He speaks at last!

Buried on page 33 of the Rotherham Advertiser Friday 17 August 2012 are the first public comments from Cllr Roger Stone on the issue of child exploitation, he must have be given approval by Cllr Emma Hoddinott to go to print.

No front page announcement, no special supplement, just a very brief paragraph trying to take the credit for someone else’s efforts, not good enough Cllr Stone.

Let’s be clear, children’s services let down a vulnerable child and they did it on Cllr Roger Stones and Cllr Shaun Wrights watch, read the report it will make you shudder. See below.

Did Cllr Roger Stone have a change of heart over stopping any public communication about the issue or had his and Cllr Emma Hoddinotts position become untenable due to internal pressure from those very few RMBC Elected Members with a conscience.

You have a lot more to do Cllr Stone and you know it.





Ofsted Reports:

Inspection of local authority arrangements for the protection of children as pdf

Inspection of local authority arrangements for the protection of children – children and young people version as pdf

4 thoughts on “He speaks at last!

  1. I feel certain that Da Dodger’s late and grudgingly reluctant resort to local media has nothing to do with his sincerity and care for children across our Borough on this wicked issue, but everything to do with rampant political opportunism to display to the Rovrum Laybah Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz that he’s still the big cockbird-in-charge and maybe to add another gong to his OBE (Other Bu**ers Efforts).

    What an utter apology for a Leedah. How on earth can any of the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns sleep at night knowing that they have acquiesced into keeping this corpulent buffoon in his overpaid junketing position?

    His appearance in the Press has everything to do with the tsunami of politically damaging comment from active and empowered citizens on this wonderful forum who will not be cowed and silenced by Laybah’s new pink pilgrim Sista Goeballz who’s in charge of party literature and manipulated communication.


  2. S Thornton
    I read the Advertiser today, may I quote the following ” A serious case review by Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board into the vulnerable 17 year old`s death concluded THAT NONE OF THE SERVICES DID ENOUGH TO PROTECT HER” (my capitals). So if none of the services did enough to protect her why have we not heard of any heads rolling ?. The way that RMBC are spinning this story is sickening, “we will continue to improve and give the highest standards of support and protection for our vulnerable children and young people”. It seems they failed “The highest standards” for this young person for 5 years. Going from “Failing to adequate” is nothing to feel pleased about, we pay through our Tax to prevent this thing happening and clearly people at the top of the Dept (Cllrs) have failed. To quote our now vocal Leader “There are no lengths we will not go to find those responsible and punish them in the hardest way possiable”. I very much doubt this applies to RMBC Cllrs or Staff.


  3. The decline in safety and standards in children services go back to the days of Mike Cuff as Chief Executive and Dr Sonia Sharp as Executive Director who both presided over a department that was not fit for purpose.

    Mike Cuff took early retirement with a lotto size lump sum and £90k a year inflation proof pension, Sonia Sharp left to take up a similar post with Sheffield City Council on £140,000, she is now on a yearlong break from her Sheffield post and is off to Australia to share her expertise and experience.

    Elected Members still fail to understand that one of the most significant risks to children is the dangerously high caseloads experienced by under resourced Social Workers, Howard Poucher before he retired from the Advertiser had covered the issue extensively, and still Stone, Wright and now Lakin fail to heed the warnings or do anything about it.

    It’s been nauseating listening to the usual suspects congratulating themselves, before they get carried away they should note that the inspection was a light touch tick box exercise evidenced by the fact that the inspector failed to notice the safeguarding meeting minutes for 2012 are not in the public domain.


  4. This whole business is disgusting, but how on earth can we make sure that the responsible officerss are doing their jobs properly when the elected members who are responsible in the utimate either do not know how to monitor the relevant department or don’t care or, more likely, too bloody thick to work it out. Rotherham seems to have a knack of employing sub-standard officers. Why ? Is it because, as was said to me a few days ago ‘they don’t care if you can do your job or not, as long as you’re a member of the Labour Party.


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