Libraries Review Consultation – Results ASAP

Dear “Hill, Emma” <>

Thank you for your further courteous and highly professional e-mail.

The promptness, courteousness and professionalism of the way that you interact and respond to communications with Rotherham citizens is exemplary and should serve as a positive example to other RMBC colleagues who ought to aspire to reach your level of effective communication.

P.S. I am copying this to the Deputy Leader, Cllr Jahangir Akhtar and Chief Exec, Martin Kimber, so that they are aware of the achievements of their staff. .

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

On Tue, 18/9/12, Hill, Emma <> wrote:
From: Hill, Emma <>
Subject: RE: Library Review
Date: Tuesday, 18 September, 2012, 8:30

Dear Mr Buxton

I will forward the relevant papers or link asap.


Emma Hill
Service Improvement Officer
Commissioning, Policy and Performance
Resources Directorate
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

5 thoughts on “Libraries Review Consultation – Results ASAP

  1. Mr Buxton

    Thank you for posting a copy of your letter highlighting your satisfaction with the officers timely and useful response to your enquiry.

    This particular officer’s actions should not be the exception but the rule when dealing with any enquiries for information or anything else relating to the Council’s services.


    • Dear Jahangir,

      Thank you for your kind and courteous response.

      I am in total agreement with your sentiment that this officer’s actions should be the way that all RMBC Elected Members and Officers respond at all times to members of the public.

      However, I’m sure you are aware that this is patently not the case in my own particular field of long experience of dealing with the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns and the craven brown-tongued Officer Corps who support them and lick up to them.

      And this is the only reason why I am such a dedicated “critical friend” of those who seek public office to govern me and my town with my informed consent.

      However, to part on a much more positive note, I have every confidence that soon with new Leadership at the RMBC helm, and a clean unsullied non-junketing broom to sweep away the lickspittles, jobsworths and kling-onz, that a more positive and happier future will emerge for the citizens of dear old Rovrum, and also for RMBC and those hardworking colleagues like this professional lady who has courteously responded to me.


    • Jahangir, hope your comment was cleared with ‘Little Miss Bossy’* before posting? Emma Hoddinott, the Editor of Pravda Rotherham, is irritating both officers and Council Members, I hear. Have you any thoughts on that you could share with readers?

      * Apologies to Roger Hargreaves.


  2. “Service Improvement Officers” – such as Ms Hill above – who rightly is being applauded for her response, are a welcome 2011 introduction at RMBC – the service really did need a lot of improvement!
    I don’t know how many were recruited , or which departments they have moved into to date (might be worth an FoI ?)
    But, there is something wrong if the members of this team are answering e-mails.
    As I understood it: their role was as “coaches” – going into departments to teach the department how it could engage with the community, not to be the one person who does engage with the community.

    ARR !


    • Dear Regular Reader,

      I know from my extensive personal experience of seeking publically held information by e-mail FoI from Da Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns of RMBC that when mine land a Tannoy sounds an alarm in Town Hall Towers thus: “Incoming, Incoming, take cover” 🙂

      They did try a trick or two in the past to deter me, particularly from Kan-Do-Karl, the inept brown-tongued lickspittle of Da Caution Cabinet Clown … but a gentle further e-mail letting them know that the Info Commissioner would be involved at my earliest opportunity and heyho they grudgingly sent me the statutory info that I demanded.

      Use your rights, don’t let the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns deter you from your civic right to hold them to account and obtain statutory information.


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