On Bullying

Must admit that accusations made by Cllr Paul Lakin and others of bullying, by Rotherham Politics and it’s commentators, did make Snowball chuckle more than a bit.

After stopping laughing, serious consideration was given to this topic as all of us have suffered at the hands of Labour’s bullies. They are the real bullies in Rotherham and they are very good at it!

All you have to do to irritate them is to repeatedly ask an awkward question, represent constituents, not vote the right way, or support the wrong person, or not support the right person, in an internal election. Any of these activities are quite enough to get you into serious difficulties!

Labour members attending meetings in the Town Hall, Labour Party Ward, Constituency, Local Government Committee and Labour Group meetings have witnessed this at first hand when someone steps out of line.

Labour reserves the best bullying for it’s own members and tries to do it always behind closed doors. The casualties are numerous but we are linking up and will not be silent any longer. We will speak out, public exposure of these bullies for all to see, is the only way forward, if improvement in conduct is to occur in Rotherham Labour.


Note: Snowball is the work of a number of individuals who have suffered at the hands of Labour’s very own bullies in the past, some members to this day. Officers too, are victims of Labour bullying. I have just been reminded, some members of the public have found themselves victims too. Snowball’s name comes from the character in Animal Farm, who was chased out, only to be blamed for everything that went wrong afterwards, sound familiar?

9 thoughts on “On Bullying

  1. Might I suggest annual awards, bully of the year, could then be a classification!
    The Rotherham Politics Annual Awards, sounds good to me?


    • Whooppeeeee, yet another junket for Dodger an da Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns to attend … they’ll have 5 tables for 6 junketeers each … plus “refreshments” an da two Ceeveec Beemers to tek all t’Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz an t’Offisuz ooum … it’s better than t’LGA Awards junket or a visit ta Bulgarmania 🙂


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