BBC – Lord Ahmed speaks out!

Lord Ahmed calls on mosques ‘to speak’ about sex abuse

Lord Ahmed
Lord Ahmed has said the issues of morality need to be discussed in mosques

Labour peer Lord Ahmed has called on mosque leaders in South Yorkshire to speak about the issues surrounding sex exploitation.

His comments follow a Times newspaper report of widespread abuse of girls by Asian men in the county.

It prompted MPs to order South Yorkshire Police’s chief constable to answer the claims in Parliament. Read on…….

18 thoughts on “BBC – Lord Ahmed speaks out!

  1. Isn’t this all a bit late? He was a councillor when the grooming was going on, and I do not believe he did not know. Yes he is right that mosques should speak out against it, but he is wrong- this is not a new phenomenon. It was identified as early as 1996, it had probably been going on for some time before that.It seems to me that he’s trying to put the fire out by xxxing on it.


  2. Rothpol, this is a bit off topic, but did we ever get to the bottom of the Shabana Ahmed saga of politically restricted posts. I know it was discussed on here but can’t find it


  3. Ah well, after a week of a sustained RMBC drubbing in The Times and acros the media, and quite rightly so, about their appalling failures to discharge their civic duties of care to those at-risk children who were the victims of systematic sexual grooming and exploitation from Rotherham men of Pakistani heritage at least we’ve had two leading members of the Rotherham Pakistani community step up to the plate to give their unequivocal condemnation of the wicked acts of those reprehensible men who abused the young children of this town.

    But where is our Great First Class Rail Travel Guru when we need him?

    Where is Cllr Mahroof Hussain MBE, our Cabinet Member for Cohesion?

    Is he in my newspaper? NO.
    Is he on my TV screen? NO.
    Is he on my radio station? NO.
    Has he written any item for RothPol? NO.
    Have we got his inane Steradent grin on any website? NO.
    Is he twitter-twatter-fluttering about this heinous Rovrum event? NO.
    His webpage is even down –

    So where the heck is this fair weather warrior who loves to get himself in the media whenever there’s some good news that he can feed off and promote himself with?

    I don’t know where he’s disappeared to, but he’s as well-hidden as Lord Lucan, and just as elusive as Shergar.

    He obviously passed out top of the RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns Camouflage Course.

    Come out Mahroof, wherever you are. We’re counting to 10 … then we’re coming to find you.

    Please let RothPol know if you’ve seen Da First Class Rail Travel Guru out and about around town. We need to hear from him ASAP on this issue methinks.


  4. I’m impressed Lord Ahmed, NOT! So religious leaders in Mosques should speak about these issues (His words, not mine) They should have been spoken about and condemned years ago but as far asi I know they may speak out and say “Well done lads. Carry on abusing these sinful girls.” This rediculous response has been the same from all RMBC councillors from ethnic backgrounds either this or total silence. No actual condemnation.


  5. Mr Fletcher

    You are a sick man if you think anyone elected or otherwise would condone the abusing of young vulnerable childeren by people who can only be described as a vile monsters. But I think we all know where you are coming from.


    • I see Mahroof Hussein MBE is tweeting about the Star article on his speech to CAB. Ostrichlike behaviour yet again.

      And Jules, to not condemn is to condone, and to refuse to act is to become an accessory after the fact. This lot should be brought to book.


    • I am not suggesting the elected members condone this abuse of children Jules and I never have. I am suggesting that, like Islamic Extremists who are promoted and encouraged in many Mosques in this Country, the mosques may well be encouring this abuse. You should read things more closely instead of jumping to the wrong conclusion as you aften do. You are infering that I am a racist but the only racist people in this debacle are the criminals who perpetrate these horrific crimes. These crimes ARE racially motivated!


      • Dear Jim,

        In the interests of public safety and complete transparency I would like you to name the mosques in this country who indulge in the illegal behaviour of which you comment.

        Please do it here publically, or you can contact me by e-mail via RothPol, and then I can let RothPol have the gen to post here for everyone’s education..

        I am not inferring you are a racist at all, but I am fluent in Urdu and have visited many many mosques across our region and I have never ever seen, heard or been told of the behaviour to which you refer.

        I no more think this country’s masjid’s provide the answer to this criminal wickedness than the German Lutheran Church could have provided a solution to the evil German Nazi tyranny from 1939-1945, or the Irish Roman Catholic Church and Northern Ireland Protestant Churches could have stopped the armed campaign of the IRA..


  6. Mahroof Hussein, you would expect nothing else from this spineless individual, culpable with his crime of silence!
    You would have thought for once Labour Cllrs and grass root members in Rotherham would have said lets use our Twitter; Facebook accounts etc to push those safety message out to the public.
    This scandal has to be the biggest civic scandal to hit our town and the silence is deafening from Kevin Barron and John Healey
    What is it with Labour Party members in Rotherham, is it they just don`t get it or do they think it’s the norm to abuse children?
    If the truth were known the don`t care.


  7. You are right about Healey and Barron I emailed Healey in whose constituency I currently live in and have not had the courtesy of a reply.


    • Hi casstrickland,

      Use my little trick. whenever you e-mail interract with those highly-paid public and civil servants whose job it is to serve us – copy-in as many friends, colleagues, neighbours, newspapers as you can and as I advised Mr Smith those public servants then feel just like the wood lice do when you turn over a large stone and expose em to bright blinding daylight. Just watch those little suckers scurry for cover 🙂

      Whatever response they give you will make a story, and whatever lack of response gives you an even better story. Cos they’re stuffed if they do and they’re double-stuffed if they don’t, tee hee 🙂


      • Dear Graldhunter (Don).
        In response to your question asking me to name mosques in this Country who indulge in illegal behaviour of which I speak, I think Finsbury Park Mosque where the 9/11 bombers were radicalised by Abu Hamza al Masdri would be a good place to start followed by some nearer to home where the London bombers were created.
        With regard to the rest of your comments, I believe it would be rather naive to think that anything illegal or untoward would be said in your presence whilst you were making a visit to any mosque. I don’t believe I am racist, I just believe in speaking the truth.
        However, I do believe and agree with you that many evil things have been carried out in the name of religion, all religions, many of which are based on Christian belief.


        • Hmm, is Finsbury Park, London anywhere near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, I ask myself?

          If not, then I think we can discount that location as a potential cause for problems in our lickle Burrow.


  8. Jim- If these dastardley Immams are not saying anything illegal in front of the likes of graldhunter, how do you know its happening ? Do you have a source or any credible evidence to support your scurrilous allegations ? Because if you do then it should be presented to the police and the Immams should be procsecuted for aiding abetting.


    • All I have to say to these comments is “Selective blindness is almost as bad as total denial.” So returning to Graldhunters theme, it was selective blindness and denial that allowed Hitlers Nazis to prevail throughout Europe prior to and during WW11.
      By the way, how man Immams were prosecuted for the radicalisation of the 9/11 and London bombers. None, when there must have been evidence there, and we all know why.


      • Dear Jim,

        I do not share your views and attitudes on this particular narrow subject. I know what I see and hear, I understand the knowledge that I have and I am content and at peace with that situation.

        You must find your own knowledge and peace of mind and contentment and I wish you well in that regard. I have no more dialogue to share with you on this issue.


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