What elections? South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel

News of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel:

“South Yorkshire’s four local authorities have now confirmed their elected member representatives on the new South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel. The full list is:

Cllr Harry Harpham – Sheffield CC (Labour)

Cllr Helen Mirfin-Boukouris – Sheffield CC (Labour)

Cllr Talib Hussain – Sheffield CC (Labour)

Cllr Sylvia Anginotti – Sheffield CC (Lib Dem)

Cllr Jahangir Akhtar – Rotherham MBC (Labour)

Cllr Terry Sharman – Rotherham MBC (Labour)

Cllr Ken Richardson – Barnsley MBC (Labour)

Cllr May Noble – Barnsley MBC (Labour)

Mayor Peter Davies – Doncaster MBC (English Democrat)

Cllr Patricia Bartlett – Doncaster MBC (Conservative)

A chair will be elected at the panel’s first meeting at Rotherham Town Hall on October 15, where rules of procedure and panel arrangements will also be agreed, setting out how the panel will operate and how it will discharge its key statutory functions.

Two independent members are also currently being recruited to join the panel. It is intended that they will be in place by the end of October.

Elections for the police and crime commissioner will be held on November 15.

The panel will scrutinise and support the commissioner in their role of holding the chief constable to account and agreeing the police precept and police and crime plan.”

It would appear that one Authority, at least, have not taken their role seriously in providing the PCC with useful people to ‘support’ them in their work!

Was Shaun Wright, Labour’s hapless and hopeless PCC candidate, involved in their election? I do hope so!

5 thoughts on “What elections? South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel

  1. Oh dear RothPol, purleez let me in on the secret … of which Authority, and of which useful people do you speak?

    Let’s be avin their names on here … no secrets purleez … secrets is the established MO of Dodger’s Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.


    • Graldhunter, this was a general invitation, for those who know some of these characters, to tell us more about them.
      We would be delighted for you to share with us, any information you may have on those ‘elected’, to serve on this panel.


  2. What a balanced bunch we have here! 7 Labour, 1 Conservative 1 Lib Dem and 1 English Democrat. Foregone conclusion then, Labour will be making all the rules and no one else will get a say. We have just seen how honest Labour is in Rotherham with the antics surrounding Shaun the Sheep so they should know about crime, they’ve committed enough where he’s concerned or at least covered it up.


    • Dear Jim, I know that you didn’t intend your posting here to be in anyway humorous, but when I read the final part of your post: “or at least covered it up” …

      Well it brought to mind something I saw in the fields in Wickersley a couple of weeks ago, namely watching a stray dog doing a dump, then sniffing it and when satisfied with the quality and odour, its front and back paws wildly scratched up grass and soil to bury its steaming fresh faeces …

      And that’s when Dodger’s Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns sprang to mind … I’m sure you’ve got the picture in your mind that I envisioned of them doing a Grooip-dump and then scratching and slinging mud-n-soil for Rovrum to cover it up …

      ROFLMFAO …


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