Labour Loyalist lays down a challenge

I broke cover a little while ago now, when it became obvious to me that the Rotherham Politics blog often had valuable points and insights amongst the fanciful and the downright wrong!

This was largely going unchallenged and I also hoped that the odd fellow Labour member might join me in bringing some balance to the debate.

Unfortunately what we got was pretty abysmal, Jules and Anonymous, just carped and most comments were most embarrassing. If that’s the best they can do? Heaven help us!

As far as I can see there is actually nothing on here that could be regarded as bullying and to accuse them of it, is just a diversionary tactic employed by those uncomfortable with the issue at hand.

Rotherham Labour, I have recently discovered, is back in the ‘dark ages’ as far as internal decision making is concerned. Even the Mayoralty has become a political bauble in the gift of the Leader. As was, it turned out, the Labour candidacy for South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner.

I joined the Labour Party quite some time ago now, haven’t been to many meetings because they were so boring, meetings will have a much higher priority from now on. I hope to see some of you over the next few months.

My challenge to Labour members therefore, is to engage constructively with Rotherham Politics.

Clearly it has become a fixture in South Yorkshire political life and ignoring it is making Labour a laughing stock. Paul Lakin should be congratulated for his response, it serves as a template for the kind of constructive and more open style of Leadership expected in the 21st century!

Labour Loyalist

9 thoughts on “Labour Loyalist lays down a challenge

  1. Labour loyalist, I am a Labour member and can you please tell me what was embarrassing about my comments. Please enlighten me as it sounds like you know best. If you no justification then I would advice to come up with a more imaginative post.



  2. Labour Loyalist

    if you’re the best the Labour Party has got then I really do think they are up the creek with without the proverbial paddle.

    Allow me to correct you on your assumptions that I am a labour party memeber. I have never said that I belonged to any political party. Secondly you accuse me and anonymous of embarrassing comments!!!! pray tell us which particular comments you are referring to.

    Furthermore you write that in your opinion there is nothing on here that could be construed as bullying and to suggest it, is to divert attention from some uncomfortable issues at hand ( and if you bother to check my posts I have never made that accusation ) BUT here is the kicker you go on to congratulate Paul Lakin for his open style of leadership when in fact it WAS HIM WHO WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE BULLYING!!!!!! Bet you feel a bit of a plonker now don’t you matey ???

    You should check your facts before posting drivel like this in the future.


    • Embarrassing eh? … I say old chap, just check your flies, there’s a good chap … wouldn’t want you to alarm da Laydeez … Laybah, Tawree or otherwise … there’s a good chap 🙂


  3. Labour Loyalist – can I just point out that this blog is called ‘Rotherham Politics’ not Rotherham Labour Politics’ the forum is open to anyone of any political persuasion apart from the extreme right. I am not interested in the accusations of bullying, cyberbullying or anything else other than the discussion of – strangely – Rotherham Politics. If you can’t stand the heat is is a good idea to keep out of the kitchen Anonymong and Jules the Obscure. Meanwhile Labour Loyalist, consider what is is you are being loyal to in Rotherham, because whatever it is , it is not anything to do with Labour philosophy or socialism. It is something so dead, necrotic and stinking that only amputation will effect the cure, which, while its members snort up the gravy, is extremely unlikely to happen.


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