There's a little more to the story of the unions funding the selection campaigns of their preferred candidates. If a union (or any single donor) gives a candidate who is a party member over £1,500, in cash or in kind, toward their selection campaign, the candidate needs to tell the Electoral Commission about that, within 30 days of accepting the gift. Now whatever counts as accepting, it is something that is done within 30 days of receiving the gift so, depending on the specifics, candidates have between 30-60 days to tell the Commission.

Now, as the Labour selection process finished with announcements mid-June, those 60 days have long gone, and it looks awfully like only one candidate has made a declaration. I am focussing on Labour, partly because their 60 days is long gone, but also partly because of elements of their selection process that make this more likely…

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  1. Thanks Rothpol for the Top of the Cops blog,

    An interesting link from the said blog, donations to MPs

    Click to access Registers-page-reg-donee.pdf

    Looking at the entries for our local property developer John Healy MP I am pleased to see that B&Q are not listed, it must mean that he is not hard at work refurbishing a London property to be sold at an inflated price and then keep the profit.

    Nothing from Wimpey or John Laing plc etc for MacShame must mean he is not trying to upgrade a garage into a state of the ark office block.

    Goes to show politics in Rotherham is bucking the trend.

    Relief all round!


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