Gillian Radcliffe is standing as an Independent candidate to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire. If you are intending to stand to be Police and Crime Commissioner where you live, you can submit your own Candidate Statement, so get in touch at Others are on the way, and we are looking for 400 words, and a photo of you to which you have rights.

I care deeply about safe communities and fighting crime. I believe the UK enjoys the best police service in the world but there are many challenges in terms of workload and budgets. It believe my substantial experience and qualifications in policing, communications and management of organisations, would be major assets in the role of Police and Crime Commissioner. Much of my career has been devoted to bringing the police, their partners and local people closer together and I continue…

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  1. OMG, yet another sharp dressed suit with George Raft shoulders who’s brim full of “partnerships, action plans, inputs, outputs, KPIs, stakeholders, contractual partnerships, surveys, consultations, best value, ministerial briefings” ad nauseum.

    But nowhere does this one mention of the “hands on management” required to deal with a Friday-Saturday-Sunday night dealing with the cannon fodder who infest the “evening economy” and leave shop doorways as unkempt urinals, or any any mention of how “Pc Wood” was unleashed on unruly drunken scumbags to restore peace and tranquility to my town’s streets.

    I wonder just how many times this walk-on-water suit has ever lifted a collar or stood alone against the tide and felt very very frightened when being the sole voice of legal authority who’s prepared to stand a post?

    I bet the criminal fraternity were quaking in their trainers when they knew this suit was working M-F 0800-1700. Spare me your talents and your exorbitant costs and stick with the “consultancy work” you’re picking up here and there. We surely don’t need another expensive out-of-touch civic mouth tae feed here in South Yorkshire.


  2. I couldn’t be considered for the post – I’ve been found guilty of being ‘awkward’ in the past, I’m not a member of Laybah and therefore would of course be automatically excluded from the candidacy.

    I will of course take the time to vote for the lady.


  3. Trambuster
    You know very well there is nothing stopping you from standing for the post. I understand the Labour and LibDems have already announced they’re candidates but there isn’t a limit on the number of Independents who can put themselves forward. So put your application in and let the people of South Yorkshire decide.


  4. Whereas I have my doubts as to Gillian Ratcliffe’s suitability for this post, I am not as blunt as graldhunter, but I do worry when Michael Sylvester aka Kronos of Rotherham Twitters on her behalf. Just because she is Independent does not mean she will be any good at the job, although she is to be commended for even trying. I have become vey cynical since I have been living back in Rotherham – why is that?


    • casstrickland

      This is one post that I am in total agreement with you. See you can be objective if you try hard enough.

      Re- graldhunter, I think we all wish we had the wit, humour, eloquence and the tenacity this individual seems to have in abundance.


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