The infantile loser?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Well, ere’s a funny thing, don’t ya think?

Shaun Da Sheep, Rovrum’s Laybah PCC candidate, is proudly and vainly bleating about how he will ensure that the public get a response from Police within 24 hours if-and-when he gets the highly-paid PCC post he covets so much.

Hmm, all those weasel words would maybe convince me were it not for the infantile behaviour I witnessed from the public gallery in the RMBC Council Chamber when he held up a piece of paper with “Loser” writ large on it in front of Cllr Peter Thirlwall, who was giving his usual wonderful drubbing to the Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.

Of course, not one of Da Laybah Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz said they’d seen owt. No surprises there then!

Maybe they were in need of some professional clinical help from the flash chav Porsche optician mucker who lavished champers on them at the Mayor’s Junket?

But still, this oafish Rawmarsh and Parkgate clown and dullard will NOT get my vote.

It will go to anyone but him, however much Dodger’s new Ms Pravda Commissar tries to bullshite the public into thinking that Shaun Da Sheep will keep us all safer abed iffen he gets the PCC job.

You couldn’t make it up, but you sure can here in Rovrum


36 thoughts on “The infantile loser?

  1. Pathetic, a day to respond to an incident, sums up the quality of the individual.

    Further evidence of why under his watch children services failed the weak and vulnerable in Rotherham.

    Cllr Shaun Wright continues to remain silent on child grooming here in Rotherham.

    Compounding the continuing problems with protecting children at risk of exploitation is the news blackout imposed by Cllr Emma Hoddinott which allows perpetrators to go about their evil ways without parents and the public being made aware of what they can do to prevent further serious cases.

    Shame on both of them.


  2. Shaun Wright was Deputy Mayor at the time of the ‘Loser’ incident, bringing the Mayoralty into disrepute!

    The stupid grin he had on his face whilst holding up the now famous ‘piece of paper’ told you all that was needed to be known about Wright, before rejecting him as totally unsuitable for any public office let alone South Yorks PCC.

    Perhaps this was when his comrades hatched the plot to get Wright off the Council and install Darren Hughes as replacement?


  3. Rotherham Politics in peddling mostly lies and half truths really irritates this Labour Party member! Your constant sniping at Shaun Wright is unacceptable in democratic politics, you should all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves! The anonymous keyboard warriors that populate your so called ‘blog’ should ‘put up or shut up’! Peter ‘Baker’ has had his identity blown, it’s only a matter of time before we identify the rest of your miserable crew! Why don’t you all crawl back in to your caves where you came from!


    • I am using my own name so why don’t you?
      Irritated are you? Good!! Put up or shut up ?
      Which gulag are we in?
      Democracy – in Rotherham? Sounds like it when you make threats like the ones above.
      What are you proposing to do if you do identify us? You are a disgrace to the Labour Party and should be thrown out.


      • Its alright sticking the boot in but you don’t seem to like it when the other lot start kicking back!!!!! I am reminded of the classic line from corporal jones in Dads Army when talking about the Germans ” They don’t like it up em” lmfao


    • So dear “Labour Loyalist” may I take it from your inferred support of Shaun Da Sheep that you condone and find acceptable his behaviour of holding up an A4 piece of paper with “Loser” writ large upon it while Cllr Peter Thirlwall was asking democratic questions on matters of scrutiny to the Rovrum Laybah Grooip?

      I witnessed that incident, along with at least four other members of the public, plus what passes for an Opposition in the form of Da Rovrum Tawreez, who also witnessed it, and of whom Cllr Tony Mannion was the only one to rise to his feet and strenuously object to Da Sheep’s ignorant, oafish and infantile behaviour.

      This is not my opinion. This is my witnessed event, just like when I write a statement for a witness. It’s their factual account of what they saw – not their opinion.

      But, guess what. Not a one of Da Laybah Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz had the plums to stick up their hand and say they’d seen it and would condemn it.

      If you don’t like the fact that I write of my unsavoury experiences of Dodger’s development of a Rovrum political patronage machine – then don’t read what I write and post.

