Shaun Wright, the Rhetoric and the Hard Reality!

From the web page, to elect Shaun Wright as the Labour candidate for Police Commissioner:

“If you want someone who will prioritise those most vulnerable from crime in our society – women, the elderly and our young people?”

Yes we would Cllr Wright; however let’s just have a look at your role in condemning the exploitation of the young and vulnerable here in Rotherham.

Was your department criticised in the Laura Wilson serious case review, YES
Have you since spoken out against the exploitation of children in the Borough, NO

Will you end the silence and break ranks from Stone, Hoddinott et al and stand up for vulnerable and  at risk children? No sign of it happening any time soon!

Shaun Wright is not alone; all of these Elected Members continue to remain tight lipped on this serious issue, Why?

Hoddinott (I want to be an MP), Astbury, Dalton, Andrews, Donaldson, Ellis, Beaumont, Clark, Burton, Godfrey, Falvey, Hamilton, Johnston, Lelliott, Pitchley, Russell(x2), McNeeley, Whysall, Havenhand, Sims and Rushforth.

Prior to the release of the serious case review RMBC produced a media handing strategy with a full list of questions and answers and civic lines to take.

Why did Shaun Wright, Martin Kimber and Roger Stone refuse to speak to BBC Radio Sheffield when they asked RMBC for a representative to answer questions on their 17.00hr news slot?

Not the kind of behaviour you expect from a possible Police Commissioner and well paid individuals in a public body.

I know what will finally flush Shaun Wright out to condemn the abuse of children in the Borough, the thought that he just might be saying goodbye to a £80,000 a year pay packet if the opposition use his silence against him.

Money is more important than speaking up for vulnerable children as far as RMBC Elected Members are concerned, look at the long list above.

The phoney Police Commissioner electioneering period is over and Shaun Wright is out there using the toothless and tame Rotherham Advertiser to peddle his vision for policing in South Yorkshire, the content is interesting.

I wonder if Shaun Wright has now resigned from the Police Authority or is he using some technical notice period to retain the income from his position on the Authority?

On a separate point, I know Rotherham has its problems, is it true that Martin Kimber has yet to establish a permanent family home in the Borough?

RMBC think that the issue of their silence regarding grooming, exploitation etc will go away; please let me assure them, I will not let it drop.


8 thoughts on “Shaun Wright, the Rhetoric and the Hard Reality!

  1. Some really good points and he does need to explain, as do those who remained silent, how the hell he’s going to stand up for the vulnerable when he’s done an abysmal job of it so far. The complete silence from some of our councillors has been unforgivable.


    • Spot on as usual!
      Unforgivable indeed! Don’t expect much from ‘Shaun the Greedy Sheep’! ‘Only in it for the money Wright’, could not manage himself out of the proverbial paper bag,


  2. Dear Cerberus,

    As ever, you have produced a passionate and very reasoned in-depth statement about the complete unsuitability but downright offensive lucrative opportunism of Shaun Da Sheep in his wish to bury his trotters, snout and lickle curly-wurly tail in the PCC civic trough which it appears is now brimful with our very hard-earned tax dosh.

    Agent “Garbo” my snout at Town Hall Towers said that they and Da Rovrum Laybah Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz didn’t rate Da Sheep at all, said he was really Billy-No-Mates and a complete ham-shanker, but it made good political sense for them to “big him up” and get him a job elsewhere so that he can’t taint owt else in those incestuous and nepotistic Towers.

    GCHQ da Towers most certainly isn’t. ROFPMSL 🙂

    In true rural farmyard fashion I happily predict that Shaun Da Sheep will continue to be worried, chased and hounded by you Cerberus – The Hound From Hell.

    Ataboy, go get him, worry him, go on boy, worry him.


  3. Emma Hoddinott, says to anyone who will listen she’s in favour of more openness and transparency whilst at the same time was secretly emailing Labour Group, telling them that their public utterances should be approved by her in advance!
    Talk about duplicity?
    But then what should we expect from this Trade Union ‘Pilgrim’ and very ambitious woman.


      • Salaam Alaikum brother Omar,

        Well we’ve listed two of her large bouncing bootiful obvious attributes 🙂 i.e. “Pilgrim” and “Hypocrite”.

        There is of course a third more devious one.

        I kid you not, she’s a “Runner” of unparalleled quality, guile and speed … cos she was first out of the traps in Da Rovrum Laybah Narks-n-Snitches Handicap Stakes when she won first place in the Race Ta Stitch-Up a Bruvva-n-Sista.

        She was awarded 1st Place by none other than Da Dodger, for “Laybah Services to News Blackouts and Censorship”.

        Dodger likes dispensing political patronage but on this occasion he was well-peed cos there was no foregin travel junketing and feasting involved.


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