The Snoopers?

Dear Rotherham Politics,

I couldn’t help but smile tae missen when I read this in today’s “Star” –

Seems like our more highly paid than Sheffield City Councillors have now entered the realms of intelligence, surveillance, deep cover, dead letter boxes and all the other items associated with the control of Rovrum’s citizens.

Looks like they aren’t too busy to snoop into peoples’ lives, cos RMBC alone conducted 160 operations under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 – the ninth highest use of the measures in the UK.

So there we have it, THT is now an active hub of “intelligence gathering” akin to the KGB. “Intelligence gathering” and RMBC Elected Members and Officers are just such opposite terms in reality.

I wonder whether they’ll use their extensive James Bond powers to investigate the Blue Badge Abuse Councillor? Maybe the Ms Stasi Commissar Head of Laybah Corporate Control will issue a party edict proudly proclaiming the successes that RMBC-Pravda have provided to the town’s citizens through covert surveillance and espionage?

Answers please on a piece of white cardboard left under the front wipers of the black Beemer that’s always parked obstructing the paved pedestrian area outside THT but never gets a penalty ticket.

Yours Sincerely,

If any of the 160 victims of this unacceptable behaviour should be reading this, please get in touch, we would very much appreciate it, email Rothpol.

9 thoughts on “The Snoopers?

  1. Next they will be having ‘show trials’ in Rotherham?

    Hang on a minute, the Town Hall has seen numerous ‘show trials’ over the years. Victims guilt, not required!


    • myself and my father were the subject to noise monitoring by our nieghbour and RMBC continously for at least two years and when it actually went to county court the recordings were used were inconclusive the question of RIPA and the used of covert human inttelligence sources were never raised seeing as though the evidence gathered was gathered using the MATRON D7 system which is questionable


  2. I have to admit that RMBC and intelligence do not fit easily into the same sentence. I do not like the idea at all, it was not devised to allow councils to pry in this manner. RMBC appear to have taken this to another level – why so many in Rotherham? I have just spoken to a neighbour who says they used it against somebody down the street for dog-fouling.and he got a £50 fine. The cost of it all is worrying, as are the reasons for using it anyway. Four allegedly for child protection what were the others for, and where were these snoops carried out, is one particular area of Rotherham or accross the borough. Would an FOI work in these circumstances?


    • The only way to find out is to ask them, be my guest. Rothpol readers like to follow such FOIs, please keep us updated as we don’t want to see waste by replication. After all it’s our information! You might also wish to discuss this with Don Buxton, Rotherham FOI expert! Just email Rothpol and I will pass it on.


  3. as a result of a RMBC directed surviellence operation it is well documented that not only did i serve two weeks of a four weeks custodial sentence i also lost the right to live and care for my father who is 75yrs old for a period of two years, even though the council applied for RIPA authorisation (documents available) it was proven in a court of law twice (magistrates & County court) that the footage had been unlawfully aquired and was shown to be a breach of my human right’s, and after unsucessfully completing all three stages of the councils complaints procedure and the refusal to investigate my complaint by the LGO the council still deny all responsibility, which would now lead me to seek independent legal advice,,,,,,anybody no any good solicitors in this department


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