Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or Private Health Companies?

Dear RikiLeaks,

After his recent freebie holiday to Thailand paid for by SIGMA
PHARMACEUTICALS PLC who earn £14,848,948.97 from NHS contracts* I
wonder how Kevin Barron can justify taking handouts from private
companies with direct interests in NHS contracts? Similar legal,
but highly morally questionable activities were highlighted in the
Mail on 14th August this year:

* d+DH+spending+special+report+191011+edit.pdf?CMP=

Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or the Japanese?

Dear RikiLeaks,

Here is Mr Barron’s listed interests, listed on

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Fees for completing opinion surveys for ComRes, 4 Millbank, London,
£75 for survey, 5 December 2011. Hours: 25 mins. (Fee paid to
charity). (Registered 6 December 2011)
17 April 2012, received £75 for February/March 2012 survey. Hours:
30 mins. Fee paid to charity. (Registered 17 April 2012)
Parliamentary adviser to the Japanese Pharmaceutical Group, 4 Old
Bath Road, Sonning, RG4 6TA. (Up to £5,000) All remuneration is
donated to charity. The companies in the Japanese Pharmaceutical
Group are as follows:
Astellas Ltd
Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd
Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Europe Ltd
Eisai Ltd
Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Pharma Europe ltd
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd
Payment of £3,000 from Japanese Pharmaceutical Group, donated to
charity on 26 May 2011. Hours: approximately 20 hours over a year.
(Registered 7 June 2011)
Payment of £150 from Britain Thinks, Somerset House, Strand, London
WC2R 1LA, for interview. Hours: 45 mins. (Registered 6 December
I spoke, as Chair of the All Party Group on Pharmacy, at the
conference of Sigma Pharmaceuticals in Thailand on 11 February
2012. Address: Unit 1-7, Colonial Way, PO Box 233, Watford WD24
4YR. Hours: 1 hr plus travel. No fee was paid but the organisers
paid for travel and attendance at the conference from 11 to 18
February 2012 for myself and my partner, estimated value £4,000.
(Registered 20 February 2012

Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or himself?

Dear RikiLeaks,

In a week when our local (supposedly socialist) MPs are caught with
their snouts in the trough, yet again!I read with interest in the
Advertiser how Kevin Barron gave 3,000 pounds to charity.( He
earned this ‘as payment for his work with a Japanese Pharmaceutical
Group.’) Now, the donation was very welcome and went to a very
worthy cause. I am more interested in Mr Barron’s links with
Japanese Pharmaceutical companies. I read with interest this
article, Prix Galien 2012 Link now fixed!!!

In which it states, ‘The 2012 ceremony will take place on Wednesday
26 September at the House of Commons, London. The Rt. Hon. Kevin
Barron, MP, a former shadow health minister and chair of several
all-party parliamentary groups including those relating to the
pharmaceutical industry and health, takes over from Lord Walton of
Detchant as the Parliamentary Sponsor.

Now call me cynical but our local MP seems to making a bit on the
side from these companies as his recent ‘advisory payment’
suggests. Is this another example of Barron squeezing money out of
his privelaged position? How much is he actually making from
advising private health companies? Are these companies about to be
picking at the bones of the NHS and are any linked to NHS

In his attempts to send out a positive spin locally, after being
exposed in the recent Telegraph article on the espenses scandal
linked to ‘rent swapping,’ he may have opened another window into
the seedy world of how he earns a ‘bit on the side.’

More research into Mr Barron’s links with Japanese and other
pharmaceutical companies will be undertaken. Thankyou Mr Barron for
telling us about this aspect of your work representing the people
of Rother Valley.

Nice One Nigel!

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

My heart soared when I read this incisive statement on Nigel Bonson’s latest twitter-twatter-flutter –

Nigel Bonson ?@nigelbonson

And it is high time someone quizzed @ShaunforSYPCC about the issues he is avoiding.

Yeah, it is high time that Shaun Da Sheep left the safety of da Laybah bruvvaz-n-sistaz flock and answered those searching, relevant and highly important questions that he’s been bombarded with and completely avoided answering.

If he doesn’t it think it’s fair to ask –

1. Who is he protecting?

2. Why is he protecting them?

3. What is he hiding and why?

4. Why is he so kack-scared of fully and openly responding to citizens’ and voters’ legitimate questions?

Kind Regards,

Shaun Wright – Claim investigated?

Shaun Wright makes a number of claims in his election statement, a reader has investigated Wrights claim to be a:

“trustee on a number of charities including: the Coalfields Regeneration Trust”

A check with the Charities Commission has indicated that Shaun Wright is not, as he claimed, a Trustee of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust! (Email dated 23rd October 2012)

How many of his other claims about his relevant experience are as spurious as this one seems to be? We shall no doubt, see!

RMBC Interests Declaration pdf dated 24/8/12.

RMBC Interests Declaration pdf dated 22/03/12.

RMBC Interests Declaration pdf dated 05/03/11

Shaun Wright – Election Statement – Short on detail? Long on impossible promises!

Shaun Wright Photo

Shaun Wright

Election statement:

Aged forty four and married with two sons, Shaun has lived and worked in South Yorkshire his whole life.

He has experience across the public, private and voluntary sector; having served as a magistrate, Vice Chairman of South Yorkshire Police Authority, councillor, local Mayor, business owner and as a trustee on a number of charities including: the Coalfields Regeneration Trust & Groundwork Trust.

