The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part Two – Amy’s Story

From The Times of 25th September 2012, Amy’s Story:

This dreadful tale, should be read by all parents, teachers and students, everywhere!


12 thoughts on “The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part Two – Amy’s Story

  1. McShame should curl up and die. There needs to be an enquiry all right, as to why RMBC failed to protect these children,and why council officers and police failed to protect them. The arrogant secret bureaucracy you refer to is none other than RMBC and their spineless officers. You must have known about this Dennis, everybody else in Rotheham did, although I am aware that you avoid it as much as possible.


  2. And by the way cultural sensitivities my backside. the law in this country is quite clear about sex with minors, and the trafficking of girls for sex. End of.


  3. RMBC received a series of questions from the Times over two weeks ago, senior Labour Councillors should have been on standby to field any media questions, deal with requests for live interviews etc.
    What do we get, Roger Stone goes missing, Martin Kimber cannot be reached and today a great big how badly we have been treated by the media meeting.
    All sat round the table tub thumping in total denial of what they have presided over, no idea the pain they have allowed to be inflicted on families, and remember this, many of the children were in the care of the Council, RMBC had loco parentis status for the abused children and still they are in denial over their culpability.


    • Political cowardice is never attractive.

      Time for Denis MacShane, Martin Kimber, Roger Stone, Shaun Wright, Jahangir Akhtar, Mahroof Hussain MBE, Paul Lakin and others, to realise that they have presided over the most serious scandal ever to afflict our little Town!

      Come on boys, yes they are all male, step up to the plate!


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  5. Hello I am Cass’ sister. I don’t normally go on blogs much less comment but i am so infuriated by the scandal that has erupted in Rotherham I want to murder somebody. I have spent most of this evening reading he comments on this blog, and my sister’s twitter page and can’t believe what I read.. Rotherham Council should be ashamed. There should be resignations, if they can find anybody clean enough to take over.

    Peter I am appalled at what you are saying. There is a total lack of common decency among Rotherham Councillors, or they could not support the people who are embroiled in this. And all the time concern only for themselves and not caring for the children whose lives they have wrecked or for a bereaved family. And Denis McShane is beneath contempt.


  6. Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

    On the twitter-twatter-flutter of Ms Stasi Commissaress, there is this Lubyanka-esqe chatter in response to the most serious situation to afflict our Borough’s children in many many generations:

    Twitter: Emma Hoddinott
    ■In response to recent articles in The Times newspaper, Rotherham MBC has issued the following statements –… 10 hours ago

    And this is the appalling, vomit-inducing, handwringing, pink-n-fluffy, head-tilted-to-one-side piece of RMBC-speak that is full of: inputs, outputs, outcomes, partners, stakeholders, action plans, strategies, KPIs, BVIs, you-go-first-no-you-go-no-you-go, league tables, promises, promises, promises John Innes that infests and infects those toxic-salaried RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns in whom we put our trust to keep our children safe from harm and sexual exploitation –

    Why not read it before eating and drinking anything and then you can chunder to your heart’s content on an empty stomach?

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh 😦


  7. In today’s Times Shaun Wright accuses the newspaper of picking on Rotherham, as I said yesterday they spent their time on Tuesday saying how nasty the media were being to RMBC!
    Total denial while children are abused.


    • OMG, what a weak and vacuous response from Shaun Da Sheep.

      His feeble “please-teacher” shreak is so so reminiscent of that of Lightweight Laykin who screamed: “bullying, bullying, bullying” when he found the quicksands of truth were rapidly engulfing him and he wanted to consign his questioning to the “Too Difficult To Answer” box.

      Picked on – my Rs – you’re darned right they were picked on, and quite rightly so. Don’t they remember the old adage “there’s no smoke without fire”?

      No they don’t cos they’ve dismantled any effective governance structure in RMBC, and stopped listening, learning and being used to being challenged and scrutinised and instead they’ve surrounded themselves with brown-tongued sycophantic ever-so-umbles who keep suckin-up to the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns and telling them their bum don’t look big in their corporate clown outfits.

      Oh ho ho, this ain’t the end, this ain’t even the beginning, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning … there’s loadz more to come out on this for sure … keep on RothPol cos you heard it here first 🙂


  8. Of course the scandal proves the leadership cover up and these people should resign immediately. How ever more than anything it proves the corruption of party politics, and the Stalinist type leadership of the Rotherham Labour Party. In all of the ten or so years that this disgusting scandal has been going on not one Labour Councillor has broken ranks, one can only presume they are cowards. In any other town or city there would have been at least one whistle blower, but not in Rotherham; they have all been kept well in hand. This whole sorry mess gives credence to power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There has never been any kind of credible opposition to labour in Rotherham, so they believe they can carry on doing what ever they want to with impunity. What we the people should do is attend next months local council meetings, parish and town, and make our feelings known. We should demand that our local councils write to RMBC condemning their cover up and calling on the leadership to resign. At the same time we should question the none actions of our local borough councillors. In Dinnington we have two female borough councillors and both of them are heavily involved in a charity called Safe at Last it helps children who have run away from home. The kind of vulnerable children that these despicable people have been praying on; we have not heard one word from them on this matter. I can assure you at the next Dinnington council meeting I will be questioning them closely on their lack of action. It is not just the leaders who are culpable but all of the councillors, they are all as guilty by their none action. They should all resign forth with.

    Dave Smith


  9. “There should be resignations”

    “Amy’s parents wrote letters to their MPs”

    Jesus christ. No wonder these monsters go on about doing what they are doing?

    Where are the men in this community? Where are the young white men? The fathers?

    Even in the comments section, you see the terrified, pussified attitude shining through. An inept people, so thoroughly brainwashed not to raise their voice unless everything is first cleared with the higher-up authorities.

    I don’t blame the girls, they are young and innocent. But if you think even for a MOMENT, that it is enough for you people to attack the police or the MP you are part of the problem.

    In fact; you *are* the problem.

    The state and the authorities(including the police) have become replacements for a genuine community. You people are responsible for these girls’ fates to a higher extent than the police. You’re part of the community and this was allowed to slip through for years and years.

    Don’t tell me nobody outside the police knew. What about the neighbours who phoned the police? They didn’t know? They never told anyone?

    Get real.
    I’m sickened by the disgusting display of weakness portrayed here. Even after everything is decided, the same attitude that led to this happening in the first place is rearing its ugly head yet again.

    Oh yeah, write a few angry letters asking for someone on the council to resign; I’m sure that will solve this problem!

    This will continue and until the entire community gets together and goes to the bottom of this, not just in Rotherdam, but increases cooperation across the nation with other communities, nothing will get done.

    But don’t worry, much easier to write a few angry letters and politely asking for a few token resignations and then forgetting about it all.

    You’re no different than the passive neighbours who knew what went on but chose to do little if anything to attack it, raise hell and destroy even the faintest possibility of it ever happening again.

    Because judging from the responses, nothing has changed. And this will continue.

    And you have yourselves to blame. You have blood on your hands.


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