Does Jules speak for Shaun Wright?

Jules has written:

I am sure you mean well but oh boy are you out of your depth!!!!!!!! The first word that comes to mind is ‘Carpet bagger’ You have no ties to our area apart from you used to work as a press officer for south yorkshire police!!!!!!! And you don’t have a clue about what would be needed for the role you are so anxious to secure.

I have not seen a single thing on you’re resume that would indicate that you have the experience, knowledge or even semblance of what could be perceived as tangible policy direction.

You have less experience of a representative nature than a member of a constituted toddlers group!!!!!! How can you go from that to aspiring to represent over 1.2m people ????? You don’t have experience of policing and no experience of managing at such a high strategic level.

You remind me of a recent US presidential candidate Ross Perot who when asked about various policy issues if elected, he replied that he would get experienced people together to come up with the answers. A bit like you with your suggestions of workshops and breakout sessions.

These things might work in your world of consultancy but they are useless for a position that requires leadership, vision and effective management of huge amounts of public funds.

The old saying about what”s the definition of a consultant ? answer – “someone who borrows your watch to tell you what time it is” fits you beautifully.”

One has to wonder how many it took to create this infantile piece? The question, posed in the title, must be answered by Shaun Wright if his campaign is not simply to end up the subject of further ridicule!

18 thoughts on “Does Jules speak for Shaun Wright?

  1. Interesting tactics, I assume one has put this forward to try and provoke a reaction out of Shaun Wright, I am not sure whther he reads this blog or not but I do know that he has made a good reply today in the Advertiser to Kronosofroth


  2. Let me assure you sir, It took one person to write the piece in response to Gillian’s post namely moi.
    To call it infantile is really very silly just because you would support anybody but the Labour Candidate.

    I do not write on behalf of Shaun Wright nor have I unlike you decided who I will vote for in the PCC election.

    Please read my post again no where does it say that I will be supporting Shaun Wright however if after reading his manifesto and hearing him at any hustings and he seems to be the best candidate then I will of course vote for him. But until then like most sensble people me is keeping me powder dry.


    • Yup, that’s me, I’m decided now – it’s not 2nd rate Laybah Candeedate – Shaun Da Sheep.

      I would like someone to be PCC with character, principles, scruples, a junket-free past, and an honourable reputation for fighting entrenched interests stacked up against the little man or woman. Don’t see any of that in Da Sheep, in fact quite the opposite.

      So for Shaun Da Sheep it’s NYET NYET, NIEN NIEN, NO NO NO 🙂


  3. Jules says regarding Ms Gillian Radcliffe, that :
    “These things might work in your world of consultancy but they are useless for a position that requires leadership, vision and effective management of huge amounts of public funds.”
    My understanding is that she only entered consultancy recently- after a long and credible career in other areas mainly with policing authorities.

    Jules, just Google her name, – she’s credible and solid and her experience is relevant to the role.
    As Gradhunter says ” I would like someone to be PCC with character, principles, scruples, a junket-free past, …”
    She seems have all of that.


  4. Dear Jules, whyever would you think that a semi-lterate, amateur politician would make a better PCC than a lady who has extensive experience of the police service and how it is run. Shaun Wright may have been a member of the police authority for a number of years but he has never been involved in the actual process of policing, thank goodness!
    Both Labour and Conservatives have wanted political control of the police service of Britain for years which goes against the basic principals of policing in this country, a principal which is the envy of the world. Whether you like it or not the British police service is the best in the world and the introduction of the PCC’s will destroy the original principals of policing here. If we have to have these PCC’s then at least let it be someone with common sense and a grain of intelligence, both of which Shaun Wright lacks, At least Gillian has both of these attributes together with experience of working with the police on operational matters. It’s a one horse race for me!


    • Should a policeman in uniforn be photographed signing a petition on a Labourr PPC’s stall? Who mentioned a non-political police force?


  5. I have just made application for a ticket to the “QuestionTime” on the 8th November. I was asked to provide my ethnicity and what political party I vote for, amongst other things. So it is quite obvious that the SY Police Authority are controlling and censoring this event. Does this mean that its left wing membership will control the whole evening. A typical example of democracy in Souith Yorkshire by the Labour Dictatorship.


    • Darn it Jim, now you’ve left da cat-owt-da-bag!

      Dat’s gunna mek it arder fa Dodger ta gerriz muckers theer wi arrt me n thee askin sum kweschuns. Da Laybah Grooip wo gunna slip this unda t’wire an cod us all it’s a rayt gud Kweschun Tyme like Dimblebee duz on t’telly. Right, rayt, reight 🙂

      I think they shud televise it like they du wi’t Police Authority meetinz then all uz Laybah Sheeup on t’Forum can watch it live on telly in Ferret Handlers’ and Fettlers’ tap rooim plasma screeun.


    • Jim
      Bless you !!!!! You think there is a left wing conspiracy behind everything don’t you ? You remind of that chap on you tube warning us of the muslamic ray gun.

      The best answer to the reason why SYPA are asking so many questions is given here by Gillian. So please read it, It makes sense to me that there is a balance of political opinion in the audience.


  6. I understand from correspondence with the Police Authority organisers of the Question Time event that they are using the questions on the ticket application form to ensure a mixed and balanced audience. So, let’s hope so.
    As for televising the event, there will be a live podcast with the viewers able to make live comments and, I think, feed in questions. Arrangements will be finalised with the final line-up of candidates after the formal nomination period closes in October.


    • Hi Gillian, that’s exactly what I thought when I read the detailed and intrusive personal questions on the application form.

      That’s why I answered that I’m a 21-y-o LGBT Peruvian one-handed juggler wheelchair user who requires creche facilities for my newborn baby meerkat, special dietary requirements, and is undecided about my voting intentions, and who requires signing and literature in my special language to enable me to meaningfully participate in this awesome piece of audience participation.

      Heck, this should be better than Big Bruvva, waytogo 🙂


      • Glad humour is not dead.
        Understand that Labour have become more than a little interested in the real identity behind Jules.
        Fingers crossed, that their candidate is not somehow connected?


  7. Rothpol
    I am a little disappointed you get a little worked up when someone has a different opinion than yours. I thought as admin for the blog you would encourage a wide range of opinions.


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