Shaun Wright – From RikiLeaks Inbox

Over recent weeks RikiLeaks inbox has been busy. We bring you just a couple of today’s contributions. We are looking into the contents of several emails that will make for some good posts in the future, a huge thanks to all who have taken the trouble to contact us. Rik.

Source A said:

“Between 08.10.12 – 19.10.12 official nominations for Police and Crime Commissioner can be submitted.

Cllr Shaun Wright requires 100 Labour people to nominate him.

Now that most people are aware of his actions and on-going investigation into non declaration of funds anyone supporting his nomination are endorsing his actions which I’m sure they will be questioned by the public and press on why after being aware of his circumstances they still went ahead with the endorsements.

He is a liability to his party.”

Source B said:

“Shaun Wright turned up at last nights meeting with his usual fixed grin and vacant expression!

He has upset his comrades in Labour Group so much because of his greed! Too much even for them!

His crime? He recently announced at a Constituency meeting that should he be successful in November in the PCC elections, he would not be standing down as Borough Councillor for Rawmarsh!

There were obvious signs, of barely suppressed, anger towards Shaun Wright!

Wonder how many will be signing anything in support of him now? Not many of those present last night that’s for sure!”

How to win friends and influence people, not!”

2 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – From RikiLeaks Inbox

  1. If Shaun Wright was funded by the Unions for his PCC Labour selection campaign whilst serving as a SY Police Authority Member he participated in discussions/decisions relating to police staff employment issues(redundancy) who were union members, this would be a direct conflict of interest and against the Nolan principles of public life. He would have used his role to influence decisions in favour of the Unions who had funded him. More importantly Cllr Shaun Wright made no declaration on his register of member interests at SYPA and Rotherham Council..


  2. Dear RothPol, many thanks for publishing these interesting comms from Laybah dissenters.

    Will anyone find the courage to rise above the parapet, move onto the firestep, and watch their fronts? Nope, not a chance based on current history thus far. Only two Cllrs thus far, Akhtar and Ahmed have that courage.

    The rest? Well the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns are desperately huddling, cuddling, and mounting each other from behind in order to give the pretence that a more favourable target exists in front of them.

    Will Laybah ditch their Jonah in the form of Shaun Da Sheep, and seek a candidate with maturity, judgement, priinciples, standards and scruples and a blemish-free history? As a turf accountant once told me: “Your money’s not safe in this bet, so I refuse to accept the wager”.

    So, we’re stuck with our Laybah “Loser” and everything that’s disastrous that he will bring with him into this sadly important strategic position. Head for the hills is the only advice I have to offer 😦


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