Gillian Radcliffe Answers Critics

Left as a comment, too good to miss!

I’m not going to debate my credentials with “Jules” because I know without a doubt that in terms of strategic management, criminal justice and policing experience I am fully qualified and well equipped to do the PCC role and very much more so than many candidates who are standing.

It’s a shame that you don’t value the excellent experience I gained while helping the last Labour government to deliver some of its most successful national crime reduction strategies but so be it. I’m not likely to change such a parochial and insular view.

I don’t care about points scoring on a website. This isn’t about blame: it’s for others to assess who could have done better in past instances of child abuse but it’s for all of us to do something that will safeguard young people in Rotherham for the future.

I don’t care about who gets the credit for doing something positive. As I’ve said previously, I’d be happy to help – PCC election aside – and I would offer RMBC my hands-on support, and also my expertise free of charge, if they committed to some genuine awareness raising and support facilities for the “at risk” people.

I care about doing something positive for these young people. It is very sad that you can’t raise your sights above the level of petty political squabbling to recognise that fact.

Gillian Radcliffe

5 thoughts on “Gillian Radcliffe Answers Critics

  1. Gillian looks as though she might be half way competent? At least she understands what the job entails. Shaun Wright’s supporters evidently don’t! This post requires maturity, sadly lacking in Labour’s candidate. Pains me to say it as a Labour Party member!


  2. If that’s what a Labour Loyalist sounds like, I would like to meet the enemies of Labour !!!!! LL I am afraid youre not fooling anyone on here. If youre a Labour Loyalist then I am the king of Siam.


    • Hey Jules aka King-of-Siam, I’m here my friend.

      I’m a lifelong sworn enemy of Dodger’s Rovrum Laybah junketing, incestuous, nepotistic and political patronage machine, but I’m also a Trade Union member of 40 year’s standing, and a lifelong Old Labour voter in the style of Dennis Skinner and Tony Benn.

      Now square that circle comrade.


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