I must thank Russell Webster for the application of the above headline to the PCC election, originally as a hashtag – but it is oh-so-true.

Another PCC wannabe has withdrawn from the race due to finding out they were disqualified by a previous conviction 40+ years ago.

This time it is Lincolnshire Labour candidate Phil Dilks, who joins Bob Ashford (Labour, Avon and Somerset), Mike Quigley (Conservative, Nottinghamshire) and  Simon Weston (South Wales, Independent) in having PCC ambitions upset by juvenile convictions, although at least 2 others have been disqualified by more recent convictions, and Labour’s Alan Charles in Derbyshire stood down because of his juvenile theft of a woman’s purse while shopping, but was reinstated when he was advised the conditional discharge he received meant that it did not technically qualify as a conviction.

So, it is evident that even as the election gets ever closer, somewhere lurking…

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  1. They may need to seek some advice from our own infamous Caution Cabinet Clown and his own buffoonery which brought him into public disrepute and how his behaviour didn’t hamper him or hold him back wiv Da Sewshalist Bruvvaz-n-Sistaz among Da Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns ….

    Dim Tim Da Bweef backed him all da wayee, then neatly weetyred on a full public salary pension, ho ho ho ho, he he he he.


    • Cos eez embawwassed, of course, innit?

      I know he’s been moaning to da Rovrum Sewshaleest Bruvvaz-n-Sisztaz about being outed wiv da pic gaffe on here and in t’Tiser … oh dear, how sad never mind 🙂

      And he’s not blagging many local Laybah ackers for his PCC-fund cos there’s some canny members in Rovrum who may say to his clock that they vote for him, but they won’t sling their dosh in his bucket 🙂

      Shaun Da Sheep 4-PCC … ROFLMFAOPMSL 🙂


      • Why waste money on this clown when, with Gillian Radcliffe’s withdrawal, the result is now a foregone conclusion!

        We hear fund raising just got a whole lot more difficult for Shaun now that he has told them that he will not now be standing down from his position as RMBC councillor!

        This was his USP and the sole reason for his considerable list of supporters who actually wanted to get rid of him from RMBC, more than they wanted Labour to have a credible candidate for PCC! Quite outrageous!

        This time they really have misjudged the situation and if Labour is not to become a laughing stock the candidate for S.Yorks must be replaced.


      • The man who brought shame and disrepute to the office of Deputy Mayor of Rotherham. By holding aloft, the now infamous piece of A4 paper, during official proceedings of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council bringing the Council into disrepute as well, with Loser writ large upon it, is Labour’s candidate! You must be having a larf!


  2. Fly-on-the-Wall … overheard in a recent OGPU wiretap conversation deep within the Lubyanka-THT when Da Dodger realised that Shaun Da Sheep had no intention of resigning as an Elected Member when he’s elected as PCC …

    Dodger: “Arm gunna av a word wee im, arll sooart it art, rayt, right, reight” …

    so Da Sheep has even incurred the displeasure of Da Corpulent One, ho ho ho, he he he 🙂



    • I see our Rainbow Warrior has declared for Shaun the Sheep via Twitter.

      ‘unless a strong independent stands will be voting for @ShaunforSYPCC however endorsement does not mean an end to asking awkward questions’


      • Ha ha ha, he he he, “awkward questions” my-Rs 🙂

        That multi-badged has-been moonbat dreamer is still deep in cahoots with Rovrum Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns. He’s peeing in ivvree one of em’s pockets ivvree chance he gets.

        Iffen tha doubts me, then just read his drivelling dribble on his Facebook page.


      • Think he’s fell out with us

        Putting your willy in a mousetrap is like caring what the nutters on @rothpolitics have to say you just don’t


      • Cass, his later tweets might go some way to explain his response. Some are so rude we won’t be able to show them here! Councillor Sylvester should be more careful about what he puts into the public domain, parish codes of conduct anyone?


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