Shaun Wright’s stupidity – investigated!

Shaun Wrights campaign to become South Yorkshire’s first elected Police and Crime Commissioner has suffered another huge blow!

Rothpol has learned of an investigation, by the Electoral Commission, into undeclared substantial donations to his campaign!

Yesterdays revelation that Shaun Wright had abused his position and participated in the selection of the Interim Chief Executive were bad enough, but today’s reveal him to be arrogantly contemptuous of the rules. Or perhaps his crass stupidity is revealed at last!

Surely time for Shaun Wright to stand down!

7 thoughts on “Shaun Wright’s stupidity – investigated!

  1. I don’t think Shaun Da Sheep will have anything to worry about if the Electoral Commission is investigating him – he’ll have no trouble with that spineless lot.

    So, onward and upwards, for SDS


  2. Let me get this right.
    The Labour PCC candidate was part of the Cabinet that covered up the scale of the abuse of children in Rotherham
    He used a Policeman signing a politically motivated petition to further his PCC campaign.
    He sits on the interview panel for senior posts in the new Police structure
    And now allegations regarding the funding of his campaign
    I wonder how the Commission found out?
    It says a lot about his chums in the Rotherham Labour Party who encouraged him to step forward!


      • I like understatement! I find it infinitely preferable to the hyperbole normally encountered on blogs such as Rothpol.

        Lets go for another, Shaun should consider his position.


  3. ‘BIt dim is our Shaun’ is a definite undertatement. ‘Thick as 2 short planks’ is not hyperbole it is a clear description. If you really are an ‘angry Labour member’ what are you doing to clear out the mess in Rotherham about the child sex-trafficking’ To be honest Peter Baker, it does say and awful lot about Rotherham Labour, and maybe ‘angry Labour member’ will tell us how this is going to be dealt with or is it another cover up.


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