Guido Fawkes’ on MacShame!

Our Denis has featured many times on Guido Fawkes’ blog but recently has been savaged using mostly his own views!

Guido Fawkes’ on MacShame.

Why do Rotherham Labour tolerate this awfully arrogant and exceptionally greedy man to continue as their Parliamentary representative?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention goes to our observant reader who does not wish to be identified.

The MacShane Files are a mine of useful information on the subject.

7 thoughts on “Guido Fawkes’ on MacShame!

    • Where’s Mahroof Hussain with a minor gong, when you need him? He is pretender to this seat of Rotherham but lacks the courage to move against Denis. What is needed here is a good old fashioned palace coup! When will Labour members be spurred into action?


  1. I’ve ben laughing at the tweet about back to back meetings and talks, about what exactly, something else he can cream a few grand off? I don’t think MAhroof has the backing, and he is definitely not the sort the upper echelons of the party like.


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