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  1. Oh come on RothPol, you ain’t no fun anymore.

    We’ve got to have a Laybah Deputy PCC, then an Assistant Deputy PCC, then a Deputy Assistant PCC, then temporary Assistant Deputy PCC, cos iffen we don’t how in the world of all that’s Red can we perpetuate the Rovrum Laybah Dinasstee and make jobs for all da Bruvvaz-n-Siztaz n da muckers n kling-onz?

    FFS, this ain’t about being reasonable or appropriate or cost-effective, it’s all abart maintaining and extending Da Parteez Stalinist grip on ivveree thing in Da Reepublick of Rovrum n Sarf Yorkshyre 🙂


  2. With all those deputy and assistant posts to fill just think of the gravy train for the likes of Mahroof Hussain, Emma Hoddinott, Paul Lakin and Roger Stone.

    No doubt all the posts would attract a pension, first class rail travel and staying in four star hotels.


  3. You can bet your bottom dollar this is what will happen, and their semi-illiterate kids will get clerical jobs and the situation will be every bit as bad as it was in the old People’s Republic.


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