Racists & Anti-brigade not welcome here!

Rotherham is to play host to some rather nasty people, who wish to use our Town as a backdrop in their own struggle for publicity.

Firstly we had the EDL, now we have another bunch of nutters, the anti-brigade, determined to use our Town for their own purposes!

Very few, if any, of the EDL contingent, will actually live in Rotherham. Only a small number of the anti-brigade, will come from Rotherham.

As far as Rothpol is concerned, neither group is welcome to come to Rotherham, when they have the express purpose of causing trouble!

Neither group, have any intention of improving the situation for those of us, for whom, Rotherham is our home!

We should reject both with equal force! Neither is welcome! Rotherham citizens should not fall into the trap of unwittingly providing footage for broadcast or pictures for newspapers.

We can reject both, by staying well clear!

45 thoughts on “Racists & Anti-brigade not welcome here!

  1. Although I don’t live in Rotherham, I completely agree with your position. In my opinion, this will be an unwelcome distraction from the real issues about safeguarding children and scrutinising the past response of the agencies involved. It will allow RMBC and others to tar all their challengers on the child exploitation issue with the same brush and to discredit valid arguments about accountability. “Stay away” is a very good message.


  2. Dear RothPol, while I understand the sentiments behind your posting, of which I am mostly in 100% agreement, I really would caution you in your intemperate and totally inappropriate use of the word “nutters” which you use in your second paragraph.

    There is a very well-established precedent among responsible journalists to not use words which stigmatise those less-fortunates with whom we share this wonderful world, and your word in particular is very hurtful to those citizens, or their friends and families, who have ever been unfortunate enough to suffer from mental health problems,

    For your advancement and information here is a link to the wonderful charity “Rethink” – http://www.rethink.org/about_mental_illness/personal_stories_blogs_forum/blogs/paul_jenkins/why_words_really_do.html

    Otherwise, I would mark you as 9.75/10 for this otherwise instructive and well-advised posting.

    Kind Regards, Grald-Hunter


    • For your information Grald-Hunter, Rothpol is a member of Rethink and a sufferer from a mental health condition.

      I used the colloquialism ‘nutters’, as a deliberate act, well understood and was intended to convey much about the motivations of many of those attending last nights meeting where much hand wringing and right on PC speechifying took place!

      As a fully paid up ‘nutter’ myself, I reclaim the word from those who wish to stigmatise us, without any understanding of the conditions we suffer from.


  3. I’m with you on this Rothpol, and for a number of reasons. Twitter is buzzing away at the moment just put EDL in and you’ll see what I mean. The anti-fascist brigade is as bad as the EDL and contains very similar unpleasant types. As a long time trade union member I take exception to a number of these individuals saying they some from this or that union. Some of these are undoubtedly pilgrims that I am keeping one way or another. There are also a number from the Socialist Worker Party, who I cannot take seriously as most of them don’t. I have seen this barmy army in action before, and I don’t relish it again. There are people coming from all over the place. There is even a bus coming in from Sheffield. One person is openly bragging that he went round Eastwood door knocking for support. How did he know where to go? Who supplied the information?

    All this can be laid at the door of RMBC for not dealing with the problem and for the cover up.Pat Keenan, president of Rotherham Trades Council, about whom I know little, is whipping up a storm, when he says
    “It is essential that we show the same level of unity here. There’s no place for Nazis, racists or their allies in Rotherham’s multiracial, multicultural and multi-faith community.”

    The fact of the matter is that most people in Rotherham don’t want a multiracial ,multicultural and multi-faith community. Whereas they are happy with the religion but, they don’t want the rest of it. If people want to continue with their cultural diffrerences that is up to them, but it certainly should not be paid for by RMBC aka the poor bloody council tax payer. This idea of ‘multicultural’ is precisely the same attitude that caused the cover up of the sex trafficking in Rotherham and other places, and is the main cause of the lack of’ ‘social cohesion’ to quote RMBC, because it is seen by thee majority white population as working against them.

    Publicity is being directed away from the main issue – RMBC and South Yorkshire Police and God knows who else failed to protect vulnerable children in their care, and tried to cover it up. End


  4. I have lived in Rotherham all my life. I do not consider myself to be a “nutter” though I suppose some may disagree. I am not a member of the Socialist Worker’s Party. I am a trade union member. I will be in All Saints Square on Saturday to protest against the EDL coming in to my town from various parts of the country. I was also at last night’s meeting and I didn’t witness any hand-wringing. I did witness a room full of about 130 Rotherham folk, most of whom were terrified at the thought of a bunch of football hooligans invading our town and being allowed to peddle their message of hate outside Rotherham town hall just 50 metres from a mosque. On Saturday I will walk in to my town centre to register my opposition to the EDL pretending to be concerned about the sexual exploitation of children in my town. If that makes me as bad as them in your eyes – so be it, I make no apology.