      I however will read your posts, and make my judgement accordingly.

      Either way, Shaun Da Sheep won’t get my vote for PCC. I am careful who I entrust with my hard-fought right to vote, and I will not give it to such a shallow, infantile and oafish individual. Now that’s my opnion which you may choose to dismiss or otherwise.


    • ”unacceptable in democratic politics”- if anything, ALL criticism is acceptable in a democracy, unless my dictionary needs updating.
      ”Put up or shut up”- now who’s being undemocratic? If we don’t like Labour, we should ‘put up or shut up’? No chance!


  4. Got to agree with ‘A Labour Loyalist’ on this one guys. This blog appears to be full of a baying mob out to have their way with the Labour party, It all seems to be one sided and anybody who speaks to defend Labour or common sense is quickly shot down; and I have a feeling I am going to be as well after this.

    But needless to say I am grateful for the democracy we live in and believe you all have the right to your own opinion and Rotherham politics is a great facility of this so game on chaps.


    • Adam, asalaam alaikum, aap kesai hai? Me tikh huhn.

      AFAIC the only balance that will come in Rotherham’s politics is when –

      (a) Da Dodger finally smells da cawfee n disappears up his own junketing jetpipe

      (b) when Cllr Jahangir Akhtar becomes the Leader of RMBC

      (c) when Shaun Da Sheep doesn’t get his coveted post of PCC and gets JSA 🙂

      AFAIC Option B is the only one that presents the Rovrum public and active and empowered citizens with an opportunity to be really listened to and not patronised and taken for granted like currently happens with the current crop of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.

      Before anyone asks. Am I Laybah Membah – NO. Am I a Laybah votah – YEAH.


  5. Hi All,

    I too tend to agree wit Anonymous and hope you’ll keep your trenchant criticism for the most significant problems, not shoot from the hip at any and every infraction of rules by Labour.

    It seems to me that the child exploitation and other issues are appropriate issues for your excellent criticisms.

    Other cases of small errors in reporting technical potential conflicts of interest by young or inexperienced politicians (for example) make your blog seem petty and small minded imho.

    I read Rotherham Politics avidly: please keep your powder dry…


    • Perhaps Mr Teal and Anonymous would llike tell us who we do attack, after all Labour have been in power so long there is no way any other party in Rotherham can be responsible


      • Cass
        You are making a great case for the Labour Party. Let’s look at the facts in your own words you stipulate the said party have been in power for so long there isn’t anyone else for you to attack !!!!

        It is a matter of fact that overwhelming majority of the voting citizens of Rotherham choose to support a Labour administration.

        I am sure many people will recall the so called Independent group putting themselves up for the 2010 local elections led by an ex member of the Labour Party and were given a damn good kicking in the ballots by the empowerd citizens of our great town.

        In fact they’re Leader stood in the Parliamentary elections and got less votes from the constituency ( 7 wards ) than most Labour candidates did in they’re individual wards.

        So dear fellow bloggers dont blame Labour for the whopping majority they enjoy, its the people of Rotherham who vote them in time after time. I think its called Democracy !!!!!!

        Btw – welcome to the new bloggers annonynous, Rob Teal and the Labour Loyalist


    • Dear Robert Teal et-al,

      Thank you for your valued contributions.

      The world as I see it is simply thus. I don’t seek election to public office, and have no wish to do so. I delegate that sacred right to those who wish to seek public office to act on my behalf – but as I have the right to elect them, thus I have every right to demand, and expect, that they hold standards of behaviour which are equal to, or exceed those of mine which govern every aspect of my everyday life.

      As most of the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns come nowhere near my standards, it is my democratic right, nay duty, to remind them that they represent me, and my family, and that they should aspire to the highest possible standards of conduct in public life, and so it follows that as they are the governing democratic political party, they are ones who are held to account by me and other active and empowered citizens.

      I would love to hold any other party to account, and will do so, but the opposition parties must transition from opposition to overall control – and then their problems begin for then they are truly in the awesome glare of public scrutinty and observation.


