Don Buxton makes his position crystal clear!

Don Buxton makes his position crystal clear, in this latest email contribution in the saga of the Libraries consultation:


I wish to formally record my complete disapproval and downright hostility to the proposal to reduce my highly successful Wickersley Library’s hours from 45 hours per week to 40 hours per week.

RMBC has not provided me with one piece of independently accredited evidence which informs me why my highly successful library is being so targetted.

Yet again, my community is destined to be significantly disadvantaged, whereas by contrast the much less used and much less patronised library at Aston, in the Holderness Ward of Cllr Gerald Smith, is to have its hours increased from 44.5 hours per week to 49 hours per week!

My community has sadly become used to being overruled, ignored, and disadvantaged in any matter in which the above Councillor has any presence, influence or input, and I have now lost all faith in the impartiality and integrity of RMBC Elected Members and Officers to govern my community with any sense of justice or fairness.

I have sought public assurances from the Wickersley Ward and Hellaby Ward Councillors as to whether or not they will be objecting to the proposed reduction in Wickersley’s hours and Cllr Lauren Astbury has publically confirmed in an e-mail to me that she will not be objecting.

So much for people who seek well-paid public office to represent the interests of the voters!

Based on my previous experience in my community I have little doubt that this “consultation” is yet another RMBC pretence and that all objections and views will be overruled and ignored and RMBC will steamroller through their plans – as they have planned to do all along.

RMBC’s Figures:

Wickersley Library
current hours = 45 per week
proposed hours = reduction to 40 per week
visits per year = 66,990
active borrowers = 3,642

Aston Library
current hours = 44.5 per week
proposed hours = 49 per week
visits per year = 53,155
active borrowers = 3,158

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton
Active and Empowered Wickersley Citizen, Ratepayer, Resident and Voter

P.S. Please provide an e-mail acknowledgement of receipt of this e-mail

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