    • Thankyou Mr Robin Symonds I appreciate your imput. f you are not Robin Symonds, you’ve nicked his monicker By the way _ didn’t know you owned Rotherham Said EDL will also be opposite Talbot Lane Methodist, or is it only the affront to Islam that bothers,you


      • I am he. I consider it inappropriate for the EDL to protest anywhere in the town centre. I can only assume that there are no weddings planned at Talbot Lane or the Town Hall. I am sure you will appreciate the particular sensitivity of allowing the EDL to protest so close to a mosque. In case you were unaware, the EDL have a particular problem with Islam; I am not aware that they have any particular dislike of Methodism.


  5. These nutters arriving on our doorstep give the best ever excuse to the council for their cover up they will be able to say that this is the very reason they kept it out of the public domain. Extremism in what ever form it takes only serves to alienate people, staying away is good advice.


    • R Symonds, Thanks for your comments and welcome to Rotherham Politics.
      Living in Rotherham, does not entitle you to import the ‘rentamob’ to Rotherham and turn the Town centre into a no go area!


      • I am importing noone. I will be attending on Saturday but I don’t know anybody from outside Rotherham who is attending nor have I had any involvement in ‘importing’ anyone. I have no association to or like for ‘rentamob’.


  6. Mr Symonds (for it is he) full time officer of Unison who pays your wages? Are you in fact a pilgrim? (I assume you know what a pilgrim is) I am fully aware that the EDL has issues with Islam, it was your attitude I was referring to. I hope somebody has bothered to check there are no weddings at Talbot Lane or Rotherham Minster, or that’s somebody’s day ruined. While we are on the subject, would you care to give us an opinion into the sex-trafficking by Pakistani men in Rotherham, and the subsequent lack of action and cover up by RMBC, their staff (who may well be your members) and SY Police. There seems to be a lack of official condemnation or comment from any Union or Rotherham Trades Council. After all we are not talking rumours we are talking convictions and official reports.


  7. Someone as well-informed as you will be aware that full-time officers are (by definition) employees of the union hence they are paid by the union (from members’ subscription income). My personal opinion is that any sexual exploitation is abhorrent and deserving of a long custodial sentence.


    • Agreed, but before any custodial sentence, which is the end of the chain, we have to begin with –

      a complainant who recognises that they’ve been wronged,

      they then have the courage to make a complaint to the relevant authority,

      and that authority has to have those in place who recognise their moral and legal duty to act on the complaint and investigate it,

      then when the evidence has been gathered someone has to put together a convincing legal case that has the realistic prospect of a conviction …

      And all this, of course, revolves around the complainant having the faith and belief in the first place that the system will empathise with them, listen to them and act on their complaint …

      And that’s where the rub is for RMBC …

      we have had not one piece of strategic leadership from Da Leedah or Da Town Clerk, both dragging phone number salaries, which gives me any confidence that “lessons have been learned” and that “R-sez” have been kicked and that RMBC is in a better position now to deal with this again, anymore than it has patently failed to do so far …


  8. Don, what’s your take on this as regards RMBC
    Malfeasance is a comprehensive term used in both civil and Criminal Law to describe any act that is wrongful. It is not a distinct crime or tort, but may be used generally to describe any act that is criminal or that is wrongful and gives rise to, or somehow contributes to, the injury of another person.

    Malfeasance is an affirmative act that is illegal or wrongful. In tort law it is distinct from misfeasance, which is an act that is not illegal but is improperly performed. It is also distinct from Nonfeasance, which is a failure to act that results in injury.


  9. A very telling reply from a TU official, his personal view!
    At one time of the day a local TU rep would have had the mandate to speak out on matters of significance, not any more, gagged and told to close ranks with RMBC.
    Just what is going on in Rotherham?


  10. Hi Peter, I am not responsible for Rotherham, I do not represent union members in this town I only live here. I have no association with or allegiance to RMBC other than I pay my Council Tax to them. My personal view is that if there has been a cover up then heads should roll.


  11. Did we get a confirmation or denial from Chris 1943 If she was indeed the Lib Dem lady who nearly bankrupted a Parish Council? and was banned from holding political office for 4 years?


