Shaun Wright’s Supporters – Hidden Agenda?

In the first posting, using information brought to our attention by an anonymous RikiLeaks correspondent, to whom we are grateful, we bring you some interesting information on Shaun Wright’s uber-supporters:


What kind of idiot registers a campaign website with 47 characters in it? Darren Hughes, that’s who! Amazing? The work of an incompetent, or a fool! Little wonder then his campaign was so poor in May’s local election.

Those hailing from Rotherham in bold

John Healey MP – Wentworth & Dearne Constituency
Cllr Steve Houghton CBE – Leader Barnsley Council
Cllr Roger Stone OBE – Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jahangir Akhtar – Deputy Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jim Andrews – Barnsley East CLP Secretary & Chairman South Yorkshire Fire Authority
Cllr Ken Richardson – Barnsley Central CLP Secretary
Mr Alan Goy – Rother Valley CLP Secretary
Cllr Maggie Clark – Rotherham CLP Secretary
Cllr Neil Hamilton -Wentworth & Dearne CLP Secretary
Mr John Mills – Don Valley CLP Secretary
Mr Jim Smith – Sheffield Central CLP Secretary
Mrs Elizabeth Gee – Headteacher
Mrs Tammy Hayward – Hospital Ward Sister
Miss Jade Mellows – Miss Sheffield & Businesswoman
Mrs Winnie Billups – Chair of Area Housing Panel
Mrs Kath Roden – Branch Secretary Royal British Legion
Mrs Ann Gallagher – GMB Branch Secretary
Mr Ken Curran Chairman of Unison Labour Link
Mr John Cafferty – UNISON Regional Secretary
Karen Reay – UNITE Regional Secretary
Mrs Carol Maleham – UNISON Branch Secretary
Cllr Kath Sims – Labour Group Secretary
Mr Reg Littleboy – District Labour Party Secretary
Cllr Lindsay Johnston – District Labour Party Chair
Cllr Patricia Knight – Don Valley CLP Chair
Cllr Alan Gosling – Labour Group Chair & Wentworth & Dearne CLP Chair
Mick Clapham – Retired MP for Barnsley West & Penistone
Jeff Ennis – Retired MP for Barnsley East & Mexborough
Mr Lee Parkinson – GMB Branch Chair
Mr Mick Stowe – UNISON Branch Chair
Cllr Alan Atkin – Vice Chairman South Yorkshire Fire Authority
Mr Tony Wright – UNISON NHS Branch Secretary
Mrs Rona Helliwell
Cllr Karen Dyson
Cllr May Noble
Cllr Margaret Sheard
Cllr Eva Hughes
Cllr Emma Wallis
Cllr Ann Russell
Cllr Judy Dalton
Cllr Lindsay Pitchley
Cllr Jane Hamilton – CLP Treasurer
Cllr Patricia Russell
Cllr Rose McNeeley
Cllr Jackie Falvey
Cllr Jane Havenhand
Cllr Tracey Cheetham
Cllr Maggie Godfrey
Cllr Denise Lelliot
Cllr Gordon Watson
Mrs Sheila Walker
Cllr Jennifer Whysall
Cllr Joe Hayward – BLP Secretary
Cllr Tim Shepherd
Cllr Robin Franklin – BLP Secretary
Cllr Alan Gardiner
Cllr Martin Dyson
Cllr John Parkinson
Mr Trevor Cave – BLP Secretary
Mr Mick Clegg – Shop Steward
Cllr Tom Sheard
Cllr Graham Kyte
Cllr David Leech
Cllr Bill Mordue
Cllr Barry Dodson
Cllr Terry Sharman
Cllr Shaukat Ali
Cllr John Foden
Cllr Paul Lakin
Cllr Brian Steel – UNISON Convenor
Cllr Dave Pickering
Mr Darren Hughes
Cllr John Swift
Cllr Geb Nightingale
Cllr Keith Goulty
Cllr Dominc Beck
Cllr David Roche
Cllr Glyn Whelbourn
Cllr Alex Sangster
Cllr Alan Atkin
Cllr Richard Russell
Cllr Chris Read
Cllr Peter Wootton
Cllr Alan Buckley
Cllr Andrew Roddison
Cllr Simon Tweed
Cllr Gerald Smith
Cllr Colin Barron

Even when Shaun Wright’s spurious duplicate is removed, this list is perhaps more revelatory than intended? A few random thoughts:

Fifty Two are from Rotherham (at least!) in a list of Eighty Seven, a staggering 59.7% in fact! This does rather lend credence to the information supplied to us, that a conspiracy to get rid of Shaun Wright from Rotherham MBC was afoot!

