Do SYP Support Da Sheep for PCC?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Just look at this pic which is worth a thousand words –

Bobby knows best!!!!
Click to enlarge.

A South Yorkshire Police officer in uniform possibly getting involved in Shaun Da Sheep’s blatant electioneering. I wonder whether Shaun Da Sheep has this officer’s written consent to publish his picture on a public forum like his very public blatant political electioneering platform where he campaigns for election as PCC?

If Da Sheep didn’t get the bobby’s written consent, well then that’s another goolie-drop that this Corn Fed Grunter, Muppet and Clown has made to add to his A4 “Loser” fiasco, along with his failure to act over the recent child exploitation case in Rovrum.

Of course, if Da Sheep did get the bobby’s written consent to publish the bobby’s pic then that potentially brings the police officer, along with South Yorkshire Police, into potential conflict for lacking impartiality and judgement while on duty in uniform and potentially bringing both the officer and SYP into disrepute.

Wonder what advice Chief Constable David Crompton would have to offer on this situation?

Over to you Shaun Da Sheep. Did you or did you not get the bobby’s written consent?

Kind Regards,

Note: the link provided above to Shaun Wright’s twitter feed stopped working earlier today Sunday 9th Sept. What took them so long?

37 thoughts on “Do SYP Support Da Sheep for PCC?

  1. Spotted this earlier. What was the petition? Either way a uniformed officer should not get involved. Complaint to Chief Constable in order I think.


    • Yup, Pc Plod may now be swimming in deep doo-doo ๐Ÿ™‚

      And of course neatly set-up by that chinless chump and Corn Fed Grunter, Muppet and Clown handing him the clipboard. This muppet must work hard to achieve the degree of ineptitude that he blantantly displays ๐Ÿ™‚


      I wouldn’t let him be a Milk Monitor cos he’d sour the kiddies’ milk ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I hope that Chief Constable David Crompton is made fully aware of this blatant piece of electioneering and that he takes the appropriate action against both the Police Officer and Shaun the Sheep. I had to wait 30 years to be allowed to speak out about such political criminality. Wright should be severly reprimanded for trapping the office in this manner and to see a serving officer make such a woeful error of judgement must bring his (the officers’) integrity into question and thus his capability of doing the job. I believe that in my day as a police officer, this would be a sackable offence.


  3. Has Shaun the Sheep not heard of photographic release forms? Try reading Labour’s own website, especially the ‘Keep it legal’ handbook. Or was this Dodgy Darren’s fault? Who was behind the camera? Rank amateurs the pair of them! The party want me to work for this idiot, not a chance! This time we have a genuine Donkey with the red rosette on!


  4. I have been a lifelong Labour voter but Shaun Wright? This is just taking advantage of the poor voter, how can they have picked such a dim wit as him? How do I know? Saw him at the show but questions were met with a gormless grin, followed by something prepared for him earlier, I dare say! The Chief Constable is going to have some fun with this character?


  5. Do you expect Shaun Wright to contribute to this blog if you can’t even call the man by his name; calling the man shaun da sheep is quite child like.


    • Very true bet most on here wouldn’t say it to the mans face its easy to hide behind a keyboard. Hope to see you all at the SYPC questions. Ill be the one swinging the axe.


      • Oh I’d deffo say it to his face just to let me have the pleasure of seeing this No 1 Prat and highly-paid Corn Fed Grunter, Muppet and Clown be in no doubt whatsoever what a low low opinion of him I have.

        And you may want to ask Shaun Da Sheep why he “sheepishly” hid away the A4 “Loser” piece of paper when he realised that his juvenile piece of public civic buffoonery in Town Hall Towers Council Chamber (paid for by local taxpayers ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) had dropped ihim neck deep n brown smelly doo-doo.

        He hadn’t got the plums to leave the piece of paper in public view and front the matter out and man up and admit what he’d done. What an absolute loser on every score ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. All rather shocking. This officer could face disciplinary action if the picture is really telling the story it appears to.
    I note too that Shaun Wright’s team are still using official South Yorkshire Police photographs on his publicity material. When I asked permission to use a couple of general policing images on my website several weeks ago, the response that I got – quite properly – was that I could not use them as this might put SYP in the position of appearing to favour a candidate’s campaign. I assume Mr Wright obtained the pictures some time ago in his capacity as Deputy Chair of the Police Authority, which is fair enough, but it would be interesting to know if renewed consent has been sought.


  7. yes but seriously it’s not the right approach is it, do you think you will get discusiion out of Shaun with this playground name calling


  8. This will be true test for the independence of the Police and the local politicos, won’t it? But expect full ‘cover up’ mode to spring into action, as the more likely outcome!


  9. 1. Well, did Shaun Da Sheep get da bobby’s written consent or not?

