Del Boy Sez £1.9M Ain’t Much Dosh

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Well, well, well, remember that old saying: “turns up just like a bad penny?” …

Well that very same phrase went fleetingly through my mind when I read this –

I guess when you’re the Champayne Commissar to the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, twitter-twatter-fluttering about riding around in a Porsche, dining here, dining there, on this-that-or-t’other yacht at somesuch marina that £1.9 Million quid ain’t much at all …

However, if like me you’re a citizen of modest means, who’s experiencing the harsh chill rigours of a double whammy ConDom Government slash-n-burn reduction in services, compounded by spendthrift elderly male-dominated junketing-mad paid-higher-than-SCC RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, then £1.9 Million quid is a serious load of ackers.

And who made this patronisingly dismissive foot-stamping statement, why none other than our Tory toff dell-boy turned Rovrum Laybah comrade than Catcliffe Parish Council chairman Cllr Darren Hughes.

Small wonder then that good old canny old Rt Hon Clive Betts, MP, gave our new-found sewshalleest champayne commissar da middle digit. Nice one, Clive.



11 thoughts on “Del Boy Sez £1.9M Ain’t Much Dosh

  1. This man is seriously deluded if he thinks £1.9M is “a drop in the ocean!” What planet is he on?

    Able to seamlessly move from being ‘Tory Boy’ to ‘Bollinger Bolshevik’, without so much as a pause for breath.

    A thoroughly unconvincing Labour man, is Darren JL Hughes!


  2. Anonymous; you speak absolutley rubbish, you keyboard warrior. Can you tell me how well you know Mr Hughes, the man is a honourable man


  3. Now, now you two! If you want to tear lumps out of each other, much less anonymity required.

    ‘Keyboard warrior’. Most of Rothpol’s contributors would, I suspect, take that as a compliment, is that the best insult you could come up with?

    Read ‘The ‘Darren the Defector’ Files‘ before asserting his honour, you might just change your mind.


  4. Rothpol, I don’t intend to throw insults around, I say ‘keyboard warrior’ i suppose in slight frustration. It is beacuse I read this blog reguarly and value it as accesible democracy; but my problem is that people like the other anonymous like many on this blog jump on the band wagon. I have read your files on Darren which of the content I can not dispute but the man has good attributes and gives alot of his time to Charity and the community. There are two sides to every story and get fed up of one sided diatribe.


  5. Mr Buxton, Don’t tell me to leave through the door old pal, I might not like the one sided argument on here as rightly you don’t like one sided RMBC arguments. But I choose to read and engage in this ‘tap room’ as it be because I value Democracy; and through my true appreciation of it I am willing to listen to other people’s viewsand opinons so don’t try and show me the door my old matey because I dare put across an alternative view. Is that okay with you my old ‘upon Illkley Moor’ cocker?


    • Dear PJC, iffen tha stoppin then FFS put wood-in-t-oyle, siddarn n tell us some rayt funny stories abart Demockrassy-in-Donny, tha knows, the one that begins: “Once upon a time in Cunnizburrow” …

      Or better still, quote us the Charitable Works of Da Champayne Commissar to Da Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, that should tek thi all neet


  6. You would expect nothing less from a new Labour supporter, gone have the days when the Labour Party stood for the down trodden, the poor and the weak.
    They have morphed into Tory Light, lost touch with their founding values and lost touch with their grass roots.
    Just look at the shower we have in THT, all in it for what they can milk out of the system for their own deep grubby pockets.


  7. If I was a Labour supporter what would worry me about Hughes would be how easily he was accepted into the party and how easily he has fitted in. If the Labour party had any honour it would not have selected him to stand in the last local election for the Anston ward. Then again honour and integrity are words which the Rotherham Labour party seem to have forgotten the meaning of, if they had not they would not have selected Wright to stand for the PCC job.

    Dave Smith


  8. a bit behind the times here forgive me for dredging up an old post, however I couldnt see where he said 1.9million was a drop in the ocean, looks to me as he was saying the scheme itself is a drop in the ocean, compared to whats needed to to alieviate the congestion in the area


  9. Darren the Defector is trying to show his supporters that ‘he cares’, he has however conveniently forgotten that RMBC frittered away/ misspent £28 million it was given by central government (up to 2007) to improve the roads in the borough. We should all welcome any improvements to our motorways and roads initiated by the government but more importantly Catcliffe is built on a flood plain so should’nt some of the available money be spent on flood defences first? There is no point in spending money on roads and buildings if they cannot be adequately protected.


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