What have we learned?

Firstly, last week in brief:

Monday last, The Times published the first front page story regarding sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham.

Within a very short time the first out of the blocks, trying to defend the indefensible were South Yorkshire Police, who were all over the local airwaves on Monday, like a rash!

Joyce Thacker on local Radio on Tuesday, tried her best but succeeded in raising more questions, than she provided answers.

Wednesday saw Jahangir Akhtar, the Deputy Leader of Rotherham MBC on the local airwaves that ended up being far more revelatory than he could have intended at the time?

The established narrative by Wednesday, from both Rotherham MBC and South Yorkshire Police, was this is an old problem, we have responded appropriately and this issue is now in the past!

Thursday on Radio Sheffield, featured Andrew Norfolk, whose testimony gave the lie to most of the earlier defences mounted by South Yorkshire Police, Joyce Thacker and Jahangir Akhtar!

Friday brought the Advertiser, a quite wonderful edition, showing the local press at it’s finest! The Advertiser dealt with this most harrowing of issues in a sensitive manner. Their coverage contained much new information as a result of their own investigations, which they published without fear or favour. No doubt, they will have more to report on this scandal, on Friday?

Against last weeks background was also the revelations first from Rochdale, then from Oxford, which tends to lead one to the conclusion, that this is an issue right across the country. Rotherham’s experience is just one example of this phenomenon, there is nothing unique about our Town!

The facts:

This problem first manifested itself in Rotherham 15 years ago according to Roger Stone, just as the Labour Government were elected and just a handful of years after the now infamous Hillsborough cover-up, by South Yorkshire Police.

A culture of denial, the blaming of the victims and a desire to placate certain interests such as often described under the heading, ‘community cohesion’, seem to have been prime motivation for what appears now, to have been a conspiracy of silence and cover-up!

The fact is, there is no delicate way to describe what is now known, Pakistani men have been engaged in paedophilia, rape and trafficking young children, together with all the attendant crimes involved.

This is a nation-wide problem, Rotherham’s story and that of Oldham, Rochdale and Oxford betray an established pattern of offending.

All of Rotherham’s citizens must have gone through the same emotions during the last week, of shock horror and revulsion! This was confirmed on Sunday, in the Eastern Air broadcast to have deeply shocked the Asian community in the same way as everyone.

No racist should take any comfort, from anything they may read on Rotherham Politics, we abhor intolerance of any kind and we would totally agree with Jahangir Akhtar’s statement on twitter, “Best response to EDL if they come to our town is to ignore them and let the police deal with the racist scum.”

The EDL and others are just trying to provoke a reaction from those opposed to them, the best response therefore is to give them no response! The EDL are coming to Rotherham, they are not from Rotherham! We should take note of that!

3 thoughts on “What have we learned?

  1. South Yorkshire Police’s statement last week included this: “The Force is working with local authorities, social services and NHS on several live investigations, two of which are large and likely to lead to more prosecutions; we will act when we have the evidence.”
    That doesn’t sound to me like a historic problem, though granted it’s not clear which part of South Yorkshire this is happening in. Wherever it is, let’s hope that all involved are now responding in the right way to these issues. If the latest cases also involve Pakistani offenders, the agencies should get in hard and fast once evidence is in place. And there can no longer be any excuses for not mounting a strong public awareness campaign and getting safety information to teenage girls. Action, please!


  2. What we didn’t learn about this politically, morally and ethically bankrupt Council run by out of touch Councillors who are prepared to mislead the public to serve their own ends.

    Why did Roger Stone the Leader of RMBC fail to go on live BBC TV and radio to answer questions about the scandal?

    Why did Martin Kimber Chief Executive of RMBC fail to go on live BBC TV and radio to answer questions about the scandal?

    Who in RMBC sanctioned the decision to prevent the public being made aware of this menace within our town, was it a full Cabinet decision, Gerald Smith et al?

    What role has Marhoof Hussain played in promoting community cohesion as an excuse not to go public on the crimes?

    Who thought it right to give Paul Lakin the lead for children services, was it Gerald Smith?

    Why have all but two Labour Councillors remained silent on the crimes?

    How many children could have been saved from being groomed and abused if RMBC had been more transparent about the issue?

    Why are Roger Stone and Martin Kimber still in their roles?

    What have MPs Healey and Barron said about RMBC failings?

    Is Emma Hoddinott maintaining her media grip on Members to ensure they remain silent?

    Who came up with the media handling line to turn the focus onto the Murdoch press?

    Where is the public awareness campaign?

    RMBC politicians cannot be trusted to tell the truth, the politicians care more about their allowances than vulnerable children and to cap it all, treat the abused as the offenders.


  3. Ignoring racism is like making a deal with the devil
    The past has many examples of this
    We have to have a united presence when this fascist element waltzes into our town
    I where one town one community on my football shirt with pride
    I ask all of Rotherham citizens to turn out in force and link hands peacefully with banners of one town one community held high in pride as a message of defiance.
    These parasites will breed on our ignorance and flourish in our communities who are scared and feel let down, like brains worth and Maltby were 4 years ago.
    We need strong leadership now , this is the time for Hussain to prove his worth as a potential MP (one town one community his is baby)
    I call on all of us to do our upmost to prevent fascists thinking Rotherham is a place for their voice to be heard without challenge.


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