anston parish council who seem to resent someone as young as Beck doing so well at such a young age.

    Now I don’t know which cause he could put back 20 years and would be interested in more facts to support scurrilous allegations levelled against him.

    Of course he isn’t typical of a Rotherham young person cause he is the only 20 year old Councillor on the Council and that fact should be celebrated but also there are hundreds of young people like him either in universities or working in they’re chosen careers who are credit to our town.


    • Now I know Adam, that you are a member of the ‘rose tinted spectacles brigade’!
      Conspiracy emanating from Anston? Don’t be daft! You must have been listening a little too much to Darren Hughes.

      There are no scurrilous accusations on here, only questions that Dominic Beck has signally failed to respond to as yet, we still wait in hope.

      Think you make an important observation in your final point, but this just leaves open the final question. Why isn’t Beck at University completing his education, instead of being on the Council? Surely this would have benefited him more than involving himself in the murky world of Labour politics and joining the ‘Gravy Train’ rather than completing his education?


      • Dear Rothpol

        Having made some enquiries about Cllr Beck, I am told he is still attending university on a part time basis. I trust you are satisfied that the young is indeed following your suggested career path ( although I note you don’t agree with his choice of membership of the Labour Party, but hey it’s free country so the lad can choose any party he wants, wouldn’t you agree ? )


  9. Adam you make a very valid point and one I would fully support, we do need to encourage young people into local politics, however, for the right reasons and with a full understanding that in the post Garvin Read world they will be subject to public scrutiny.

    Adam take a step back and reflect on the comments on a number of posts and it is clear as day why contributors to this excellent blog are highly sceptical regarding the conduct of RMBC Elected Members.

    Don Bird informs readers that it took him considerable effort to get Cllr Beck to complete an accurate declaration of interest return, why would an individual in public office you not want to be open and transparent?

    Cerberus has raised the matter of the total silence from RMBC regarding their stance on the abuse of vulnerable children; now ask yourself why would RMBC Elected Members not want to set out their condemnation of this crime, something to hide?

    Don Buxton submits a question to Elected Members regarding the reduction in library hours, he does not receive an acknowledgement or reply, when he does he finds that one of the Councillors concerned will not be opposing the cuts, no wonder she was slow in getting back to him.

    I could go on; there is something fundamentally rotten with this Council.

    Age has nothing to do with the level of scrutiny, if Cllr Beck had been open from the start he could have avoided much of what has been said.

    And for Mr Hughes, he needs to get his facts right, his propaganda in Your Mag did not reach the Lakeland Drive area of North Anston, tenants’ of social housing clearly not worthy of such a publication.


  10. I do have sympathy for the young man who appears to be doing rather well for his age. I don’t know about the arrogance maybe he’s just confident, but that does seem a tad harsh. Aside from the posts I have read on here all I know of Beck is that he organised an event earlier in the year to recognise Young Carers in Rotherham. My partners niece is a young carer and they spoke very highly of him and the event he had organised. I think we should be a little less critical of the lad and give him a chance.


  11. Tony H
    I am very aware of the difference between arrogance and confidence. Dominic’s is arrogance. When one shouts and goes red in the face with anger just because a procedure that has been breached is pointed out to one, one who then refuses to accept the correct advice is arrogant. He is extremely good at ‘front of house’ performances and I am sure your partner’s niece was deservedly recognised. However, there is more to being a good councillor than good public relations. When ‘the lad’ gets his sleeves rolled up and actually does some work or indeed appears in the ward he was elected to represent then I will be the first to stop criticising him. I am not from Anston but from the ward he is supposed to represent so my axe is about him actually doing some work in my ward. I also fought for many years to rid Wales ward of the ‘old un’s and did not have much success so I personally wish I could applaud Dominic’s election. Peter Baker also makes a very valid point about RMBC as a body so we need the young ones to take them by the ******* and shake ’em.