When the new Cabinet was announced, well before selection for PCC candidates had occurred, Shaun Wright’s name was not among them? Did Roger Stone think he was not up to it after his Children and Families debacle?

Not good enough to be a Rotherham Cabinet Member? Yet foisted on the long suffering people of South Yorkshire as PPC Labour Candidate by his ‘mates’ mounting a campaign not to support him, we are told, but to get rid of him!

Shaun Wright’s Campaign Manager, Mr Hughes and rumoured Rawmarsh Ward successor, is also on this list?

Darren Hughes, would seem to be a strange choice? Given that he was the only Labour Candidate in May’s Local Elections to loose his seat, after what turned out to have been a spectacularly ill-judged campaign in Anston & Woodsetts Ward!

That and the fact that he was trying the impossible, to get himself elected once again as though his duplicitous support for the Exclusive Brethren and swapping sides from Tory to Labour would not have been noticed. Turning up to meetings in his Porshe or Range Rover, does not make him a convincing Labour man at all!

I note that there is only one Member of Parliament listed as a supporter of Shaun Wright John Healey Wentworth & Dearne Constituency. Easily manipulated? It would certainly appear so.

Why was Denis MacShane not on this list, even though he had very publicly backed Shaun Wright? Too embarrassing even for this Labour apparatchik to claim his support? Not very popular in South Yorkshire, is our Denis!

26 thoughts on “Shaun Wright’s Supporters – Hidden Agenda?

  1. Rothpol, the full list of names reinforces my knowledge of the behind the scenes efforts to oust Shaun Wright from RMBC.

    My understanding from highly reliable sources from within the Labour Group is that the idea that Shaun Wright should put himself forward for the PCC nomination did not come from Wright, it came from one individual who then gathered the support of others to plant and cultivate the idea with Wright.

    Officers also joined in the preening of his ego, Wright knows who they are.

    I wonder if Wright has actually thought his decision through.

    He will have to resign his full time employment from BMBC, he will have to stand down as a JP, and there is a question mark over his continued role as a Councillor for Rawmarsh, as part of the deal for the support from the Rotherham Labour Group is for him to make way for Darren Hughes.

    Move forward to after the next election, Labour are back in power and one of their first actions of political spite is to abolish the post of PCC and Wright is out of a job and no income!

    And to mitigate any possible doubts Wright may be having, Wrights speeches are being given a five star rating by the Labour Group conspirators, what a dirty game politics is.

    When this all ends in tears for Wright the Rotherham Labour group will have a smirk on their faces as big as their waist lines.


    • Nye,
      You sum the position up rather well! ‘Shaun the Sheep’ just couldn’t resist the lure of a well paid job. Greed is a powerful motivator and an agent of self deception when £87,000 per annum is involved.
      Is he so stupid that he didn’t realise he was being set up?
      With Dodgy Darren as his Campaign Manager, even success at the Polls in November cannot be guaranteed.


  2. Should this post have been called, ‘the worst kept secret in Rotherham?’

    I am surprised that the Regional Labour Party didn’t twig this one from the start, they certainly look as though they have been sleeping on the job, G4S wise it would seem?

    Once again Stalinist control freakery has won the day! Leaving the Labour Party, in Ed Miliband’s back yard, looking awfully foolish!


  3. I am happy to share my thoughts about Shaun if you insist sir. But I am afraid it’s going to get some of your contributors all hot and bothered!!!

    So here goes – To suggest there was a conspiracy to get rid of Shaun from Rotherham politics by putting him forward as the PCC candidate is beyond belief. Do you really think people would go to such humongus lengths to put him in the prime spot to become one of the most influential figures in South Yorkshire just because they didn’t think he was competent to be a councillor ??????

    I tell you what Rothpol, I wish I had enemies like that who would have the power, influence and Know how to successfully get me such a nomination for such an important role.

    By all accounts he beat off 3 other very good candidates by a considerable margin to secure the nomination through a ballot of rank and file labour party members. Surely that’s a testament to his popularity and contrary to the views expressed by some of my fellow bloggers on here !!!!!

    I await for the inevitable onslaught -)))))


    • Dear Adam,

      I’d love to borrow your Laybah-tinted rose spectacles and peek through them for a day or so to see the same Narnia Land to which you refer.

