BBC Radio Sheffield, Andrew Norfolk demolishes Labour’s less than honest defence!

BBC Radio Sheffield, Andrew Norfolk demolishes Labour’s less than honest defence!

Starts at 8 Minutes in!

What was said Tuesday 25th September, 7 minutes in and 1hr 8mins Joyce Thacker in denial, shooting the messenger rather than addressing the real problem:

What was said Wednesday 26th September, featuring Jahangir Akhtar, 7 minutes in, not one of of his best performances, perhaps he doesn’t believe what he is saying? Not one of his best performances? It’s terrible! Dutifully sticking to the Party line and attacking the Times for publishing, incredible?:

9 thoughts on “BBC Radio Sheffield, Andrew Norfolk demolishes Labour’s less than honest defence!

  1. It took 24 hours for Cllr Ahktar`s BBC Radio Sheffield interview to come back to haunt him.

    Andrew Norfolk’s interview made ribbons of the arguments put forward by RMBC

    Who do you believe, RMBC or Andrew Norfolk?

    For me its Andrew Norfolk.


  2. I think the same. Left my last comment in the wrong place.

    Did you mean this comment to go here?

    I can’t think of anything to describe the sense of disgust I feel after listening to those radio programmes. \the smarmy lying conniving set of b*****ds should get out now. Criminal; charges are definitely needed.,


  3. As a veteran FOI campaigner I freely and willingly describe myself as “No Cosy Friend of RMBC”, but I’ve become used to their lying, deviousness, ignorance, bad manners, lack of professionalism, obfuscation, reluctance to tell the truth, failure to properly communicate and consult with me and my community ad-infinitum…

    But nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared or conditioned me for the disturbing revelations from Andrew Norfolk of the Times which I’ve just listened to on i-Player courtesy of this wonderful website.

    To say I am utterly revolted at the depth and scale of the strategic civic inertia to this wicked, criminal and totally immoral grooming situation and the downright deviousness of RMBC with their pink-n-fluffy head-tilted hand-clasping blame-Murdoch response would be a major understatement of the most grievous kind.

    But ultimately the blame rests with me and other members of the public who have desisted from even more robustly challenging those Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns who infest Town Hall Towers, and with shedloads of mine and yours money too! I’ve not bullied them enough, and it’s my fault entirely!!

    To effectively challenge an entrenched enemy position you need to have the bravest and most committed warriors who are willing to engage and destroy the enemy at close quarters, usually by the whites-of-their-eyes close.

    And what do we have in Rotherham?

    An Opposition who sit there week in, week out, draw their dosh, say nowt, do even less, and the terrifying result is that Dodger and his outdated out-of-touch elderly myopic grey-haired male crew get their own way time after time, supported by the brown-tongued Officers who cosy up to them licking their nether regions, and thus we have the equivalent of the King’s New Clothes in Rovrum.

    Well I think it’s time for a change. A radical change, and I would welcome that change in the form of any political challenger with the charm, wit, elegance and bravery of Winston Churchill and Maggie Thatcher rolled into a being like George Galloway.

    Frankly, IMHO, any administration, other than Dodger’s Laybah crew, will get my vote.

    Message to the world – please come and save me and my friends and family and dear old Rovrum, we’re sinking fast the the water’s up to our necks and getting deeper by the day 😦


  4. I agree completely Don. I will be honest, i have never voted Labour for years. Anybody else who was on the paper except the BNP and the like. I’ve voted Tory, Lib Dem, Liberal, Independent Monster Raving Looney you name it. I was well known at one time for witticisms on the ballot paper because there was no choice. I couldn’t stand myself because of my job, and working away. Candidates have been told in words of one syllable why I could not vote for them.

    What I saw and personally experienced 20 years ago in Rotherham put me off the Labour Party for life, It was one of the reasons I moved away in the first place. It’s even worse now the same seedy corrupt bunch of people and their card- carrying officers. I am sick of being called right wing because I disagree with the Labour party, I am not right wing but the lot round here are as far away from being true Labour as the BNP. This I know. nobody will come in and save any of us. Do you really want the likes of Galloway smarming about? I think I would have a problem not punching him in the nose. We have to do it ourselves. I have spoken to dozens of people who are asking the same questions we are. Where this goes I do not know, but what I do know is the fault is ours as you say they’ve had it cushy for far too long and all opposition has been effectively stifled.


    • Get ready we need to challenge at every meeting at THT
      Encourage the Cllrs we know that will ask the questions
      If we care for all our children then we owe it to them.


  5. In her radio interview Joyce Thacker repeatedly refers to protecting “young women”. I would certainly get funny looks if I referred to a 12 year-old as a young woman.


      • Absolutely! These are children. I am sick of people implying some kind of consent because the girls might have spent time with some gang members willingly, at least in the beginning. Children cannot consent to sex. They are VICTIMS and it is the responsibility of every one of us to protect them and to ensure those who have a legal safeguarding responsibility, such as Shaun Wright, carry it out properly to detect and prevent crimes.
        Someone on Twitter (a former police colleague who I respect but who is a declared devotee of SW) has just said I sound “bitter”. Presumably he’s suggesting sour grapes because I couldn’t continue in the PCC elections but that’s simply wrong as I’ve accepted that situation and was moving on. I didn’t much care who won either, since all the candidates are now party political. I expected Shaun Wright would. But since reading the Times reports and watching the pathetic tactics to avoid responsibility by local Labour politicians, I am absolutely sickened. So no, I’m not bitter: just very angry and very determined that these people – the perpetrators AND those who have covered things up to their benefit – must be called to account. I will support any and all efforts to do that with integrity.


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