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Police candidate’s sex abuse pledge

Shaun Wright

Published on Sunday 30 September 2012 02:15

A CANDIDATE in the running to become South Yorkshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner has pledged more resources to tackle the sexual exploitation of children if elected.

Coun Shaun Wright, Labour candidate spoke out in the wake of the publication of confidential reports about the issue in South Yorkshire.

The reports revealed that authorities, including South Yorkshire Police, have known about gangs grooming vulnerable young girls for sex for a decade but few prosecutions had resulted. Read on……

The Star article does not allow comments, why? You can comment on Rothpol, however.

6 thoughts on “Seen Elsewhere

  1. Those of you who are not Twitterers will have missed an unusual exchange tonight. Our own quasi independent Michael Sylvester, twittered that he had heard that the EDL were planning a march in Rotherham on the 13th October. Well so had a lot of other people it was all over Facebook He then twitters it to all his cronies, Healey, McShame, Akhtar, Wyatt,Currie, who will have twitted it in turn.He asks Do I oppose the EDL? Well of course I bloody do, but I am not going to indulge in a fight in Rotherham. As far as i can see this situation is brought about by the actions (or lack of then) of RMBC who cannot see that their policies have caused this situation and the sex scandal has given the EDL an excuse. Finally I asked him why he always supported Labour and I am still waiting for the wise reply.

    I cannot believe that a man with 2 daughters of his own can bring himself to say he supports the man above. We are not waiting for the proof we have been getting it, and RMBC’s actions have added fuel to the flames. Nobody who ever sat on that panel can be innocent and I don’t care who they are. No officer who dealt with it can hide behind a cloak of anonymity. If the EDL do come and there is trouble and people are hurt, it can be laid firmly at the door of RMBC and their policies of ‘community cohesion’ and similar tripe.

    Innocent hard working Pakistani families are being put through the mill by RMBC’s actions. People I have known and worked with for many years are horrified that their community has sheltered scum like those abusers. They are beginnning to speak out and they need to remember who it was tried to suppress a report that damned RMBC’s lack of action. That even now Rotherham Labour will not admit, even to themselves, that anything was wrong.


  2. Does anyone know if Wright has finally made a declaration regarding any past convictions spent or otherwise
    I would have thought that with weeks to go before the PCC election Wright and the Labour Party would have had this matter addressed


  3. “Do I oppose the EDL?”

    If the politicians and media stopped covering this up and investigated it properly then there wouldn’t be an issue.


    • Think bubble crept in last week under our radar, Welcome Bubble! Apologies for late welcome.

      It’s always the cover-up that does the most damage!

      This outrage was discovered 15 years ago according to Roger Stone!

      Cover-up mode in full swing ever since?


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