  12. Dear Adam,
    I quote “a handful of people from ANSTON PARISH COUNCIL” (my capitals) who resent Cllr Becks young age. Would you like to name them and quote what those Cllrs have said ?. One should not make wild statements on behalf of others without being prepared to name individuals. I look forward to your reply.

    S Thornton.


  13. Dominic Beck – He is arrogant, rude, loud and agressive. Straight from the classroom. No life experiences on which to judge situations. Most likely didn’t intend to work but preferred to become a professional meeting attender – Living at our expense!
    Less critical of the lad! Come off it – He is disrespectful, verging on bullying.
    No resentment of his young age but apalled by his attitude/behaviour


  14. Dear Mr Thornton

    My comments were based on a number of negative comments made on here about Cllr Becks and most of them emanated from members or attendees of the Anston Parish Council.

    As you know this blog gives the opportunity to everyone to express they’re opinion and in MY opinion some people are way off the mark by the childish attacks on the town’s youngest Councillor.

    Instead of celebrating the fact that someone so young from communities is getting involved in politics rather than the usual silver spoon fed Oxbridge crowd, some people are trying they’re best to deter other young people coming forward.

    As I said it’s just my humble opinion.


  15. Dear Mr Adam,
    Thank you for your prompt reply. Can I draw your attention to another quote you have just made, I quote “from MEMBERS (my capitals) or attendees of Anston Parish Council”.
    You have yet again made an allegation that Members, ie Parish Councilors have made negative comments about Cllr Beck on this site, yet although you were asked to do so, you failed to not only to name the individuals concerned, you have also failed to quote what was said.
    I repeat what I said before, one should not make wild statements on behalf of others without being prepared to name individuals or post what they have said. I look forward to your answers, however if you cannot provide the evidence I would expect an apology to the Members of Anston Parish Council.
    what everyone writes on this site is their “humble opinion” and you are quite rightly allowed yours, however if you make statements that affect others in your “opinion”, those opinions should be backed up by facts.
    I really do look forward to your reply.

    S Thornton


  16. Mr Thornton

    I think we are flogging a dead horse on this one. Clearly you don’t have a high regard for our youngest Councillor otherwise you wouldn’t be getting all worked up ( I do think you are protesting far too much sir).

    No doubt we will debate on other issues in future but I don’t intend to comment further on this particular segment cause it’s getting boring.


  17. Dear Mr Adam,
    Its only boring because you have lost the arguement, and have no evidence to back up your incorect claims. You say I dont have a high regard for our youngest Councilor, how do you make that deduction ?, not from this site. Quit before you make more of a fool of yourself. By the way, I did not see anything that was close to apologising for you false assumptions.
    S Thornton.


  18. Can’t help but notice that every time Adam’s views are subject to challenge, Adam tries to bring the exchange to a close, as in the fine example of this tendency above. Why?


  19. Now now Rothpol let’s put the claws away it’s unbecoming of you to make comments like that.

    I will choose as and when I respond and won’t be brow beaten by you or anyone else in continuing on a thread that’s obviously boring the sh@t out of me.


      • Rothpol

        I am happy to share my thoughts about Shaun if you insist sir. But I am afraid it’s going to get some of your contributors all hot and bothered!!!

        So here goes – To suggest there was a conspiracy to get rid of Shaun from Rotherham politics by putting him forward as the PCC candidate is beyond belief. Do you really think people would go to such humongus lengths to put him in the prime spot to become one of the most influential figures in South Yorkshire just because they didn’t think he was competent to be a councillor ??????

        I tell you what Rothpol, I wish I had enemies like that who would have the power, influence and Know how to successfully get me such a nomination for such an important role.

        By all accounts he beat off 3 other very good candidates by a considerable margin to secure the nomination through a ballot of rank and file labour party members. Surely that’s a testament to his popularity and contrary to the views expressed by some of my fellow bloggers on here !!!!!

        I await for the inevitable onslaught -)))))


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