      My Agent “Garbo” at Town Hall Towers did indeed personally tell me face-2-face that the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns were going to vote for Shaun Da Sheep in just such a way as you have alluded.

      That shallow man who aspires to such highly-paid influential PCC office was an abject failure while his portfolio went through crisis after crisis. You obviously don’t have access to the same High Table that I have connections to so I’d stop paying your nark and ask for your money back cos you’ve been diddled, me old China.

      It’s a pity me-n-thee can’t meet up and dine and chat over canapes and some Quibla Cola and see how we can work together to out-manouevre Da Leedah and set about building the foundations for a junketing-free zone and less-than-Sheffield-CC-expenses zone down at Town Hall Towers.

      Mind how ya go now, I gotta dash cos I’m on early turn this AM. Night all 🙂


      • Dear Graldhunter

        Thank you for your comments and I would love to partake in sharing the canapés with you but I dont know wat they are!!! The most exotic thing we have in our neck of woods is a good ole fashion chip buttie -)) and that quIbla kola is awful, I prefer pepsi.


    • Adam, You have not in fact given us your opinion on any of Shaun Wright’s positive attributes, only that he managed to win a manipulated election.
      I quick squint at the current Labour Group reveals much about their history! The controlling group within, with Stone at the helm, is substantially intact from well before the ‘Anti-poverty scandal’!
      They believe elections should be managed, the so called ‘democratic centralist’ approach or the do as you are told! School of Trade Union, Lenin inspired, democracy.
      You are asking a lot, if you claim that in RMBC’s case, Leopards do change their spots!


    • Is there an echo on this blog? I’m sure I just read this somewhere else.

      Reasoned argument, is what this blogs commenters excel at. Not the tribal behaviour that Rotherham’s Labour members indulge in.


  4. You obviously do not remember how the right wing of the Labour party plotted to smash the left wing. They did it by electing Michael Foot as leader Knowing full well that he would lose the election; this then enabled them to oust the left wing activists. So if you seriously believe that Labour would not do as has been suggested with Wright you are sadly mistaken Adam.

    Dave Smith


  5. Sorry but I don’t hold with this conspiracy theory. However on the other hand it does mean all the above see nothing wrong in the way Rotherham’s Childrens Services declined under Cllr Wright between 2006 & 2009.

    On another thread contributors have asked Councillors to come clean about their position over the scandals surrounding the department, by supporting Councillor Wright and the above are declaring at best a don’t care position when it came to the way RMBC failed for years some of our most vulnerable young people.


  6. I don’t understand how the” Labour group” manage to manipulate elections!!! That really is naive and somewhat simplistic argument to make.

    I am intrigued by the notion that our electoral system is being manipulated by labour. Please some enlightened soul explain how they mangage this underhand act.

    Or is that some of my brethren here just can’t come to terms with the fact that the people of Rotherham choose to support the party of they’re choice. To suggest otherwise would lead to the conclusion that the electorate is too thick to make a considered judgement on who THEY choose to represent them.

    Unlike some, I am more than happy to respect the judgement of our citizens.


    • Adam
      I respond to your points in detail thus:

      “I don’t understand how the” Labour group” manage to manipulate elections” Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening!

      “I am intrigued by the notion that our electoral system is being manipulated by labour.” No one has accused Labour of manipulating our electoral system! Only manipulation of Labour’s own candidate selection process, is under discussion here.

      The third paragraph of your comment contains spurious and illogical conclusions as to the views of Rotherham Politics, it’s commenters and readers.

      Let me assure you we are fervent supporters of democracy and am sure that all our readers would heartily concur with your final point, “I am more than happy to respect the judgement of our citizens.”


      • Rothpol

        The reason I wrote ” I don’t understand ” was for you to explain how you came to that conclusion rather the lame answer ” just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean it isn’t happening” come come Rothpoll surely you can do better than that!!!!!

        You also have not offered a single piece of evidence or fact about the so called manipulation of the selection process. So again I respectfully ask on what tangible evidence do you base that ” spurious and illogical statement on.

        I am not interested on your personal crusade against Labour but it would give this blog a lot more credence if you stuck with posting articles based on facts from this world rather than lifting them out of the twilight zone.


      • Adam,
        The evidence that you need to understand is already plainly stated on this blog.

        Rotherham Politics is on no crusade, we take an equal opportunity approach on here.

