Day Five – Labour LGC met last night

According to Labour Party Rules, the Local Government Committee, which meets tonight in the Town Hall, is responsible for Policy and is supposed to hold Rotherham Councillors to account.

In Rotherham, the Labour Group runs everything not the LGC! There are no policies to speak of and absolutely no accountability to any one.

Unfortunately this week has seen the exposure of this most harrowing story, told this week about the grooming and sexual exploitation, of under age vulnerable children here in Rotherham by Pakistani men. (Paedophilia, trafficking and rape, to tell it right!)

The main subject for discussion tonight, should be the woeful response from those who are supposed to lead. The ten year cover up, must stop and those responsible brought to account for their calumnies.

Rotherham LGC must hold them to account for once, if the local Labour Party is not to take a full share of the blame?

Who needs to answer to Rotherham Labour LGC?

Roger Stone, Jahangir Akhtar, Mahroof Hussain, Denis MacShane, Shaun Wright, Paul Lakin, Terry Sharman and Emma Hoddinott would be good to start with.

16 thoughts on “Day Five – Labour LGC met last night

  1. We learned that lesson a long time ago.

    The age of proper accountability has arrived in Rotherham!

    This attempt to pass it off as in the past is ridiculous, it is still happening tonight in Rotherham and weasel words simply won’t change that fact!

    Should Rotherham LGC do nothing it will be to their eternal shame!


  2. Our local ‘independent’ aka Rainbow Warrior aka Kronos of Rotherham aka Michael Sylvester appears to be learning the error of his ways. After refusing to comment on the sex scandal, and retweeting Denis MCShames diversionary tweets, he appears to be undergoing another change.
    He provides this link:

    Overview and Scrutiny Management Board
    Friday, 5th October, 2012 9.30 a.m.
    and suggests we all go and fill the gallery

    Interesting isn’t it


    • He”s now twittering on that he’s still voting for Shifty Shaun after eveerything that’s happened this week! He’s completely out of his tree


      • You all say we should as voters try to make a differance then slate someone off who enters details of a meeting that we can go to with all that’s going on
        I will be there
        Will you!


      • Maximus, if you were as well aquainted with this gentleman as some of the people on here you would also wonder why he had done it. Nothing is as it seems with Mr Sylvester, but there are others who post here can go back a lot further than I can. He is well known for being cosy-cosy with Labour, and one cannot but think there is an ulterior motive., I know RMBC are quite anxious to find out who some of us are who post on here, particularly those of us who don’t use our own names,


  3. Hope rest of the” facts” you present here are a bit more accurate than the date of the LGC meeting!!!! I am told the meeting took place last night.


    • A Labour Tweeter from Barnsley just told me the child sex scandal didn’t come up at all during the question session with Shaun Wright. He knows nothing at all about the story, so I’ve directed him to this website to read and learn. This is the problem: media coverage is very local or in the Times. Many decent Labour people probably don’t have a clue what is going on. Perhaps we should hold a public meeting and invite Andrew Norfolk to come and educate them.


  4. I bet there was a lengthy debate old son , along the lines of ‘how do we get out of this’
    I wondered where you’d been while all this was going on.

    I was thinking it was this (from Twitter)

    Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar
    RMBC Cabinet meeting the 3 MPs today to discuss a variety of local and national issues.

    That will be about where to find the ‘get out of jail free’ card


    • Cass
      Been a bit busy with work but I have been following the events during the last few days.

      Only thing I have to say on this is that anyone found to be involved in abusing our kids should be castrated ( no pun intended ) and then hung from a very tall tree.


  5. This is a gem of a comment from Stone

    “This authority has been committed to working on this problem for a long time and has had a dedicated team working with young girls for around 15 years.”

    Oh really


  6. It is absolutely clear from comments on Twitter that the discussion at CLG was fed the same rubbish that the RMBC ringleaders have been churning out all week: It’s not our fault; the police should have done more; this is all history now; lessons have been learned; the media have been picking on us; it’s a Murdoch plot; the parents should have done more to protect their children; it’s not a racial issue; we will find out who leaked to the Times (so other whistleblowersbe warned!),
    These is the same predictable twaddle churned out at Rochdale and elsewhere. It is totally disingenuous and tells us something VERY important: NO lessons have been learned except those that involve ducking responsibility and pushing blame on to others, which RMBC and local MPs have become very adept at.
    The really sad thing is that people are falling for it hook, line and sinker. People who should know better. I feel so frustrated and angry.
    One thing is certain. If they escape this for now and Shaun Wright is elected as PCC, this will never go away. One day, someone will be brave and come forward with further evidence that demonstrates these abuses are still happening right now, because they surely are. Then the whole issue will come back to haunt Wright and his supporters. What a tragedy that, in the meantime, more girls will suffer because of lies, cowardice and lack of accountability.
    As regulars know, I am not standing as PCC for financial reasons. If I had been, I would have withdrawn today and used the money I would have spent on a campaign to start a legal fund for the Rotherham victims to sue those who failed them so appallingly.


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