Cabinet Member Paul Lakin – Answers

This is the text of Paul Lakin’s first, but not in fact his last, comment today:

Dear Rothpol

Calling people Clowns, Muppets, Grunters, Labour Scum and even worse, Low Life’s  when used in a way to goad, humiliate or spark some form of negative reaction is a perfect example of bullying and when used through this form of media cyber bullying.

Then you Wonder why councillors don’t respond!

Experience tells us that the best way to deal with the bullies is to ignore their jibes. It hurts them more than they hurt you.

The alternative approach- if you know who who these people are  -is to front them up face to face and let them explain why they are acting in the way they are.

So here we go.

Cerberus – You make many accusations about the silence on Child sexual exploitation and grooming, you appear to speak with some knowledge of children’s services although this is very selective, yet appear to have very little or no knowledge of what we are doing and propose to-do in Rotherham.
So I make the offer to you and any of your colleagues to meet with me and the service face to face so we can listen to your concerns and tell you what we are doing to help tackle what can only be described as evil criminals.

I know of no councillor in the country let alone RMBC who agrees with the exploitation or harming of children in any way and who would not support the need to rid our borough of such criminal activity and the criminals that commit such heinous and vile acts.

Be assured that there is no silence, no media blackout and nobody is ducking the problem, but there will be no posting on this site, no matter how much name calling there is or how vexatious the comments become.

The time When  people start attacking personalities rather than policies is the time their argument is lost.

Graldhunter – Although I have seen you several times in and around the council chamber, I cannot recall ever having met or spoken to you but I assure you that I do not quake or quiver and I do not back away from the bully – school for me was made a place of hell for me by the constant bullying the memories of which never leave you and I’m sure that as a qualified teacher this is something with which you can concur – but I respect your views (not your observations) as I do those of Cerberus and will refrain from making judgement about either of your characters. On a lighter note my bowels and bladder are in fine fettle and good working order, but if you have a cure for a 19 week persistent cough i’d love to hear it – other than suggesting I cut my throat.

There will be no further reply to this blog.
If you want to take me up on the offer to meet then just call or email but please do not use the issue of child abuse and exploitation as a means of dirty politics to attack me or other councillors in RMBC.

Paul Lakin

Paul Lakin raises some very thought provoking issues for Rotherham Politics, an appropriate and considered response will be made soonest, but suffice it to say, everyone is welcome to comment or to make a contribution on Rotherham Politics save for the far right that is! Rothpol.

19 thoughts on “Cabinet Member Paul Lakin – Answers

    • “Shaun”?

      I thought it was Lightweight who’d done the replying.

      Am I missing something here?

      Or is this yet another example of Rovrum Laybah double-speak?


      • Dear Graldhunter

        Please be assured that these comments are attributable to me and not Cllr Wright.
        There is no Rovrum Laybah double speak here.


  1. As regards child abuse and exploitation, ignoring the problem does not make it go away!!!!

    And what is even worse, is for despicable scum representatives to just gloss over specific and deeply tragic instances and say they will be ‘learning lessons’, they want to ‘protect the interests of family’ etc. etc. and then stick their heads back in the sand and hope it will all go away – now that is distinctly dirty scummy politics.

    As for a persistent cough, that is usually caused by the truth sticking in the craw.


    • I really wish you wouldn’t use that derogatory term ‘scum’ on here, I find it childish and demeaning to an awful lot of people.

      I think we can all have a different viewpoint without debasing ourselves by petulant name calling,It does not add anything meaningful to the debate at hand.

      So Trambuster if you’ve nothing useful to say I suggest you give your typing finger a rest.

      And Paul love, I suggest a dose of night nurse for your wee cough.


  2. Dear Cllr Paul Lakin,

    I trust that now you’ve made the brave monumental step on here towards trying to defend and justify the indefensible position and actions of Dodger’s Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns and their craven Officers that you will employ those same brave and honourable dispositions within Laybah Grooip, Cabinet and full Council meetings, and endeavour to recover the rock-bottom reputation that RMBC Elected Members and Officers have rightfully earned in the minds and opinions of many discerning, active and empowered Rotherham citizens.

    I look forward to further reports from you on your challenging and scrutinising the narrow Laybah political partisan interests which have dominated and sullied politics in our wonderful town for too many generations.

    Good Luck in your endeavours, Sir. My best thoughts and wishes are with you.

    P.S. Maybe a good start would be for you to personally and publically object to the reduction (not “change”) in the hours of my wonderful community library here in Wickersley?


