The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part One

The Times is still leading the charge on this story. Developing more legs than a millipede.


8 thoughts on “The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part One

  1. Numerous requests for the whereabouts of a print copy of today’s Times, suddenly got very popular in Rotherham, it would seem?
    If a reader should know of one, please let us know about it.


  2. I am pleased to see a much more balanced and thoughtful piece from Denis MacShane. Most of this I can certainly agree with, unlike his comments yesterday which sought to deflect blame from local politicians and on to the police and Government. If others in public office and public service will likewise take a less defensive position and start looking for greater focus on the real issues, we might have a chance of preventing further outrages against children and finding lasting solutions. I’m sure no-one is suggesting the apparent mishandling of these cases was intended to do harm but I feel the approach of keeping things quiet was misguided. There is an opportunity now to look at things with fresh eyes.


  3. Gillian
    You are too nice by half. The fact that this was going on in Rotherham was well known. It was still going on in 2009 It was known that ifyou said anything against a Pakistani you were branded racist. McShame is a bloody useless MP as far as Rotherham is concerned. Dennis is on a damage limitation exercise to protect Dennis I suspect. In response to comments left on other newspaper articles he brings in the BNP and EDL. They exist because of the Labour Party’s insistence that we all embrace multiculturalism, and the stupid cover-ups employed by various Labour controlled councils only strengthen their case. Without these two things they would have died some time ago. This is not the time for just looking at anything with fresh eyes, it’s too late for that. These people were not misguided, but deliberately ignoring a problem and wrecking children’s lives, even killing one. They should be subject to a criminal investigation. The silence from the Rotherham Labour group is deafening, and Shaun the Sheep is still swanning around on his silly campaign trail. The fact that various Labour groups have allowed the farce to continue says it all. The rot has gone too deep into RMBC and it officers for anything to work other than a wholesale clearout – a Herculean task which would make the cleaning of the Augean Stables look like a muddy triickle


  4. MacShame is on a Denis rehabilitation programme, not in any way connected to protecting vulnerable children but protecting his very vulnerable position as the Towns MP.

    I am fully expecting him to announce that he has booked himself into the Betty Ford Centre for shock treatment for addiction to media appearances.

    MacShame like RMBC have been in denial about the abuse of children in Rotherham, it’s time to put media grandstanding to one side, target the perpetrators and support the victims.
    Getting a new MP would be a good start!


  5. I bow to your greater knowledge of the issues and personalities. It’s not that I’m being “nice”. I feel it’s important to get a dialogue going and I am keen to encourage people to acknowledge the problems, whatever is motivating them to speak out finally after years of turning a blind eye.
    I expect there will be a reckoning and those who have failed these children should certainly have to account for their actions publicly. If Shaun Wright was one of those people, then of course he must also explain himself, specially as he currently seems to be on track to become South Yorkshire’s first Police & Crime Commissioner. The public should be able to judge his suitability with full knowledge of the facts.
    This site has played a very important part in things so far and will hopefully play a part too in finding a way forward that ensure these errors can not happen again.


  6. Peter that is appalling. they are a dreadful bunch

    LAtest from te Rainbow Warrior and friend

    Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar
    I will be live on Radio Sheffield in the morning just after 7am talking about the Times article on child sexual exploitation.

    Michael Sylvester
    ‏@Kronos_of_Roth 1h @Jahangirakhtar will be listening time for cool heads, leadership and considered action

    Tweet text Reply to @Kronos_of_Roth @Jahangirakhtar Reply to @Kronos_of_Roth @Jahangirakhtar
    @Kronos_of_Roth agree on all 3 counts

    Excuse me while I have an outburst of hysterical laughter


  7. Jahangir Akhtar should not have been on BBC Radio Sheffield this morning it should have been Stone, he is the Leader, and if he cannot lead then the Rotherham Labour Group should get rid of him along with Kimber, Lakin, Thacker and Hoddinott.

    The RMBC press statement, no contrition, lessons learned mentality, protecting their own skins instead of vulnerable children.

    As for Hoddinott, beneath contempt!

    The only Tweet on her account regarding child abuse is to tell the world about the RMBC press statement, while previously she has stopped anyone speaking out about the problem, given the size and depth of the issue I can see why she would want to gag everyone!

    Hoddinott is part of the cover up.

    The Labour Party select Wright for PCC, he was in charge when much of this was going on, and it’s not too late to dump him.

    This story is not going to go away, I will not let it.


  8. Well said Cerberus, and neither will I. The whole lot of them have to take responsibility. he parachuting in of Hodinott and the Asian woman from Sheffield in the last elections proves to me that they knew this was coming. Cover up and protect their own skins that’s all they do. How can Jahangir say he knew nothing? Where’s the rest of the skulking crew?


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