In Tory Boy’s Case – Apology? Came There None!

Yesterdays outrage of the Twitter exchange between Cllr Chris Read and Ex-Cllr Darren Hughes, but still Lubyanka Champagne monitor.

Much to Chris Read’s credit, he apologised as soon as his factual inaccuracies and extraordinary poor taste was pointed out to him.

Darren Hughes on the other hand has been silent and does not, it would appear, feel the need to apologise?

Darren Hughes the Tory Boy, who decided that Labour would provide many more opportunities for political advancement and who jumped ship, only to discover the bitter taste of defeat at May’s elections, when he was dumped by the good voters of Anston & Woodsetts ward!

This ‘Portillo’ moment, you would have thought might have engendered some humility in this rather arrogant young man. Not a bit of it!

Or was he still smarting from the news from last Friday, that Shaun Wright would not be standing down from his position on the Council as promised in favour of Darren?

Time Darren to stand up like a man, take some responsibility and apologise for your inaccurate and outrageous comments, but I won’t be holding my breath, leopards seldom change their spots!

If you want to know why Darren should apologise to Gillian Radcliffe for his outrageous behaviour on Twitter: Lower than a snakes belly!

4 thoughts on “In Tory Boy’s Case – Apology? Came There None!

    • Tawwee Boyee Del Boy, da Champayne Commissar 4da Rovrum Laybah Grooip won’t have time to give an apology cos he’ll be hard at it buying-n-selling, wheelin-n-deelin, doin a-bit-eer-n-thayre, n genwallyee advancing hissen wiv da junket-mad Rovrum Laybah Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz.

      Ow can he doo wong, when eez allus white, wight, reyt, right, rayt


  1. Darren Hughes was once the epitome of the New Tory Party! Young businessman, true blue Tory rather than, wishy-washy new Cameron Conservative.
    Not once did Darren dissent from Tory Party policy whilst he was a member. Not once!
    Where did it all go wrong? You will be told!


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