    • Nope, not a skerritt of info or response from our Silent Service Champion – Chris1943 – in fact it’s same response as parents across the Borough got from Da Dodger and Town Clerk – NAFF ALL …


    • I think you had better cool down Don and do not EVER line me up with the corrupt swine at RMBC., I have never voted for any of them, or supported them in any way


      • Oooo err scary stuff … CAPS and stern advice …

        Please feel free to place your instructions and advice in a dark, damp, smelly place 🙂


  12. I had hoped for a simple yes or no at least. She had much to say about me and questioned my integrity; asking if I am a ‘pilgrim’ i.e. a trade union official funded from the public purse (which I am not). If she is the disgraced former councillor who spent £50k of public money without proper authority then she ought to wind her neck in.


  13. OK you thundering lot of cyber-bullies, It is me.
    I have been away in Middlesbrough, a town that manages to make Rotherham look good.
    There was no debts at parish council typical reporting from certain Labour inclined newspapers There were loans however, through Yorkshire Local Councils approved by the parish council (very favourable interest, viewed as assets in accountancy terms) Now get this straight, I am not a coward, unlike some of the anonymous false name brigade on here, so listen

    I have not been a member of the Lid Dems since the Pete Bowler (drunk driving) Steve Harrison (moved away?) Mike Sylvester (who knows) debacle.

    The offence of which I was accused I could not defend, as minutes had been removed and/or altered. Normal practice with Labour as I have since found out)

    However, 2 years ago I was supplied with copies of the original minutes by a parishioner who was moving, and these were sent to the Standards Board. The originals have since turned up via a former councillor. At that monemt in time the Standards Board was abolished, but I am still pursuing it believe me. (Normal practice with Labour as I have since found out)

    Improvement to the parish hall for disabled toilet etc in parish hall approved 3 years earlier (minutes ‘lost’) Repairs expedited due to condition of wiring found out be dangerous approved by finance committee, following advice from Yorkshire Local Councils

    Advice to the people who put in the complaint supplied by none other than the newly elected Labour councillor Peter Thirlwall who found out not long after what a set of bastards Rotherham Labour group actually were.

    In addition, an out of court settlement against one person for 24,563.18 for sending libellous letters to my employer.

    If any of you want confirmation of all this, email me direct ( I authorise Rothpol to pass on details) and I will supply you with copies of the ducumentws in my possession,.

    It should come as no surprise to you that Rotheham Labour would stoop to this in the light of recent revelations.


    • Gor blimey guv, I fort it were only da Sweeney in Da Smoke wot verballed and fitted up da hooks …

      blimey guv vayv bin at it in ole Rovrum ya mean? …

      strike a light guv?


      • Write in English please. You should be very wary in the light of this grooming scandal that things were as they were left. It would not surprise me if thnigs have been ‘doctored’


    • Why am I a cyber bully? I haven’t even named you. You, on the other hand clearly considered it a wheeze to identify me. It’s not big and it’s not clever!

      I’m not interested in your misconduct to be honest (although I do know that the SBE was a robust scrutineer and a 4 year ban usually reflects a significant breach of the code of conduct).. I also find it curious that you say the minutes went missing and you seem to suggest that Rotherham Labour had a hand in it. Weren’t you the Chairperson? What happened to your copy of the minutes?

      Anyway, I see you’re keen to talk about Denis MacShane instead of your murky past so I’ll leave you to it.

      I have no idea who Matthew Hale is by the way or why you need to apologise to me.


  14. Can we now discuss the lies being tweeted by Denis MCshame. According to police reports there were no incidents on the march. Then why is Denis tweeting about pubs being trashed?


    • Chris, such as this one?
      Denis MacShane ‏@DenisMacShane
      @englishrigger Pub trashing last night when EDL thugs refused a drink. No damage today but EDL have caused big loss of trade. 3 EDL arrests


  15. There’s another
    Denis MacShane ‏@DenisMacShane
    EDL louts smashed up Rotherham pub after being refused a drink. £2-3000 damage. Town centre market, traders lost £100,000 min thanks to EDL

    This was sent an hour earlier Later one says last night meaning Friday. No mention of this anywhere.

    THis you probably got

    SouthYorkshirePolice ‏@syptweet
    Despite rumours, there’s no reports of a pub being smashed up or rioting in #Rotherham. Demos passed without significant incident #SYP131012

    What’s he playing at?


    • MacShane is a one. Reports rumour as fact!
      What planet is he on?
      For a so-called journalist he is not good with facts, is he?
      From a Member of Parliament, appearing to exist in a parallel universe, it is most concerning.
      Rotherham Labour members take note when this fool comes up for reselection.


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