  6. If you were in any doubt why labour lost in Bradford just take a look at the recent posts from Labour supporters.

    Their comments and views are classic in terms of being out of touch, arrogant and a self belief in their own invincibility.

    However times are a changing, the demographics are moving away from Labour, their traditional voter will be gone within a generation opening the doors for some very interesting elections here in Rotherham.

    Labour once boasted that they weighed their vote in Rotherham, the numbers voting are down, the numbers voting Labour are down, and no wonder the local MP McShame would sooner be playing Real Tennis in London with members of the Tory party than playing a game of cribbage in the Trades, the Council behave like members of the ruling elite, BMW cars, four star hotel meals and the continued serial junketing, keep it up, Respect are waiting in the wings!

    From Peter (I am not the person you think I am) Baker, so very funny and he wants to be top of the cops!


    • yes yes of course you’re not!!!!!!! But have you seen what your hero Gorgeous George thinks about rape ?

      He dismissed the act of having sex with a woman as she slept – one of the allegations made against Julian Assange – as nothing more than “bad sexual etiquette” if the pair had already had sex the night before. “Not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion,” the Respect MP said.


  7. Welcome to Rothpol’s latest commenters, Labour Loyalist, Robert Teal and Anonymous, your opinions are as welcome as anyone else’s as far as we are concerned!

    Our only question, is what took you so long before engaging with Rotherham Politics?


  8. To Peter and the rest of the ‘jump on the band wagon jollies’,
    Let me correct you in saying that I do not for a second believe in my own invincibilty or that of the Labour Party. Labour has made massive mistakes in the past and are still making them in ways like you said about BMW’s and four star hotels as well in other ways.
    And you are right that the Labour Party will lose seats like Bradford west if they don’t try hard to reconnect to their core voters. And Labour are aware of that and are working hard around the country to re-connect to the electorate.
    But in reference into adams last comment; let’s not forget that for years upon years the Labour Party has dominated the politcal scene in Rotherham. This is because we do live in a democracy and the people of Rotherham keep returning them as they are the party with the answers. And before you go on your tirade, If they aren’t the party with the answers then why does no other party manage to replace them.
    Honestly, I am a Labour voter but I am a true believer in Democracy and don’t value evryone who participates in it as such as yourselves. And believe Rotherham politics and people like Don buxton breath air into democracy as it keeps democracy active. But I bet you all a Dollar Labour will still be the party with the answers in twenty years time and that you Peter and the rest of the ‘jump on the band wagon jollies’ will still be trying to impersonate Wat Tyler.

    SO Game on chaps.

    And P.S Mr Baker, I don’t think the people of Rotherham will fall for the charms of Gorgeous George and his Respect cronies.


    • “Anonymous” I think your dollar bet is pretty safe. In fact the bookies wouldn’t accept your wager as there’s no money to be made on a one-horse contest.

      But just look at the number of eligible voters in both national and local elections, who choose NOT to vote, and there’s your clue to the popularity of the ruling Laybah elite. Sure they win the majority of votes cast, but by no means do they enjoy the unqualified support of the populace at large either in Rovrum or Ingurrlannd.

      Your dollar bet would be equally safe with the proposition that me and the growing band of active and empowered citizens WILL continue to challenge, question, scrutinise, participate and demand answers from the political party which is entrusted to govern us with our consent.

      So, Dodger and your elderly junketing grey-haired gang of higher-paid-than-SCC Elected Members, and their kling-on band of craven brown-tongued Officers, you can retire to your cots at night with complete confidence that there will be MORE of the same from me and my muckers in the future.

      Watch your fronts, wait until you can see the whites of their eyes, then fire at Will, Dodger, Shaun, Grald, 1st-Class Rail Travel Guru, Ms Pravda Commissaress, Tricky Dicky Russell and the Blue Badge Abuser.


