Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact – Two

This time from a private source. It is revelatory and goes some way to explain why Labour have got themselves into the mess with their hopeless candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright:

“We gave Shaun Wright the Mayoralty, to remove him from the Cabinet, after he failed in his Cabinet role as Member for Children and Families.

Then we pushed Shaun for the Police and Crime Commissioner post, to get him off RMBC and now he repays us by refusing to stand down!”

So there we have it, Shaun Wright has upset all of Labour Group after their little ruse to finally get rid of him looks to be failing, now Labour’s rank and file are getting increasingly angry and cannot understand how such an unsuitable liability, was ever selected in the first place!

It is certainly getting interesting for Shaun Wright and I am left wondering why Labour haven’t sorted this out already?

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4 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact – Two

  1. Well this proves it. Every Labour member of RMBC should resign. I have never heard anything like this in my life, talk about promoted to the level of his own incompetence, Rotherham Labour should be ashamed. If somebody can’t do their job, you sack ’em not promote ’em. How could Labour read the total b**s** in the Advertiser of the 7th September, about how successful he had been as chair when you knew all along he was a disaster:-

    ‘On the second issue raised by Mr Sylvester, I oversaw Rotherham Children and Young People’s Services from 2005-2010 and worked with many excellent teachers, social workers and staff who helped deliver record exam results, record investment in school buildings and children’s centres, and recogniton for delivering some of the best youth offending and youth services in the UK; indeed, in 2008 Rotherham Children and Young People’s Services received the Local Government Award for best children’s service in the country and for the vast majority of this period the annual Ofsted ratng was ‘good’.

    The questions that now must be asked are these:

    Did any of you know about the grooming of young girls at the time when Shaun was removed from hs post?

    Was any officer of RMBC involved in the cover up.

    Was the real reason he was not thrown out because of the money from Unite?

    There will no doubt be others. I will not question the credibility of Ofsted amd Local Goverment Award Shaun Wright was responding to a letter from Michael Sylvester criticising Shaun’s record as Cabinet member for Children’s Services. This just before the child-grooming hit the headlines. Mr Sylvester’s position is that he is supporting Shaun Wright’s candidacy ‘as he is the only one who isn’t against cuts’ This needs some explanation I think.

    This cover-up has brought shame to Rotherham, and I would like to point out to those mebers of Rotheham Labour Party who are attending the Anti-Fascist meeting on Monday, whether their consciences are clear on this. See Gareth Dennison report

    There’s something intrinsically rotten in Rotherham and it needs to be thoroughly investigated and dealt with.


  2. It’s amazing they’d put someone from the RMBC up as police commisioner candidate even just for political reasons as you’d have thought it would kill their chance of winning – although i suppose that depends a bit on the local media.


    • And when Shaun Da Sheep, the inept buffoon with the inane permanent grin, is voted in, as he surely will be, due to the political stranglehold demographics that Laybah exert in South Yorkshire, I will make this dire prediction that all his character foibles and political failures that he’s amassed will be concentrated into the South Yorkshire Police Force (not “Service*) and we can then get ready for a political police force along the lines of the DDR Stasi, USSR OGPU, NKVD, or perhaps worse the Geheimestaatspolizei.

      I hope I can be proved immeasurably wrong, but going on RMBC’s inept strategic and political responses to the Borough’s child sexploitation and grooming cases by predominantly Pakistani-heritage males, I have no faith in Laybah politicians running anything in this county, let alone in my town.


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