The story marches on!

From Today’s Yorkshire Post:

From ITV Calendar News:

From Glasgow wired:

The Times of 25th September 2012:

Amy’s parents thought she was safe. They were wrong

Andrew Norfolk

Published 1 minute ago

Amy comes from a stable, loving home, far removed from the background of family dysfunction or residential care often associated with victims of child sexual exploitation. Hers was a secure life built around the normal routines of schoolgirls up and down Britain. But it had one weakness for those intent on abuse — a daily window of opportunity between the end of the school day at 4.30pm and her parents’ return home from the family business four hours later. For three months, when they thought she was at home or playing with her friends, the 13-year-old was catching a bus into Rotherham, South Yorkshire, with a girl from her school who had introduced her to some exciting new friends. Throughout the abuse that followed, Amy was never home late, nor did she once go…

The BBC have now reported this rapidly evolving story and now put a link to it on News Homepage:

Police deny hiding teen sex abuse

From the Evening Standard:

From the Yorkshire Post:

Rotherham is named as centre of Asian teenage sex abuse

ROTHERHAM was identified today as a centre for the widespread abuse of teenage girls by some Asian men

From the Star:

Council chiefs vow to bring child grooming offenders to ‘justice’

From the Daily Mail:

Asian sex gangs operated for a decade in Rotherham as authorities refused to acknowledge the problem, chilling police files reveal

2 thoughts on “The story marches on!

  1. I nearly threw up at the sight of MCShame. Ho must have known what was going on. The government must ? What the bloody hell were the last lot doing for 13 years?


  2. This is misguided political correctness gone mad. The so-called “safeguarding” agencies must be relentless in stamping out the insidious abuse of children, regardless of race, by perverted monsters of any race. Where there are suggestions that the victims are selected BECAUSE of their race, it is a form of hate crime that none should tolerate. It should not matter which creed and colour the victim is and which the perpetrator.
    We will know we are getting it about right in terms of diverse, harmonious communities when the authorities meet incidents of hate crime by Pakistani men against white girls with the same determined zeal that they would deliver if Pakistani girls were being abused by gangs of white men.
    It is clear that the police did investigate and are still investigating. Good for them and I was appalled to see local MP Denis MacShane trying to deflect responsibility away from local politicians and onto the police and the Government (though let’s not forget much of this happened before the current Government took office anyway). Yes, of course, the guilty are the men who commit these crimes and not those who have to deal with the fall-out, but issues like this are about prevention as much as detection. Rotherham Council, and particularly those in charge of children’s services, should be proactive in making sure that not one more child suffers in this way and STILL there are no indications that they are doing so. Use publicity, set up helplines, work with multi-faith leaders, get the message out to girls in school: do whatever you need to so that the community is warned, educated and vigilant against this appalling evil. That’s the way to bring diverse communities together behind a common cause.
    That some of the agencies have instead appeared to soft-pedal on these issues because of their racial overtones is an absolute insult to the moral, decent, law-abiding majority of Pakistani families in South Yorkshire and an absolute slap in the face of the victims.
    I don’t know any more about these incidents than I’m able to read in the press. I accept that might not be the whole picture and that it skims over the dedication and action of many staff working in children’s services, who indeed seem to have worked hard in the past year or two to restore higher standards in child protection. The cloak of secrecy around some of these issues inevitably means that all those involved (and some NOT even involved) will, often unfairly, be tarred with the same brush. Apportioning blame is never a particularly constructive process and I can only hope there will now be some honest review by the agencies of what they COULD have done better and some action on those things that might stop another child falling prey to such abominable wickedness.


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