Inexorable logic of numbers?

Firstly an examination of the current political make up of Rotherham MBC:

Party Number Percentage
Conservative 4 6.4
Independent 1 1.6
Labour 58 92

Labour’s overwhelming preponderance on RMBC, ensures that their untrammelled use of power is rarely challenged and never properly scrutinised from within.

Rotherham Politics is here to change all that! It should therefore come as no surprise to anyone, even Adam Khan, that most of our focus is upon the members of the controlling Labour Group!

With 58/63, 92% of the Borough Council membership the Labour Party and it’s members and fellow travellers, control pretty well everything that moves!

We move on to consider the make up of Labour Group itself:

There is much diversity of view on many issues and some of it was on display today. However, they are united behind a common credo of self preservation! They largely control the party structures and are able to play fast and loose with Labour’s own rules, procedures and policies.

Labour’s rules make it quite clear how the local structures relate to one another and where Labour Group owe accountability. It should be the case, that the Local Government Committee maintains control over policy and hold Labour Councillors to account. Furthermore, the LGC should control and independently monitor, Labour Candidate selection processes.

How different it is in Rotherham!

Firstly there are no polices to speak of! Secondly the LGC is a poodle and thirdly, Labour Group controls candidate selection. The precise opposite of what should happen!

During the last three years, it is claimed by some, new and fresh faces have appeared on the Council who will be intolerant of the control freakery that pervades Labour Group. Is there any evidence to back up this assertion? Quite simply No!

Labour Group has another division, not immediately apparent to the casual observer, the division between insiders and outsiders, or those who support Roger Stone and those who don’t! Best estimates of the relative numbers in each group suggest a 40/18 split between  these two groups.

This is not good news to anyone who wants to change the party from within.

What is clear from this, is that Roger Stone has solid support in Labour Group and likely when it comes to a replacement, they will come from this controlling group. Smart money is said to be going on Paul Lakin even in these early stages of the Leadership battle to come.

What does this tell us of Jahangir Akhtar’s future? The inexorable logic of numbers tells us that Jahangir is not perhaps, Deputy Leader because of his own level of personal support, but at the pleasure of the Leader. Some commentators have already speculated that Jahangir will be relieved of the Deputy Leadership to be replaced by the ‘anointed one’, as early as next year?

6 thoughts on “Inexorable logic of numbers?

  1. Wow, Rotherham Politics, you indeed paint a picture of utterly revolting nepotistic, narcisstic behaviour and attitudes that are reminiscent auf dem Fuhrer Berlin bunker im zweite welt krieg.

    What a pity indeed if the intensely honourable gentleman, Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, doesn’t achieve his ambition of becoming RMBC Leader. But Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip is mad enough to bring about just such an intensely insane and unfair political decision based upon political patronage and who’s peeing in whose pocket and who’s greasing whose palm.

    I pray that the dishonourable meltdown that you predict doesn’t actually occur, but whatever the decision, either way, there are now far too many of us active and empowered Rotherham citizens who have the aptitude, appetite, enjoyment and large hairy plums to ride these suckers into the stalls and ensure that they remain democratically accountable to US, the electorate who choose em and pay em a shedload more than Sheffield City Councillors receive in their allowances.

    Rock on Jahangir, ataboy, go for it, and teach these Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns the most humiliating of political lessons.

    Best Wishes, Grald-Hunter


    • Don’t you think your expressions of support could prove a tad counter productive?

      Would recommend that Jahangir read, learn and inwardly digest, the contents of Machiavelli – The Prince, as an aid to understand the exercise of political power in Rotherham.


  2. An apt title given the various odds being offered on who will remove the current Leader and his Deputy, Officers have at least two interesting books running and I understand that Elected Members have their own, in another life they could all work for William Hill.

    As you have already stated Rothpol the clever money is on Paul Lakin for Leader, the latest gossip is Mahroof Hussain for Deputy, the dream ticket.

    However until the finishing line is crossed look out for a breakaway winner from one of the ladies in the Council, watch this space.

    I also hear that the levels of gossip, counter briefing, rumour and back stabbing are well above normal, a Coup d`etat in the wings?

    The current portfolio leads could wake up one morning to a loss of their special responsibility allowance with new faces in the Cabinet raking in the money.


    • Dear Peter Baker, you have shared a most insightful and revealing piece about the psych-ops and internecine warfare among the greedy Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.

      “Agent Garbo” – my double XX agent inside THT – tells me that da RMBC Laybah bruvvaz-n-sistaz are avid readers, and who knows maybe even closet commentators too, of this auspicious and remarkbly well-informed forum, and that they read and believe this place more than Da Dodger’s dodgy Partee bweefinz.

      I have a nice comfy ringside seat in which to sit and relax and enjoy the blood-letting and scratching and kicking and punching once the seconds are out and the bell is rung.

      The Town Clerk and his highly-paid bunch of civic kling-ons must be working hard to try and second guess whose ass and hand they need to kiss most often in order to curry favour with whoever descends into the position of Leedah.


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