The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Three – Shaun Wright, Picking on Rotherham!

From The Times of 26th September 2012:

Shaun Wright – the damning OFSTED report of 2009!

7 thoughts on “The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Three – Shaun Wright, Picking on Rotherham!

  1. Victoria Derbyshire on Radio Five Live is interviewing a senior member of South Yorkshire Police. Looks like she is not letting this disappear off the radar


  2. Shaun Wright pledges to protect our children if he is elected PCC.

    Why didn’t he do it then, when he was in charge of looking after Rotherham’s vulnerable children?

    He betrayed them! He should go!


  3. It looks like the Chief Constable’s main duty these days, is to explain why it is they do such a lousy job.

    Shame both local and national politicians are incapable of providing such explanations!


  4. Noticed Rotherham Advertiser must be in a parallel universe?

    One, where the biggest and most significant sex scandal of modern times does not seem to feature on it’s radar?

    This also is, yet another example of a conspiracy of silence, affecting South Yorkshire Police.

    The final insult? The man responsible, Shaun Wright, is still Labour’s candidate for PCC!!!!


  5. Rotherham Advertiser in hock to Labour in Rotherham which is why Michael Sylvester gets his letters printed.

    Shaun Wright should drop out of the PCC and resign from the council and take as many with him as he likes,

    INtersting quote from Irene Furnell on Facebook

    Irene Furnell i am sure you will be secure in knowing that our future police commissioner will handle the above in the same way he did whe he was cabinet member for childrens services

    Is she serious (referring to PCC)


  6. I think you will find the current Chief Constable has only been in post a few weeks, All this happened on the little Welsh wizards (Hughes) watch who thought it was OK for your neighbours to throw stones at your window and smash your car up, particularly if you lived in Doncaster and who was another Labour candidate for PCC. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t condone what David Crompton said about Hillsborough, he wasn’t there but he certainly wasn’t in command during any of this debacle.


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