Freedom of Information Request 247 Another Pantomime, Now Farce?

Dear “NigelHancock”

Further to my e-mail response to you on Tuesday, 21 August, 2012, 15:35 I have further information to report to you on the same matter which leads me to believe that the Manager of MySpace Rotherham has completely disregarded whatever communication you may have had with them.

Please see the attached picture taken on today’s date, 3 September 2012 at 15:03 hrs which clearly shows that there are four signs still in-situ on the MySpace building, and all clearly visible to the public from the footpath and also the busy road junction at St Ann’s Roundabout. I am of the opinion that such signage so near to a busy traffic roundabout may be likely to distract drivers and thus pose a risk to pedestrians crossing the road at that point.

I now wish you to clearly inform me what your next steps will be in this matter to ensure that absolute compliance with the law is observed by MySpace, or failing that what legal course of action you intend to pursue against the MySpace organisation and those tasked with the responsibility of running it.

Surely you must agree with me that for a society and a community to remain cohesive it is incumbent on everyone, i.e. citizens, statutory organisations and businesses, to comply with the exact letter of the law however much of a burden that may prove to be or however much ones own personal points of view are at variance with the law.

Perhaps you will pursue your actions against MySpace with the same relentless vigour and determination as that which RMBC chose to employ when they took enforceable action against veteran citizen, Arthur Newey Esq of Dalton, or Mr C.Hamby of Whiston, when RMBC eagerly took those individuals through the Courts to secure full compliance with the law.

Or failing any of the above, perhaps you can clarify just exactly which civil and criminal laws I am at liberty to ignore without incurring any legal penalties or enforcement action from RMBC.

I require you to provide me with a detailed response in relation to the above concerns which I have again raised with you.

Perhaps you would be so kind as to supply me with an electronic redacted copy, minus any personal details, of the communication you sent to the Manager at MySpace?

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton


Freedom of Information Request 247 Another Pantomime?

The final instalment in the saga that is FOI 247: Dear “Hancock, Nigel” Thank you for your courteous and informative response. I trust, and indeed hope, that the RMBC Planning Department will pursue an equally vigorous line with the … Continue reading →

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