This unique blend of experience and dedicated service to local communities – together with his commitment to work in partnership with all agencies to cut crime – makes him well placed to serve us in the role of Police & Crime Commissioner.

He pledges to:

  • Always listen and be on your side; championing the decent, law abiding majority and providing a better deal for victims of crime.
  • Stand up for our communities against the Coalition Governments’ cuts to policing and the loss of over one thousand South Yorkshire Police jobs; as well as protect policing from privatisation.
  • Always protect the most vulnerable first; working to reduce the most serious offences and the despair which crime creates; especially for the elderly, women and children.
  • Protect front line neighbourhood policing teams; ensuring officers are visible and responsive to local needs.
  • Back a strong and swift response to antisocial behaviour; helping victims and dealing with issues quickly.
  • Work in partnership to tackle re-offending by supporting more prevention, rehabilitation and restorative programmes.
  • Deliver efficient and effective services and introduce a ‘Local Policing Pledge’ because South Yorkshire people have a right to know what policing services they can expect.
  • Protect the police from political interference by respecting the operational independence of the Chief Constable.

Prepared by Liz Donaghy Agent to Shaun Wright C/O Trades and Labour Club, Talbot St. Sheffield S2  2TG

Promises! Promises! Promises!

This statement from Nigel Bonson on the impossible to keep promises, being made by other candidates:

“I would urge voters to be cautious when considering the many promises being made by candidates who do not understand policing. Let me give you some examples:

Robert Teal now says he wants to increase ‘bobbies on the beat’ to 90% of the police staff rather than the current target of 70%. Putting to one side the fact that this may be crossing the boundary into the Chief Constable’s operational control; what he does NOT say is where he proposes to make cuts in order to achieve this. At a time when some forces are increasing resources to deal with child grooming, for instance, it would appear that Mr Teal intends to significantly reduce specialist departments.

Shaun Wright says he would ensure all complainants of anti-social behaviour get a response within twenty four hours. What’s the point of visiting someone at 4pm who has phoned to report an isolated incident of drunken behaviour outside their house at 2am? What a total waste of an officer’s valuable time. Likewise, it would be pointless people phoning the police about a burglary the day after bonfire night or Halloween – hard-pressed officers will all be spending the day meeting Mr Wright’s meaningless and rigid target!

Jonathan Arnott says he’ll have police stations open 24 hours a day. Well, as a resident I can assure voters that I would not wish to see valuable police or civilian staff sitting in an empty police station at four in the morning. If I need the police at that time I want them to come to me.

Another concern is this. Whose ideas are these? Have candidates already fully consulted or are they, even now, before having been elected, pursuing their own ill-thought-through whims? Of course it could just be shallow and meaningless rhetoric to win votes.

When you hear any of these promises, I would ask that you please just carefully think about them.

Policing is a serious and complex business. You are appointing someone who will affect lives.

I am standing as your PCC because I want to play my role in making South Yorkshire safer. I have an abundance of knowledge and experience of what works and can therefore, with credibility, pursue the type of policing the public wants. I will not be entering any competition of attractive (and potentially dangerous) ideas.”

Nigel Bonson

Nigel Bonson website

Rotherham Politics

In the first posting, using information brought to our attention by an anonymous RikiLeaks correspondent, to whom we are grateful, we bring you some interesting information on Shaun Wright’s uber-supporters:


What kind of idiot registers a campaign website with 47 characters in it? Darren Hughes, that’s who! Amazing? The work of an incompetent, or a fool! Little wonder then his campaign was so poor in May’s local election.

Those hailing from Rotherham in bold

John Healey MP – Wentworth & Dearne Constituency
Cllr Steve Houghton CBE – Leader Barnsley Council
Cllr Roger Stone OBE – Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jahangir Akhtar – Deputy Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jim Andrews – Barnsley East CLP Secretary & Chairman South Yorkshire Fire Authority
Cllr Ken Richardson – Barnsley Central CLP Secretary
Mr Alan Goy – Rother Valley CLP Secretary
Cllr Maggie Clark – Rotherham CLP Secretary
Cllr Neil Hamilton -Wentworth &…

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PCC Hustings- Questions being stage managed?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

I have just been given this outrageous, but hardly surprising, piece of news from “my inside correspondent” that South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner candidates have tried to introduce the following two questions into the debate to be held at New York Stadium on 8 November.

1. The Hillsborough Enquiry.

2. The Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation scandal.

And heyho, twang my bra-strap, guess what a surprise … they’ve been told “NO”. So we look like having another contrived and stage-managed event of a beauty contest.

This of course may not be in the least little bit disappointing to our Rovrum Laybah candidate, Shaun Da Sheep. Remember, he was RMBC Cabinet Member for Childrens’ & Young Peoples’ Services, and came in way over C&YPS budget during his stewardship by some millions of pounds.

All this begs the questions –

a – just what have they got to hide

b – just who are they intent on protecting

c – and more importantly and worryingly why?

This may yet develop into something at least as large as another high-profile sexual exploitation scandal that is growing just like Topsy.

Yours in abject disappointment,

Get your (free) ticket here.

PCC Question Time Rotherham 8th November – tickets still left

We gather that perhaps 50 seats are still available for the official PCC Question Time at the New York Stadium, Rotherham  on 8th November.

The police authority website will be streaming this live on the web. to get yours.

Yes the correct date is the 8th not the 5th as I mistakenly typed it, my apologies and thanks to @redpola for pointing it out.