Gillian Radcliffe Challenges RMBC!

Gillian Radcliffe the Independent candidate in the election for PCC for South Yorkshire left these remarks as a comment, far too pertinent to risk missing:

“I am astonished that the council trivialises the issues by choosing to focus on its members supposed victimisation by people on this forum instead of putting every power and resource at its disposal into child protection.

I can’t believe that these hardened politicians are so thin skinned and so out of touch with the ethos of accountability that they cannot cope with some hard questions from people who, for whatever reason, feel unable to publicly identify themselves. That is a disgracefully self-centred approach when there is so much positive work you would be doing.

Please, ladies and gentlemen of Rotherham MBC, get over it and put your attention on the real victims. Give people a reason to praise you rather than lambast you.

These are not crimes that are unstoppable or unsolvable. Your vital role, and one that I see no evidence of you fultilling so far, is to draw the community together through information and action that will help to prevent any reoccurance. How many lives are being blighted by your lack of action? How much public money is having to be poured into the consequences of that inaction through criminal investigations and support services for children who need never have been victims in the first place.

Of course, it isn’t only your responsibility to deal with this matter. But you are in a unique position to make a positive change and set in motion a zero-tolerance culture for child abuse. It’s a win-win situation for you and even more so for the current and future victims and their families.

Perhaps you feel this is Rotherham’s shame and that any acknowledgement to deal with it will put the area under negative scrutiny. If so, you are wrong.

This kind of thing is happening in many areas of the UK and, as Cerberus said, some local authorities are tackling it head on. Be one of them. You are influential, you have excellent reach into local communities and you have expertise among your staff and your delivery partners.

Make it count for something and get out of defensive mode into action mode for the sake of Rotherham’s children.”

Gillian Radcliffe

13 thoughts on “Gillian Radcliffe Challenges RMBC!

  1. Well said Gillian.

    A recent Tweet from prospective PCC Cllr Shaun Wright.

    Looking forward to the official opening of the Lifewise Centre today.
    Helping to keep vulnerable residents, especially our children, SAFE!

    Just goes to show how hypocritical this man can be, he needs the votes to secure his £80,000 PCC job so he weaves a sentence about keeping children safe, a pity he wasn’t so keen when he was the Elected Member accountable for children services in Rotherham.

    Is this the very best he can do?

    It say`s so much about him.
    One for the annual Rothpol awards.



  2. A thoughtful and considered response to some of the RMBC Councillors’ comments I have read here.
    Gillian, you sound like a grown-up!


  3. Gillian
    I am sure you mean well but oh boy are you out of your depth!!!!!!!! The first word that comes to mind is ‘Carpet bagger’ You have no ties to our area apart from you used to work as a press officer for south yorkshire police!!!!!!! And you don’t have a clue about what would be needed for the role you are so anxious to secure.

    I have not seen a single thing on you’re resume that would indicate that you have the experience, knowledge or even semblance of what could be perceived as tangible policy direction.

    You have less experience of a representative nature than a member of a constituted toddlers group!!!!!! How can you go from that to aspiring to represent over 1.2m people ????? You don’t have experience of policing and no experience of managing at such a high strategic level.

    You remind me of a recent US presidential candidate Ross Perot who when asked about various policy issues if elected, he replied that he would get experienced people together to come up with the answers. A bit like you with your suggestions of workshops and breakout sessions.

    These things might work in your world of consultancy but they are useless for a position that requires leadership, vision and effective management of huge amounts of public funds.

    The old saying about what”s the definition of a consultant ? answer – “someone who borrows your watch to tell you what time it is” fits you beautifully.


    • Jules, you should have read you spiteful piece of invective before clicking post?
      It stands as testament to the crass stupidity and ignorance of Labour in Rotherham. They simply hate being challenged and react, as is demonstrable here, by playing the player not the ball!
      Gillian Radcliffe must be doing something right, if Shaun Wright’s supporters are tempted into such a shamefully intemperate tirade and personal attack upon Gillian. It does them no credit!
      Labour and Shaun Wright must engage in the battle of ideas, not simply to attack the person of an opponent!
      Rotherham Labour is exposed as morally bankrupt as is their candidate Shaun Wright, for stooping so low.
      Political cowardice never looked so unattractive, all in Ed Miliband’s Backyard!


      • Now Now calm down dear. I am sure you have written many times that if you stand for public office you should expect close scrutiny and thats exactly what I have done. so come on old chap you cant have it both ways.


    • OK then, if as you state it is
      ‘a position that requires leadership, vision and effective management of huge amounts of public funds’
      Why have Labour nominated Shaun Wright?


      • Casstrickland, to answer your question “Why have Laybah nominated Shaun Da Sheep?” just watch the rivetting film: “Goodfellas”.

        It sure ain’t about pizzas 🙂

        It’s about The Mob in the USA, but when the actors refer to someone becoming a Made Man, and a Goodfella, and being accepted into their dark little fraternity …

        I’m sure you can imagine that my mind quickly conjures up pics of Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip meeting in the Ferret Handlers’ and Fettlers’ Tap Room and Dodger gleefully telling the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns what’s going to happen to who, and when, and where, and how they’re all going to have to vote … and they’d better make sure they vote for Da Candeedate 🙂

        What could satisfy the controlling political ambitions of this lot of conniving junketing Rovrum control-freaks more than having a Bruvva on the inside?