  9. If the labour party supporters reckon that only being able to attract a 28% turn out, as in the 2012 round of local elections is a resounding victory in Rotherham they need to think again. There is in this area a large section of the population who are disenfranchised, these are the people on benefits and they are demonized by all of the major parties. They are made to believe it is their own fault for being out of work and poor, all they have to do is get themselves a job to improve their lot. at the end of 2011 nationally there were twenty three job seekers chasing every vacancy, in the Rotherham area the figure is much higher. The housing crisis, lack of good jobs, poor rights at work, declining living standards are the problems that the working class face every day. These problems were there under the last Labour government, and were never addressed by them, they just gave lip service to it. Job seekers allowance for a single person is £67.50p if you are over 25 years of age, set by Labour. what do the Labour M.P.s get paid? and they still have to fiddle their expenses. Because the Labour government refused to put in place strong regulations to keep the top peoples snouts out of the trough, the board room pay for the top one hundred companies increased by 55% in 2010, by 49% in 2011 but under Labour it increased by 69%. Labour have said they will not reverse the cuts in living standards made by the coalition government. Rotherham council have increased council rents by the biggest margin of any council in the country, the councillors pay themselves more than the councillors in Sheffield whilst cutting services to the old, the disabled and the young. The Labour party was founded by the working class to fight for their rights in Parliament, this no longer happens, in fact they are more likely to attack the rights of the working class. The majority of the working class feel that they have no political party to turn to for support, hence the very low turn outs experienced at elections. In order to convince us that they are the party of the working class Labour will have to go back to its socialists roots, but I don’t believe the Labour party nationally can do this nor do I believe it can in Rotherham. For the benefit of anonymous labour supporter, I would not want to test his brain too much, my name is David Smith I live in Dinnington the local Labour party will be able to point you in the direction of my cave.


    • I read and aknowledge everything you say Mr Smith, And I don’t need the local Labour Party to find out you are. I know of you and have the utmost respect after your well fought campaign earlier this year.

      I agree with you Mr Smith, I myself have been made redundant this year and am only too aware of what troubles the working class are facing. And I will not defend Labour’s mistakes that you have pointed out. All i’m saying is that I want Labour to reconnect to it’s core roots, only the test of time will determine whether they manage to do this.

      I think though that voter apathy and low turnout doesn’t just lie with that of the Labour Party but is a national issue; springing from a lack of interest. Which is because politicians of all parties are becoming distant from Joe Bloggs.


      • Dear Anonymous, I’m in 100% agreement with your statement, and I also think, with your views as expressed here.

        My urgent sincere recommendation to Da Dodger and the higher-paid-than-SCC gang of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns is that should they choose to open their minds, eyes and ears they WILL learn more from US, their critics, than ever they can learn from their supposed friends.

        All they will ever get from their supposed friends is a long long queue of hungry junketeers ready to consume more of my tax bucks, and then a Rovrum version of Da Kingz Cloouz – “yes, Almighty Leedah, you are in touch with the public, Deeur Leedah, Oh Mighty One, oh thank you yet another Laybah preferrment, a Cabinet Post, and a junket to Bulgarmania, and a ticket for t’Mayaz Feeust”.


      • Dear Graldhunter, I think we agree here, I’m a Labour supporter but totally agree with you that the Labour in Rotherham need to change and adapt. Maybe they have got too comfortable and many have forgotten why they are elected. I just hope better candidates are put forward next time. And as a great admirer of your political activness and your Shakesperian English, I am probably right in saying keep up the good work as you and rothpol are the main opposition in this Town of our’s as I don’t think the Conservatives are.


    • Dave, I disagree with most of your politics, but I would vote for you notwithstanding, as I believe you are sincere and wish to help the people of Dinnington. It is rare to find someone who wll nail his colours to the mast around here.


  10. Since my original post on this topic, it’s most noteworthy to me that not a one of Da Laybah Supportaz has written one word of recommendation, endorsement, agreement, or support for Shaun Da Sheep 🙂

    N.B – Shaun, your friends have ditched you like something they pick up on the bottom of their shoe. The muck’s gone, but the stink always lingers on awhile to spoil the fresh air 🙂

    Just like Dodger’s and Da Ms Stasi Commissar’s silence on child grooming and exploitation – the silence of your supposed Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz speaks volumes indeed 🙂


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