Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact three – still hiding the truth?

Dear Cllr Wright,

I note with some concern, but no surprise, that you have now failed to either acknowledge or respond to my previous e-mails to you of Friday, 21 September, 2012, 11:14 hrs and Saturday, 29 September, 2012, 15:44 hrs, and which I am now forwarding to you for third time.

Your public failure to reasonably acknowledge or respond to me speaks more eloquently to me of the contempt with which you view those active and empowered citizens who exercise their democratic right to scrutinise, challenge and enquire of those who are elected to serve the public.

In fact your lack of response so far makes for a far more interesting story than any facts or figures you may have wished to give to me in response to my democratic request.

I will continue to scrutinise, challenge and enquire of you both now, and in the future should you be elected to the position of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

11 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact three – still hiding the truth?

  1. May I ask where all the active and empowered citizens of Rotherham where at the town hall today
    It would have been nice to see more than
    Myself and A.N other.
    Maybe next time


    • I was on duty earning my living.

      My community volunteer role, i.e. unpaid and out-of-office-hours, is as an active and empowered citizen. Perhaps that’s why RMBC organised the time as they did, so that only x2 MOP attended.

      Of course you’ll always get a shedload of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns to attend cos they’re paid more than Sheffield City Councillors.


      • Thank you for the reasons why it was not possible to be there
        I was not having go I thought due to the comments posted on this blog there might be more going that’s all
        Still like to read this site
        Some of the satire is brill


  2. According to Jahangir Akhtar only one other person was there the ubiquitous get my name in the papers. trying to get a Labour Council seat, Michael Sylvester, so something is wrong there. Is Jahangir telling porkies? Regrettably I could not attend, like a lot of other people who might wish to.


    • Chris
      I do not eat or tell pork pies. My statement was factually correct at the time I posted the tweet. I understand another member of the public did enter the public gallery after the meeting had started but didn’t stay for the duration.


      • While you are with us Jahangir, I have looked high and low, but I can find no trace of the oft referred to statement from yourself, alleged to have been posted on Rotherham Politics previously, regarding your position on Rotherham’s paedophiles, rapists and traffickers.
        Perhaps you could resend same, by email, thanks.


  3. I hold my hands up to being absent too. Though I’m not a citizen of Rotherham, I’ve had a lot to say on the issue and would have liked to show my face and to see “democracy in action” at the scrutiny committee. But I’ve had an appointment in my diary for weeks and it wasn’t an option to duck out. I’m sure this isn’t the last time RMBC will be called to account in public over these matters so I will certainly try to be there on another occasion.
    I might have gone to next week’s Police Authority meeting that has an item on child exploitation but the press and public are excluded. I trust Shaun Wright will declare an interest and sit out of the discussion as it would be totally inapproprate for him to take part. As PA members can’t stand as PCCs, he must finally stand down before he submits his formal nomination to stand, which will be some time in the next 14 days. He should go now.
    Having said that, I don’t subscribe to the view that our opinions are in some way less valid if we don’t go to such meetings. We all contribute in different ways to these important discussions and to calling people to account for their actions. One person’s approach isn’t necessarily the right approach for all.


  4. Unlike Councillors who are able to draw their full salary from their public sector jobs and then claim allowances from RMBC ,mere mortals have to actually work for a living.
    Yes I know Councillors do not like four letter words like WORK.
    Scheduling contentious meetings for a time and a day when people have to work is a well used trick to prevent individuals from turning up.
    Not at all surprised that certain Councillors jumped to their Twitter accounts to use the number of MOPs attending to try and deflect the media glare from the scandal that has rocked Rotherham.
    One sad view coming out of THT is that certain Councillors have misinterpreted the numbers of MOPs attending as vindication of their efforts to stage manage the message!


    • Hiya Peter Baker, it’s laughable that the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns are crowing to themselves that their “opposition” didn’t turn up on their battlefield … what a sad bunch of out-of-touch losers, wake up Grunters, the times have changed. we engage you on here, and via FOIs, we fight on a time/date/occasion and battlefield of our choosing.

      Just read-up on the strategic thinking of the great British Army exponent who licked Rommel at El-Alamein … none other than Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery …


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