        Why are you such a craven apologist for Labour?


  7. Adam your point is valid but please remember that 70% of the people of Rotherham choose nobody and that ultimately is a damning verdict on all of us.


    • Michael
      To which point are you referring? I can only see one point that can be concurred with, I quote “I am more than happy to respect the judgement of our citizens.”
      The rest of his spurious or illogical points will be responded to, in due course.


    • Mr Sylvester

      I do take your point about the low turnout but that is no different to other parts of the country unless you have evidence to the contrary.

      Also as my old boxing instructor used to say ” you can only fight the man ( can I add or woman to make it more PC ) in front of you”


  8. Rothpol

    Let me get this right because I don’t concur with your rabid hatred of Labour you accuse me of being a craven apologist ?

    To be honest it’s quite pathetic, first you invite me to make a comment and when I do and it differs from your view, you stoop to name calling!!!!!

    So I am not going to waste my time on here for a while. Good night and god bless all.


    • Adam,

      ‘People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones’, so far you have accused Rothpol of a “personal crusade against Labour” and now the rather extravagant ,”rabid hatred of Labour.” You really shouldn’t believe everything Labour Group members tell you about me, or my motivations.

      You call my description of you as a ‘craven apologist for Labour, name calling! Hardly an insult, given that I cite as evidence your many contributions on RP! No one could be in any doubt as to where you are coming from.

      Why do you always pack up when the discussion starts to get interesting? You have yet to point to anything positive about Shaun Wright. Is there really nothing you can tell us?


      • Your a funny guy Rothpol, you cite my posts to support your theory of my support for Labour yet have the audacity to deny your one man band crusade against Labour !!!! Please read your own tabloid esq toned posts you yourself have written about Labour on this blog.

        Only a fool would fail to conclude you have a huge axe to grind with the said party.

        Having said that, I don’t have a problem with your stance and views of the labour party but please don’t get sanctimonious when someone has a opposing views to yours.

        You seem to be happy enough when there is Labour bashing by contributors but throw a hissy fit when someone tries to bring a bit of balance in to the debate.

        For the record I am not Shaun Wright’s campaign spokesman but I have no doubt we will soon see what vision he has for the job he is running for.

        As you know it will be the people of south yorkshire he has to convince. But going on your past comments even if he wins you won’t be happy with the result and point to some silly conspiracy theories.


  9. I find it amazing that Adam can not understand how Labour, or for that matter any other party, can manipulate the electoral system. His boxing analogy answers his own question, you can only fight the person in front of you, this of course depends on who is chosen to be put in front of you. Just look at the election where the Tories wanted to get rid of their bent sitting candidate, Hamilton, the other parties agreed not to put forward a candidate; this meant that the man in the white suit got elected as independent. When I asked the question of Dinnington Town council, why do we have a councillor who is a Woodsetts parish councillor, a Dinnington Town councillor and a RMBC councillor. I was told that the system allowed it but my point was they chose the candidate, they chose the person in front of you. As far as Adams chagrin at so called name calling I think that rothpol, along with my self will have a sense of being here before.

    Dave Smith


  10. Long ago before Jack Layden was knighted or money was hidden in wardrobes, there existed an organisation called the 600 group, committed to getting 600 NUM sponsored MPs into parliament. This outfit was very shadowy and no-one was sure where it got its money from, but it was known to certain people in South Yorkshire and also to the Security Services of the day. it was common prectice, if anyone stuck their heads over the parapet and presumed to question the activities of tis group they were pressured into backing off. This could involve losing your job, nuisance phone calls, intimidation and it was stated, physical violence. When the mines closed this outfit presumably went with them, and certainly not a lot was heard after the late 80s. I know all this because of what happened to a colleague of mine in Doncaster.

    That mentality still remains. Labour can do no wrong, Labour is for the working man etc. Anybody who dares to disagree is ‘dealt with’ or persuaded to change their views one way or another. LAbour, like most political parties is about power. Do you really believe that the likes of the corn-fed grunters etc that Graldhunter call them really care about the people of Rotherham? Very few do I would say,considering how they treat them. Whether in the matter of expenses, junketing or employing pilgrims to the irritating things such as car-parking, they are quite arrogant and dismissive of Rotherham people.


  11. CAS, 100% spot on. It is a sad reality that the party who claim to be on ‘our’ side are in fact light years away from us, most of them are probably closet Tories. The story about the 600 group was interesting, I’d never heard of them before.


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