Day Five Accountability? – Time for Action!

This was left as a comment but was too good to miss, thanks SJ, and welcome to Rotherham Politics:

How could anyone in the police, council or social services say they did not know. The Times quote horrific examples of child sexual exploitation in all of the following reports –

Home Office funded Rotherham research project dated 2002
Sexual Exploitation, Drug Use and Drug Dealing South Yorkshire Police 2003
Lessons Learned Review- Operation Central, Report to Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board 2010
South Yorkshire Police: Child Sexual Exploitation – A Strategic Problem Profile. Report by Force Intelligence Bureau 2010 (links would be useful, if any one has them? Rothpol.)

Shaun Wright, a member of the council and for several years its portfolio holder for children’s and young people’s services, criticised The Times for “picking on Rotherham”

I think the whole country should pick on Rotherham.

Denis MacShane said Asians and South Asians in his comments, he needs to call a spade a spade and say Pakistani and stop making excuses for these evil men. These men were nearly all Pakistani, their victims white girls, they even danced around this issue on Question Time last night.

Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin, Rotherham’s police commander, said yesterday that the actual number of victims was in the low double figures. The figures quoted by The Times were from an internal report in 2010 by South Yorkshire Police which estimated that 250-300 children were involved. It stated that these children were the victims of multiple offences over long periods so the number of offences could actually reach thousands each year.

Today in The Times newspaper, there is praise for Rochdale, with their self-critical review and state “It is a lesson,from evidence revealed by The Times this week of a decade of similar failings in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, that some authorities in England have yet to learn”

All praise and well done to whoever gave The Times the 200 confidential documents.


The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Three – Shaun Wright, Picking on Rotherham!

1 thought on “Day Five Accountability? – Time for Action!

  1. I think those who work on child sex abuse in South Yorkshire – in the police service, in local authorities and in other agencies – have been failed by the political INcorrectness of senior management. Their investigative work has gone down the drain in this cover-up of the facts. I imagine many are sick about it. Sadly, when more comes out, it will no doubt be portrayed as their fault through lack of training or not following the procedures laid down.
    If you are one of those workers, step forward and tell the world what you know. Go to Andrew Norfolk. The council are blustering about hunting down the leakers but the more there are, the weaker their position becomes.
    Please, do the right thing and do not turn a blind eye to these crimes and failures.


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