Shaun Wright – Gillian Radcliffe exposes bias shown by SY Police Authority? They must already know the election result!

“It’s totally wrong for a candidate to be involved in selecting staff for the elected PCC, regardless of whether or not Shaun Wright wins.

It’s a governance issue and, dare I mention again, an integrity issue. I’ve previously called for him to resign from the PA and he has ignored me. This, and other things we may yet be unaware of, is the result.

I can’t say I’m surprised. I was standing when the PA announced the candidates Question Time event. I found out about it from Twitter.

In Shaun Wright’s case, he had been consulted over the date and arrangements. They had “forgotten” to mention it to me, despite the fact I was at the time the only other (declared) candidate and had made myself known to the senior officials. Also, there was a general offer of a briefing by the former Chief Executive.

I responded with dates the following week that I was in the area and could be available. Nobody responded to my email until those dates had passed. My email had been overlooked.!

Accidentally or not, the Police Authority risk creating an impression of bias towards one candidate and/or party.

Those standing against him need to be on their guard against further behaviour of this kind and the new Chief Executive needs to get a grip, regardless of who she thinks her boss will be in late November!”

From a comment left by Gillian Radcliffe

7 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – Gillian Radcliffe exposes bias shown by SY Police Authority? They must already know the election result!

  1. It should be no surprise to anybody that there is bias towards the Labour Party anywhere in South Yorkshire, it has been like that for decades. More often than not it is not the police figureheads that are the problem but car-carrying officers, who think they are above the law.

    With regard to election problems, where do you want me to start? Lost ballot boxes, personation, postal vote rigging, collusion you name it. I despair of anything ever being done properly becasue as long as the Labour party dominates South Yorkshire, it will continue.


    • “it will continue” …

      and resistance from a growing band of active and empowered citizens will continue too …

      you see the enemy can only win if we acknowledge defeat, which will never ever happen while free men and women of goodwill, good intent, strong morals and scruples continue to rise each morn and breathe the Almighty’s air … and continue the fight


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