Does this ring a bell?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

In the context of the recent wicked child sex exploitation and grooming scandal which continues to engulf our dear town I came across this jpeg which more than sums up my thoughts with regards to the actions, inactions, and current situation regarding those Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns locked deep within the bunker at THT-Lubyanka …

From an active and empowered citizen,

3 thoughts on “Does this ring a bell?

  1. I agree Don and I have emailed, twittered and everything to try and keep this in the public eye. Gillian Radcliffe has done the same. RMBC and whoever else has been involved must not be allowed to get away with it, and I am beginning to believe that the EDL march and counter demonstration are a deliberate act to deflect the publicity away from the perpetratorsd.


  2. If individuals continue to maintain the focus on the scandal of widespread child abuse here in Rotherham then there may just be a chance that together we can defeat the civic apathy that has let children suffer.

    You just have to wonder who would want to keep this scandal secret and why any normal individual or groups of individuals would want to close ranks and remain silent when they knew that children were being transported around South Yorkshire to be sexually abused.

    The more I read about the issue of grooming in Rotherham the more I have become uneasy about those organisations that should be protecting the communities most vulnerable.


  3. Same here Cerberus, Nobody seems to take it on board. Shaun Wright still trolling about South Yorkshire with that stupid vacant expression, Local councillors tweeting about everything in the world except the stench under their noses, It strikes me that the people who most want to keep it quiet are the ones with the most to lose – nice cushy Labour Council Seat, nice little earner in Social Services. It’s about money in the end, but those children lost more than money. And that stupid demonstration/counter demonstration is just covering up.


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