    • Bullies appear in all walks of life it is sad that even when challenged with how they can destroy everything around them,even when they have some good comments and reasoning.
      Mr Lakin you gave out an opportunity for these bullies to come along for a meeting
      However in my expire emcee they usually stay under the rock they come from and throw dirt from the side lines
      Nothing changes then for the Roth pol site
      Shame it was a chance sincerely missed


      • Dear Anonymous,

        “No chance sincerely missed” occurred here IMHO 🙂

        I have had previous experiences of being invited to take tea and biscuits with Dodger and a previous Town Clerk at secret meetings, along with another very active and empowered community member, and then they realised that we couldn’t be hoodwinked, codded and silenced like they do with the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns 🙂

        We were warned by our previous Ward Councillor to count our fingers and check our wristwatches were still in place when we left the room after the glad-handing and mutual back-of-shirt-wetting was finished cos Dodger has a habit of bullying and shouting if he doesn’t get his corpulent way 🙂

        Dodger and the Town Clerk thought they could cod us into believing that they would listen, learn and change in response to our communities’ needs and aspirations. He even said: “I’d be daft not to listen to the community if they said No to the RMBC plan”.

        Then along came the Caution Cabinet Clown who pulled the tablecloth off the table, smashed the china, and on three occasions shamefully ignored and overruled our communities’ express wishes, and even overruled the advice of his Officers.

        Lightweight is now sadly carrying the legacy of that negative Rovrum Laybah Party baggage with him. As a Cabinet they express their loyalty to each other and their Party – and consequently they all carry the same public derision and contempt together 🙂

        How they solve that ain’t my problem at all.

        It’s theirs to think on and to contemplate and to come up with an Action Plan, with all the usual Milestones, KPIs, Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes, Stakeholders and Partners 🙂


  3. I believe the purpose of Rotherham Politics is to provoke action from these over paid buffoons and if Cllr Lakin wishes to call this bullying then it just shows what a pathetic individual he is. Obviously he believes that if he is made to do something he doesn’t wish to do, then it’s bullying and probably believes that imposed discipline is bullying. I always beleived that if you are being bullied, you fight back by doing something about it, not just sit there and whine about it. So Cllr Laking do something RMBC has not done before. Tell is what you are doing about the problems we highlight instead of sweeping them under the carpet and this goes for all labour group members of RMBC. Make consultation what it says on the tin. Consult and act on what you learn, not ignore what you hear and do your own thing, then perhaps you won’t be bullied!


    • Same old same old
      A losers soliloquy this blog is littered with them but alas we are to endure the narrow views of a small minority of non contributors
      I may go and read something more interesting , like the yellow pages.


      • So we still revert to a southern drawl or maybe the northern phonic to try to amuse away the the systemic bullying antics that occur on this blog
        At least we know what your game is and whatever you do or reply most readers will pick out and scrutinise your comments with the keen knowledge of it has all been seen before either in the school playground or the workplace
        Now let me get back to my read


        • “systemic bullying” – you crack me up, you really do, ROFPMSFL 🙂

          I just love your script writer 🙂

          Do they write some stuff for Lightweight, Dodger, the 1st Class Rail Travel Guru and rest of the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns too? 🙂


  4. Love it graldhunter. The anonymous mudslingers are at it again. There’s a certain air of deja-vu about some of it, like somebody can’t quite change their style of (weak) attempted witticism. I can’t see anybody emerging from that primeval swamp to be the next leader, unless it’s another dinosaur. This lot are so out of touch they are positively antediluvian.


    • You have missed the point
      Like all self obsessed serial bullies you chose to ignore the fact that my contributions are not politically lead I just ‘ out ‘bullies who ever they may be and you are one
      You like to bait so do I
      Those who can do
      Those who can’t bully


      • Wow, is it a bird – NO! 🙂

        Is it an aeroplane – NO! 🙂

        Is it a moonbat – NO! 🙂

        Is it a cloud formation – NO! 🙂

        Is it a Rovrum Laybah Partee kling-on – YEAH! 🙂

        Have they ever been challenged before – NO! 🙂 🙂

        Do they like it – NO! 🙂 😉 🙂

        Will they have to put up with being challenged in the future – ‘FRAID SO 🙂 tee hee

        Will they divert active and empowered citizens from scrutinising and challenging the higher-paid-than-SCC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns – I SHOULD COCOA 🙂


  5. Sorry Anonymous but your accusation of bullying loses credibility when you say such things as staying under the rock they come from, and a losers soliloquy. I also find it interesting that people such as Lakin, in order to attempt to give some credibility to this particular subject were always bullied at school. It would seem by your comments, and other labour supporters, that we who criticise labour in Rotherham must either live under rocks or in caves. To get back to councillor Lakin, instead of having a meeting with a small number of people who have already made their opinions clear; why doesn’t he call a public meeting on the subject of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. This would allow concerned parents to ask the questions directly to the people in charge, or as it would seem, are Lakin and the rest of them shying away from this subject. It would probably be better if people would refrain from using the word scum, but then neither you nor I know what experience this person has suffered at the hands of labour in Rotherham.

    Dave Smth


  6. I thought Lakins double posting of his comments were down to this famous quote:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Joseph Goebbels.

    Off to the Albion Road Club this evening for some more interesting tales from the Town Hall,


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