Shaun Wright – Stop picking on me!

Rotherham Politics and it’s readers, are enormously grateful to Andrew Norfolk and the Times, for bringing this scandal to public attention in a way that hopefully, will put an end to brushing this outrage under the carpet.

Yet Shaun Wright bleats, “your picking on me!”

It is certainly true that there were multiple failures by all agencies, including South Yorkshire Police and RMBC, but the blame cannot be shrugged off so easily by Shaun Wright!

Yet Shaun Wright bleats, “your picking on me!”

Cllr Shaun Wright was responsible as political lead for ‘children & families’ during the worst of this scandal! He ran his department into the ground, and into the biggest scandal of modern times! This resulted in the potentially, preventable death, of a vulnerable Rotherham child under the care of the Council! As well as blighting the lives of an estimated 300 others!

Yet Shaun Wright bleats, “your picking on me!”

You couldn’t make it up, but this is real life and Shaun is Labour’s candidate for PCC. Shaun Wright should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for trying to deflect blame away from himself and should take the only honourable course of action and RESIGN!

Don’t forget! Shaun bleats, “your picking on me!”

This has been going on in Ed Miliband’s back yard. Time for him to act, before he ends up with major egg on his face any time soon!

Shaun Wright – the damning OFSTED report of 2009!

The Shaun Wright (Labour Candidate for SY PCC) Files

10 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – Stop picking on me!

  1. “Honourable” “Honourable” ??????????????????

    Expected of somebody from Rovrum Laybah ??????????????????

    HA HA HA, HO HO HO, HEE HEE HEE, – give up, I can’t breath – ho ho ho, ha ha ha,

    I need to just mop the tears off my keyboard

    Oh yes, ha ha ha!!!



  2. I believe the person to blame for the RMBC shame, is the ex Strategic Director of Children’s Service at the time, Sonia Sharp.

    What’s happened to her?
    She has flown the nest to a nice government posting in the antipodes!


  3. Repulsive individual, just like the MP. I think the worst part of this is that those in RMBC who knew about this can still carry on. I don’t know how the lowlife dare to show their faces, it just proves they’ve no conscience. I think the people of Rotherham need to petition them out and get as much media coverage as possible. Then we’ll see much of a fortress THT is and how long they’ll be able to hide. No religion advocates this kind of malevolent abuse and the perverted few who think they can get away with it should not be allowed to breathe the same air as the rest of us!


    • Thanks Omar for your views, which I am confident will be shared by all Rotherham’s citizens.

      Agree that Shaun Wright is a repulsive individual, also understand who should shoulder the blame, that’s right, Wright!

      Why has he not yet stood down as Labour’s candidate for PCC South Yorkshire?

      Someone from the Labour Party must, wake up and smell the coffee, on this one. Shaun Wright is badly damaged, taking on water and it is inevitable that he will sink but when?

      Does Labour want this story to impinge on their conference?

      Do all South Yorkshire citizens a favour and get rid of Shaun Wright!


  4. It is difficult to say how they can do it but they do. I know plenty of Moslems in Rotherham who are outraged by what has happened and feel they have been smeared by the accusations thrown at the Pakistani Community in particular I always take the view that there are always a few bad apples in the barrel and that they must be got rid of before they contaminate the others.

    Good for you Omar


  5. Photograph of Ed Miliband campaigning with Shaun Wright has been sent to multiple media outlets this afternoon along with supporting details.


    • Ed Miliband cannot turn his back on this issue.

      He is a local MP and this is happening in his back yard! Doesn’t Ed Miliband read the Times?

      If they can’t sort out a problem like Shaun Wright, then how can they be fit to run the country?


    • Oh dear, oh deary, deary me.

      This hole’s gettin deepa by da day … n da John Innes don’t arf stink orrfool.

      And the response from Dodger n Da Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets n Clowns is total and absolute media silence (bar one) as they sink deeper and deeper into the muck heap swallowing mouthfuls of rose-grower as they descend into the stinking morass of their own making. The race to the bottom of the muck heap is now well under way.

      It’s kinda poetic justice and somehow appropriate methinks.

      Don’t go near the hole please, the sides are slippy and it’s dangerous and it’s already full of dumb animals blaming each other for blindly blundering into it.


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