Neighbours Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!

At long last we have the figures for Rotherham Councillor’s Allowances & Expenses for 2011/12 only three months after our neighbours in Sheffield published theirs.

I’m afraid I don’t have a link but readers can find the full table on page 87 of today’s Rotherham Advertiser.  I will let you all make your own assumptions on the relevance of how far into the paper the notice is with no statement or coverage by the wider media.

So here we go in 2011/12 Rotherham Councillors claimed £1,112,003 a drop on last year of 1.2% from £1,125,555 wow how impressive in an age of massive austerity cuts (not).

As readers are aware we like to compare how Rotherham compares to Sheffield where the figures were £1,356,705 in 10/11 and £1,328,178 in 11/12 a drop of 2.1% oh dear Sheffield outperforms Rotherham………….again.

Now for some more numbers

Average claimed per councillor last year

Rotherham £17651
Sheffield    £15812

Question: Rotherham Councillors what is it about your role that means you need allowances that are 11.6% higher than your Sheffield equivalents?

This figure also means that by simply reducing allowances to the same as Sheffield Rotherham could have saved £115,857 last year and maybe saved a few of those jobs they cut, but hey I’m sure they can convince us why their own pockets being lined should be a priority.

When comparing Rotherham’s allowances to Sheffields you also need to account for the lighter workload Rotherham’s Councillors have compared to Sheffield. Sheffield has 84 Councillors for a population of 552,700 a ratio of 1 councillor to every 6580 citizens. In Rotherham it is 63 to 253,900 a ratio of 1 councillor to every 4030 citizens.

Question: Rotherham Councillors why do you claim 11.6% more than Sheffield Councillors when you each represent 38.8% fewer people?

Now the big one what does each of your councillors cost you?

In Sheffield last year it was £2.40 per citizen
In Rotherham……………….. £4.38

There you have it each councillor costs every citizen in Rotherham an extra £1.98 than our Sheffield neighbours have to fork out. a difference of 82.5%.

So if we cut our councillors allowances to the same as Sheffields and reduced their numbers to the same ratio of councillors to people as Sheffield (a cut from 63 to 39) we are looking at a total saving of £502,722 based on last years figures.

Personally I’d sooner see that spent on jobs and services rather than on what are at least compared to Sheffield under worked over paid Councillors.

Michael Sylvester

Rotherham Advertiser 27th July: Row over £9,000 Mayor’s Banquet

RMBC: Councillors Allowances 2010-2011 .pdf
Sheffield City Council: Councillors Allowances 2010-2011 .doc
Sheffield City Council: Councillors Allowances 2011-2012 .doc

8 thoughts on “Neighbours Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!

  1. Nice work Mr Sylvester … the figures speak volumes to me about the extent to which our Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns have got their trotters and snouts so deep in our civic financial trough.

    I seem to remember that when I challenged Da Dodger about this very matter he was quick to retort that “I dunt decide wot ackers we get, it’s t’Independent Remuneration Panel, wot duz it”.

    And then I used FOI to find out exactly who these elusive benevolent beasts are, and who appointed them to determine that Da Dodger and the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns should get more than Sheffield City Councilors’ allowances for doing significantly less of a job.

    Well guess what, the “Independent Remuneration Panel” is determined by guess who … RMBC … and among them is one of Dodger’s regular dining muckers, the very same one who gave him a £240 Cyclops speed detector.

    Independent my R’s, it’s Dodger’s muckers deciding how much Dodger’s Gang will get, and then this same civic kling-on is the Civic Artwork Muppet who is trying to paint over the empty town centre shops in the vain hope of codding us all that Rotherham’s rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of its incineration and is on the verge of rivalling Florence for its historic art collection.


  2. We could only wish that these statistics were published in every local newspaper in this area to show what a load of self serving individuals they are. Come on Rotherham Advertiser, do your bit!


  3. It should also be pointed out that if you take a mean average each Sheffield councillor has double the amount of constituents to deal with as Rotherham councillors do. The other comparison with Sheffield that should also be made is that Sheffield published their expenses figures before the local elections took place, the greedy scavengers of Rotherham have waited close on three months.Again I ask the question, as I did in my campaign, why do constituencies such as Dinnington need three borough councillors? Rotherham could run quite easily with a third less councillors. It may be interesting to look back in the Rothpol archives at some of the inane comments that were made against me when I pointed all this and more out during the local election; when I stood as an independent.

    Dave Smith


  4. Given the vast difference between the two councillors expenses it does beg the question is Rotherham Council value for money? The answer has to be a most emphatic NO.

    The council is run by the ‘Cabinet’ system and that means the power is vested in half a dozen councillors. Why do we need the rest if this small elite band can do it all?

    The majority of councillors do not have access to major decision making and seem unable to even get full information about what the top doggy councillors are doing on their behalf. Hence the cock up Housing policy, planning procedures and most other area’s of the Council’s kingdom.

    BUT we must remember the rest of the trough feeders voted for this cock up cabinet policy and they are the ones who can vote it back. I am sick of hearing ‘it’s all down to the cabinet way of running things’. Get off your backsides and get rid of the system that gives power to the few then you may become better councillors – OR does it suit you you to not have any information and input
    because you can blame someone else? OR are you just plain lazy and want pay for nowt ?

    The answer is probably the latter – unless you do something about it !


  5. In 1926 Labour gained control of Sheffield. They cancelled all banquets held at the rate payers expense and cancelled all works to expand the municipal tramways. They were financially austere!
    In 1945 the Attlee government, a left wing socialist government created the NHS and much more but to do this they were financially austere.
    No overpaid jobs for the boys and girls then nor expensive junkets.
    I do believe there could be a better use for much of this “allowance” money. I accept councillors need some financial allowance as the work done fully and properly is time consuming and does involve real financial cost. However these levels seem impossible to justify.
    I now await responses laced with hate


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