        Shaun Da Sheep should be resisted at all costs in his less than cunning plan to become PCC and exert overt and covert moral, political, financial and ethical control over South Yorkshire Police.

        Thev’re done perfectly well in standing their posts in the past and keeping us all safe-a-bed without this juvenile failed public servant and architect of the A4 “Loser” THT incident getting in the way and furking things up.

        I think that about covers it for me.
        I-thang-yaw (as dear Arthur Askey used to say) 🙂


  4. I’m not going to debate my credentials with “Jules” because I know without a doubt that in terms of strategic management, criminal justice and policing experience I am fully qualified and well equipped to do the PCC role and very much more so than many candidates who are standing. It’s a shame that you don’t value the excellent experience I gained while helping the last Labour government to deliver some of its most successful national crime reduction strategies but so be it. I’m not likely to change such a parochial and insular view.
    I don’t care about points scoring on a website. This isn’t about blame: it’s for others to assess who could have done better in past instances of child abuse but it’s for all of us to do something that will safeguard young people in Rotherham for the future. I don’t care about who gets the credit for doing something positive. As I’ve said previously, I’d be happy to help – PCC election aside – and I would offer RMBC my hands-on support, and also my expertise free of charge, if they committed to some genuine awareness raising and support facilities for the “at risk” people. I care about doing something positive for these young people. It is very sad that you can’t raise your sights above the level of petty political squabbling to recognise that fact.


    • Deeur Gillian, as someone once said: “All politics are local”.

      So we’re not squabbling and we’re not petty!

      And if you think that, then maybe you aren’t as in touch with South Yorkshire folk as you may delude yourself to be.

      I would vote for anyone as PCC candidate if they had ever stood a post as a police officer of whatever rank (even a hobby-bobby), walked down a darkened street at night alone and continued on alone to investigate those sounds of glass and wood breaking, or challenged a hostile crowd who were intent on causing injury or mayhem.

      Have you ever once in your life done any of those things or are you an armchair warrior who writes protocols, plans, strategies, communiques, press briefings and who has never once confronted an angry man/woman or heard a shot fired in anger?

      If you are such a person who has done these things, then I may consider giving you my vote. If you ain’t then I’m sorry girl but join the queue of failed management consultants with George Raft suits who have infested our statutory agencies and dazzled the politicians who wouldn’t know oss muck from a ham sandwich.


  5. Morning graldhunter,
    Actually I wasn’t referring to you or the comments on the site in general. I was speaking to “Jules” in relation to trying to pick a squabble over my credentials rather than focusing on the issue of child safety. If I didn’t think that the debates you have on this site were valid and valuable, I wouldn’t be getting involved in them myself, so if I’ve left anyone with the impression I think there’s anything petty about local politics itself, that’s not my view and I’m happy to apologise.
    I should answer your fair questions about my policing experience though. As “Jules” said, it’s fair enough to scrutinise what equips all the candidates for put themselves forward as PCC and I hope that will apply to those who don’t bother to answer your questions and criticisms as well as those of us who do.
    I haven’t been a police officer but I’ve worked alongside police officers for 16 years of my working life and have the greatest respect for the very difficult job that they do for us all. My job wasn’t on the frontline, but it was about supporting those who were and not from a distant desk either. In my years with the police service I was actively involved in around 80 murder investigations, for example, being called out in the small hours to go and be part of the response team at the crime scene or the local station. Dealing with press interest and issue information to local people is a big part of the operation and I’m not making any apology for my role because it was an important way to take the pressure off my colleagues and get the public involved as witnesses. I’ve stood alongside operational police officers of all ranks at the scene of riots, prison breaks, major events and civil emergencies and that has given me insight and empathy and a genuine understanding of the range of pressures they work under and the lengths they go to for the rest of us. I think that would have a value in the PCC role.
    My career has moved on and, yes, I have also been involved in senior management, writing policing plans, and delivering strategies. I feel that would also have value in the PCC role, as would the partnership working I’ve undertaken with people in other sectors a PCC will need to move in, among magistrates and judges, prison officers, probation staff, drug workers, healthcare workers and GPs. I’ve done a lot of work too on community engagement and, as part of the PCC’s job is to communicate with local people and be their voice, I could hit the ground running on that too.
    What I do lack is hands-on experience of local politics and I appreciate that’s a disadvantage for me in the election. As an employee of public sector organisations for most of my adult life, I’ve been in politically-restricted posts and unable to play an active role in local politics. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had an active interest but it does deny me the sort of support network that other candidates will benefit from and an understanding of how things work in local branches of political parties. I can do the PCC job competently but running an election campaign is a whole other issue and I recognise I’m very much the underdog here.
    My South Yorkshire links have been questioned. I haven’t tried to hide the fact I come from up the road in West Yorkshire and have worked all over the country. That’s the way I’ve been able to develop my career and build up broader experience since working with SYP in the 1990s. And now, when I can choose to continue a nice life in London doing public sector contracts that can net me a lot more money than the PCC job here, I’ve chosen to move to Barnsley and put myself forward for the PCC role. It isn’t for the money and it’s not for an easy life, that’s for sure. I’ve done it because I want to be here and I’m interested in doing something useful in this area and using the things I’ve learned to try to do a bit of good for a place that gave me the happiest and more satisfying times of my adult life.


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