The Times – In full – heads must surely roll!

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24 thoughts on “The Times – In full – heads must surely roll!

  1. I was mortified to read the Times today!
    Shaun Wright was the political lead during most of the darkest days.
    Outrageously he is the Labour Party candidate for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner!
    Credibility completely shot, he should do the only honourable thing in the circumstances, resign his candidacy as PCC and stand down from the Council forthwith!
    Pains me greatly to say this, but I feel so ashamed that this mess occurred in a Labour run Council and under the leadership of Roger Stone, who should also consider his own position, very carefully!


  2. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, how the pigeons come home to roost and how gratifying it is to see that a national newspaper has spotted such an important story from so far away – that of course is the self same story that has been festering right beneath Rotherham Laybah’s grubby noses for so many years, but one that they’ve all preferred to ignore as if it was a fart from t’Leader.

    And even when so many other members of the community had been trying to expose it, it was swept under the carpet by these Laybah grunters and their sycophantic facilitators, the latter of course being those senior public officials who are so generously rewarded for their devious deceptive working methods.

    Thank God for Rothpol in the first place, I think it’s reasonable to say that you saw it here first.


    • Rothpol is merely the conduit, for readers to share important issues with other readers.

      Rothpol’s coverage of this story has indeed been extensive and detailed, in the past and is well worth reading.

      We knew that there was much more about this issue to come out, now some of it has reached public conciousness, there will undoubtedly more, over the coming days.


  3. Firstly I would like to record a sincere thank you to Andrew Norfolk of the Times for his article about the longstanding issue of child abuse and exploitation here in Rotherham; a great pity the Rotherham Advertiser hasn’t taken any interest in the matter.

    Without Andrews article RMBC would have been able to continue to draw a veil of secrecy over the scale of the criminality and the collusion of multiple agencies who even today continue to fail to address the root causes and deal with the perpetrators all because of their allegiance towards political correctness and community cohesion, they must be on the side of the perpetrators.

    The intelligence goes back over ten years, I have seen one feeble defence of Shaun Wright saying that it was before his time, well what would you expect from a Labour Councillor in Sheffield.

    Cllr Shaun Wright was portfolio lead while this abuse was being carried out.

    RMBC children services knew about the abuse and Shaun Wright must have been briefed, if he was kept in the dark officers should be dismissed, if he did know and did nothing he must stand down as PCC candidate.

    The press statements by Lakin and Thacker sums up what is fundamentally wrong with these two people, they believe their own PR, they believe what they are being told, they have no comprehension of what is happening in Eastwood and other parts of the town, and what’s more I think that both Lakin and Thacker do not care, an example of that lack of interest is that Thacker gave her apologies for the important March 2012 Rotherham Safeguarding Children’s Board meeting.

    We have a new Chief Constable in South Yorkshire, David Crompton, following the publication of the Independent Hillsborough Report he was all over the media like a rash making comment on the forces past performance, interestingly I have not seen one interview with him regarding the police handling of the abuse in Rotherham, probably because it’s happening on his watch and he will be accountable.

    Cllr Emma Hoddinott, she who has stopped any public dialogue on the issue found time to Tweet about the Hillsborough report, not a sign of anything about the abuse and exploitation of children in Rotherham, Unison must have a new policy on speaking up for the vulnerable.

    As for MacShane an opportunist of the worst kind, if he spent less time Tweeting about General Aladeen of Wadiya he would have known about the scale of the abuse, and what would he have done if he had been told?

    The Crown Prosecution Service must be held to account for their spineless attitude in failing to bring the perpetrators to justice, stop blaming the abused girls and take a stand for those who cannot defend themselves.

    Roger Stone and Martin Kimber nowhere to be seen today, I was told by journalists that both Stone and Kimber could not be contacted, how convenient.

    Just what will it take for the Labour Group to bring an end to the reign of Stone and clear out the useless officers with him?

    The Times has a keen interest in Rotherham, I am sure there will be more developments.


    • “a great pity the Rotherham Advertiser hasn’t taken any interest in the matter.”

      That’s the critical part imo. This could never have got so bad if the media hadn’t covered it up from the beginning. They’re responsible for the 1000s of extra victims.


      • This also worries me. Normally they are sniffing about. In Rotherham. Unfortunately there has been a tendency to airbrush out criticism of the Labour party, unless it appears in the letters part. However, you cannot blame the media for the lack of action by both RMBC and the police, and on the basis of what has been said on Radio Sheffield and elsewhere this week lack of evidence prevented prosecution, with the inference that it was withheld by RMBC So why would he press report it? Its politically and culturally sensitive, have they been told to leave it? WIll we ever know? I would lke to know how you worked it out that the media suppressed the story – I would have thought it would have been the sort of thing they’d glory in.


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  5. So Dennis MacShane, the ex-Trotskyist and fully committed member of the New Labour “Project”, is expressing concern about the results of the policies he and his “egalitarian” crew have been imposing on Britain for the past fifty years. I hope no-one is taken in. MacShane and the rest of the crew lie as naturally as they breathe.


  6. “However, you cannot blame the media for the lack of action by both RMBC and the police”

    The media – especially the BBC – have over the last 40+ years created the climate where the police turn a blind eye to things like this because they know if they do their job and there’s a riot or some other incident the media will crucify them.


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  8. But what do you expect from Labour when the party has, as it’s deputy leader, a woman who, when Legal Officer of the National Council for Civil Liberties, gave substantial support for two paedophile groups and who’s husband was an executive member of the NCCL when that organisation granted both groups associate membership?
    At the same time, the chair of the NCCL was a lady who also became a prominant Labout minister.
    A websearch on NCCL and Paedophile Information Exchange will bring up some interesting names.


  9. Behind all this are the ambitions of the EU and quislings in its propaganda arm Common Purpose. They have declared their intention to proscribe Ukip and other anti-Eu parties. Already they have made it illegal to criticise the EU (ECJ ruling 274/99). Sort out Rotherham by all means, but national politics cannot be cleansed while we remain in the sinister EU.


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