Another pretender?

Rotherham Politics understands that there is another that is a potential ‘pretender’ to the role of Rotherham Member of Parliament.

This brings the total to three local Labour members, who are understood to be very interested. Mahroof Hussain MBE and Emma Hoddinott are joined by the exceedingly ambitious local businessman, Darren Hughes!

Darren Hughes is reportedly, very keen on being the first openly gay something, in Rotherham.

33 thoughts on “Another pretender?

  1. WTF does it have to do with the electorate whether an MP or any other public official, or private individual is “gay” “lesbian” “transgender” “bi-curious” “bi-sexual” or “heterosexual” for that matter?

    That particular aspect of their lives is private and deeply personal – and they should keep it that way IMHO.

    All I’m interested in is how well they’ll represent me, how much their professional services will cost the public purse, are they honest, do have principles and scruples.

    How, when, and with who, they get their fun at sundown ain’t none of my nevermind.

    Oh darn it, I’m coming out too …

    I’m an openly middle-aged, still active-heterosexual, married, parent, Christian-baptised, grey-haired, semi-retired statutory authority employee, and active and empowered citizen with a deep interest in the costs and activities of Rovrum’s Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns and a local FOI expert and voluntary community empowerment trainer.

    There, I’ve said it. Wow. Vote for me … I’m openly out 🙂


    • Couldn’t agree more with you Graldhunter re sexuality etc. But on this occasion, it is Darren himself, that is trying to make this his unique selling point! That and the Champagne, of course!


      • Hiya RothPol,

        Well I guess any desperate Tawree spiv business city slicker and wheel-greaser with Elton John glasses and pink braces and a Porsche will first try champers as their USP, then move onto more “personal dimensions” …

        Now that we apparently “know a little more” about our new-found Bruvva convert to Socialism I simply cannot wait to find out who among the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns “backs him” …

        Hmmm, now that will be a savoury little story methinks … bring back the NoTW 🙂

        In lickle ole sleepy Rovrum you simply couldn’t make it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • I totally agree and advocate the same opinion. My sexuality is private and not something I ever make reference to on comment on publicly and extremely rarely privately. I am not aware of Denis retiring but either way I would not be applying for the role of MP for Rotherham.


  2. I think we should start a campaign to get graldhunter to be the next MP. Don’t always agree with everything he posts, but one can never question his committment to Rotherham and his fervent desire to make our town a better place for everyone.


    • Don Buxton for PM! He couldn’t do any worse than these rich out of touch, public schoolboy oiks running the show at the moment. Reshuffle takes the Tories sharply to the right and leaves the Liberals high and dry, except for that crook Laws who is back.


    • I can’t imagine that Cllr Jahangir Akhtar would be anyway interested in the slightest in being Dokta MacSh**e’s replacement 🙂

      He’ll not need to acquire numerous laptops and live/lwork from his garage and swan off on jollies to South Africa and anywhere else there is a free lunch going 🙂

      My money’s on Da 1st Class Rail Travel Guru-with-da-Gong for that job … now he would be the man for junkets, trips, grinning media pics, blogs, limos, conferences ad-nauseum 🙂


      • Good work like the idea of a good old boy being our mp
        Still like to see the leadership battle with mr Lakin and mr Hussein against the people’s favourite mr ahktar and his side kicks wyatt , Ahmed and curry


    • Rothpol

      You are very naughty but I will respond to the question you pose.

      I came in to politics purely by accident and never imagined that I would be given such an honour and the huge responsibity in not just serving the people in the area that I have lived in for over 42 years but also the rest of Rotherham’s citizens as formerly Scrutiny Chair, Cabinet member for Housing and now as the Deputy Leader.

      I will continue to serve my ward and Rotherham as long as people want me to and serve in any capacity my colleagues deem appropriate on the executive.

      And as Darren has stated I am also not aware that Denis is retiring but nevertheless I have no aspirations in becoming an MP.

      But thank you to some of the contributors for they’re kind words and to the others hey its Demoracy and if it ever gets too hot in the kitchen I can always leave.


      • I really must make public my total respect for a local politician like Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, who unlike Da Dodger, is prepared to manfully and very publically engage with Rovrum citizens on a forum like this, despite the snitching interventions of Da Stasi Commissaress.

        I’m sure that there will be areas of political policy and theory where I am in total disagreement with him but nonetheless it is most refreshing for me to observe that within Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip there are the rumblings of a new, more progressive and accountable future for local politics once Da Corpulent One takes the hint and hangs up his napkin and racing spoon then departs for those climes where he has to buy his own rations rather rely on me and the taxpayers to feed him and his team of junketing cuckoo kling-ons 🙂


    • Ahh, the words of the sage (ahem ahem) … another of which was: “Thorntons for chocklutt, Rovrum for roomuz” … ahem, I thank you 🙂


    • One of the funniest things about Layden related to the right to buy on council houses. It came out in the wash that the old git had bought his back in 1965 along with Fred Jerram, who some Maltbyites may remember. There is a council minute to that effect from the old Maltby UDC. Just one of the stunts the 2 faced old git pulled. And before somebody jumps in, there was always a right to buy, but it was only extended to the chosen few in this area, usually Labour councillors.


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