More on Parliamentary Snouts in the trough?

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority  (IPSA) have an interesting website, its interactive and shows the expenses claimed by each of our local MPs.

I see in the period 2012/13 Healey is claiming for a Virgin media bundle TV, Broadband etc at £40.15 a month.

So pleased that my tax pounds are keeping this individual happy watching his favourite programmes, well at least he`s not spending our money on property development!

Our  man of the people and king of the trough MacShame even claimed £3.50 in travel costs for a journey in his constituency.

Take a look but not on a full stomach.

Aneurin Bevan

7 thoughts on “More on Parliamentary Snouts in the trough?

  1. WTF, my MP is claiming for a TV set?

    OK, as a Rovrum Laybah Bruvva wiv da interests of his constituents at heart, I’m sure he’ll soon be standing up in Da Houses-o-Pee and announcing that my elderly WWII vet Mom and her generation can all claim for a TV set for their modest pensioner accommodations … won’t he?


  2. Just for clarity : Dennis Sinner expenses 2010/11. £9,478.95
    2011/12. £10,838.21
    Not sure where the 35k comes in for the girlfriend

    John Healey. Expenses 2010/11. £47,403.74
    2011/12. £54,842.42

    Dennis Macshane. Expenses. 2010/11. £32,955.82
    2011/12 £37,919.03

    Kevin Barron. Expenses. 2010/11. £26,168.17
    2011/12. £32,955.21

    Would seem to me that Dennis Skinner is the better value for money.
    Info from IPO

    The trough feeders take more in expenses than most folk have to live on!
    We even pay for their telly licences!


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