    2. Well, did Shaun Da Sheep get SYP’s written consent to use da bobby’s pic or not?

    3. Well, has Shaun Da Sheep, or any of his Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clown muckers stood up and justified this apparent blatant politicisation of our local police force?

    Answers = 1 – NO 2 – NO 3 – NO


  10. Many covert sources in the Lubyanka-THT have told me that Shaun Da Sheep doesn’t intend to resign his position as RMBC Councillor if/when he’s elected as PCC ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I think we need a little leedasheep from Da Dodger on this one, eh Dodger?

    Howz about that then guyz-n-galz for sheer Sheep greed?

    Howz about that then Laybah Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz for Da Sheep bringing your Partee into further disrepute?

    Howz about that then Rovrum citizens for a Sheep who can’t possibly be in the least impartial if/when elected?

    So if there’s three meetings on the same day/time, i.e. 1 – Rawmish Ward constituents meeting; 2 – RMBC Cabinet meeting; 3 – SY PCC meeting, just which two will Da Sheep choose not to attend and why, and yet draw top public purse dollar for anyway?

    Answers please on the back of a ticket to last night’s Karryoaky event at the Ferret Handlers’ & Fettlers’ tap room ๐Ÿ™‚

    It worra a rayt grayt night wi Dodger on t’fiddle, Lightweight on whining saw, Grald tub-thumping, 1st Class Rail Travel Guru-wi-da-Gong giving a splendid awesome rendition of Ghost Train, backed by t’Two Sistaz of No Hope – Ms Stasi Commissaress and Ms Aiming Rushfifth,

    Give order nah, give order, Eye-thang-yaw ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Offending Tweet seems to have gone off his Twitter account.
    By the way, we appear to be hosting some kind of international shindig. Are the tax-payers of Rotheham paying for this? Mayor of somewhere in Poland and ex-prime minister of Romania who else.


      • Yeah, Shaun Da Sheep’s realised he’s furked-up and made a complete plick of hissen, so now the quote: “Bobby knows best” along with the added pic have disappeared from his Twitter-Twatter account.

        Just like the buffoon’s A4 “Loser” paper idiocy I observed in Town Hall Towers Council Chamber. He’d not got the plums to front it up and leave it on display when challenged, he hid it, looked embarrassed with that gormless grin, then denied it all.

        Thank Heavens for the virtues and benefits of Right-Click-n-Save-Pic technology which ensure that this particular public buffoonery can now go viral and provide comprehensive undisputable evidence of what a loser he really is – and how we’ll all be the losers if/when he gets to be PCC.


    • Hi Snowball, we’re deffo all in this together, and we’re all gonna be neck-deep in the John Innes doo-doo when this buffoon gets the job of PCC and can then exercise his comprehensive lack of judgement and maturity and his specialist Laybah political partisanship across the County.

      We’re doomed. We’re all doomed. Run for the hills and hide ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  12. I understand people’s concerns here but I’m sure it was just a genuine error and that people might be getting slightly hysterical about it.


    • Welcome dear Richard Price,

      This buffoon’s civic career is prolifically littered with more “genuine errors” than Dodger’s ever had junkets …

      He’s that inept that he ought to be kept in a locked and darkened room and only let out under supervision with kiddies’ reins and a nappy on …

      We’re not talking about something mundane here … this Corn Fed Grunter, Muppet and Clown wants to be the obscenely-paid finger that our Chief Constable has to grovel and report to FFS …

      I simply can’t believe that any adult with full cognitive function would ever consider trusting their precious and hard-won vote to elect such a Mega Buffoon as Da Sheep to be our PCC and ensure the safety and welfare of their family.


    • Thanks for your comment Richard and welcome to our blog.
      Unfortunately you are wrong. The contents of the photo published by Shaun Wright remember, contains a lot more issues than the presence of a Bobby in the photo, who may well have been blissfully unaware that a picture was being taken for web publication in furtherance of Shaun’s campaign to become Labour PCC.
      When the campaign manager, happens to be the only Labour councillor to loose his seat in May’s local elections after the most spectacularly ill judged campaign, there was bound to be trouble?


  13. Newsflash …More Pravda news from Lubyanka-THT …

    Shaun Da Sheep has been doing the rounds among Da Partee Fayffull and trying to blag em into parting with shedloads of their hard-earned constituency ackers to support his second-rate PCC campaign … word is that on at least one occasion he left without a single penny-piece from Da Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz of one Laybah party cell (ะฟะฐั€ั‚ะธะนะฝะฐั ัั‡ะตะนะบะฐ) …

    Seems like some of Da Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz aren’t too impressed with the lacklustre performance they were compelled to observe and they decided that purse-n-wallet strings would remain firmly tied.

    So if a grinning buffoon with a semi-vacant look and vacuous expression approaches you shaking da can please feel free to advise him to: “Foxtrot Offskie, and go forth into the desert and procreate” ๐Ÿ™‚


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