Don Buxton writes to Shaun Wright

Dear Cllr Wright,

I understand that you have sought, and have received, the nomination of The Labour Party as their candidate for election as the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

As an active and empowered citizen with a deep interest in the democratic process and those who aspire to public office I wish to gain a further understanding of how and who is funding your campaign for election as SY PCC.

Please will you inform me of the fundraising methods, amounts and origins of any monies you have received thus far, either from private donors or organisations such as Rotherham Labour Wards etc.

I appreciate that you may be under no legal obligation under the Freedom of Information Act to disclose such information, but I hope that you are able to respond to me in an open and transparent manner and provide me with the requested information so that I can gain an informed view of which organisations and individuals are financing you as a candidate for SY PCC.

As and when other individuals publically declare their candidacy for election as SY PCC I shall request the same information from them so that I can impartially decide which candidate has my interests at heart and who would be the best person to represent me as SY PCC.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

P.S. – I am also copying this e-mail onto your weblink – – to ensure safe receipt of my request.

3 thoughts on “Don Buxton writes to Shaun Wright

  1. “Oh it’s all gone quiet over there”,
    “Oh it’s all gone quiet over there”,
    “Nothing heard from Shaun”,
    “From either evening, dusk or dawn”,
    “Oh it’s all gone quiet over there”,

    Methinks I’ve asked him Da Diffikult Kweschun, and he’s hoping I’ll forget and go quietly away.

    Ho ho ho, he he he, not a chance my dear darling Laybah-PCC-Candidate. I’ll have an answer, and a story, either way my lickle Laybah Lovey.

    Night night, don’t let Da RothPol Bed Bugs bite (well not much anyway) 🙂


    • Still nothing received from Shaun Da Sheep in response to an open, transparent, democratic question about how he funds his PCC campaign … no change there then, typical leave-it-alone say-nowt response from you-know-who …

      Wake up and smell da cawfee, Shaun Baybee, cos the longer you delay in answering the bigger the story becomes … the world of Rovrum and Sarf Yawkshyre is all ears for a response from ya …

      This question, and me, ain’t going away, tee hee 🙂


      • OMG, still nothing received from the retiscent and reluctant Shaun Da Sheep, our prolific twitter-twatter-flutterer who’s hoping to cod us all into electing him as South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner …

        This muppet is more elusive and silent than Lord Lucan and Shergar put together …

        I bet he’s put my question in the “Too Difficult To Answer Box” …

        Still, if I get my ticket to the PCC Civic Bear Baiting Event I could always ask it to him publically so he can’t feign deafness or lack of language understanding … well I don’t think he could … but knowing him he’ll run away from any responsibility just like the current Times media feeding frenzy that’s descended from Heaven onto Town Hall Towers … no word from him on that wicked issue either 😦

        There is a God after all … and seems like he’s mighty peed with the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns … ho ho ho, he he he, ha ha ha 🙂


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